New Year 2023 Holiday Schedule

New Year 2023 Holiday Schedule
Latest update date: February 29, 01

Happy New Year 2023

THANH PHONG AUTO CO., LTD would like to announce the Lunar New Year holiday in 2023 

  • Break time: Sunday (January 01.01.2023, XNUMX) 
  • Working back to normal: Day 02.01.2023 

Thanh Phong informs customers and known partners to arrange repair, maintenance and car care time in accordance with the company's holiday schedule. 

On the occasion of the new year, Thanh Phong Auto would like to wish you a joyful, peaceful and happy holiday. Wishing all customers and partners a very successful year 1. 

Thank you customers for always trusting and accompanying Thanh Phong during the past year. 

Best regards! 

New Year Holiday Schedule 2023 Quality Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

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