5 Notes When Aerating Car Air Conditioning - Car Air Conditioning Throttle Pump

5 Notes When Recharging Car Air Conditioner - Prestigious Car Air Conditioner Gas Charger Pump Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Have you ever wondered how car air conditioners are loaded? Is charging air-conditioned car car complicated? Almost any car that uses air conditioning will need to use throttle operation to maintain the operation of the system. The article below we will share to you lwhen charging car air conditioner - car air conditioner charging pump. If you are also interested in this issue, do not rush to skip our article below.

According to information from the technicians, the process of filling the car air conditioner involves many steps. The implementer needs to know the steps and be skilled enough to perfect them.

Air conditioners in cars and air conditioners for domestic use have no different operating principles. Therefore, cold gas plays a very important role for the car air conditioning system. When the air conditioning system runs out of gas, the air conditioner operates with low efficiency and consumes a lot of fuel. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to be able to promptly recharge the car to limit the excessive fuel consumption.

Air conditioning exhaust system makes more use of fuel than usual
Air conditioning exhaust system makes more use of fuel than usual

5 Notes When Aerating Car Air Conditioning - Car Air Conditioning Throttle Pump

1. Determine whether the system is truly exhausted or not

You need to insert inlet hose into the exhaust valve near the humidifying air filter. You will then check to see if the system has leaking cold gas or not, proceed to fix it before charging new refrigerant.

Because if you do not fix the situation, when charging, it will also leak through the system. At the same time, making the moisture in the air flow makes cold gas filling less effective.

You should also add a suitable amount of oil to the compressor and replace the humidifying air purifier to make sure the car air conditioning system works best. In particular, before charging the car air conditioner, you need to use a vacuum to push the moisture, air and old gas out. When you do not exhaust all the old gas to the outside, when adding new gas to the two types of mixing together, it reduces the life of the car air conditioning system.

Note, you should determine in advance the location of refrigeration gas leaks by air conditioner into the pipe. When you have finished charging, you should watch where the bubbles appear because that is where the cold gas is leaking. At the same time, you also check whether the outdoor unit's pipe has any problems or not, the compressor is still working stably or malfunctioning to ensure the most convenient charging process.

You need to determine if the system is out of gas
You need to determine if the system is out of gas

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2. Connect the gas manifold to the container

If you do not want to experience a perforation of the container, when you install the manifold in the reservoir connection, you need to open the valve on the container. Enne open the low pressure valve until you hear the cold gas. You then continue to open the coupling so you can link the low pressure valve assembly to the intake manifold. When the cold gas goes through the inlet pipe, you need to tighten the joints to limit the cold air from escaping, and also to prevent moisture from getting into the intake manifold.

3. When accelerating, you need to pay attention to these two things

  • Refrigerating station for car air conditioner high pressure side

When your air conditioner is no longer working, you will need to open the high pressure valve to fill the system with gas. You need to pay attention to the selection of gas cylinders to suit the capacity of the system.

Need to choose a suitable cylinder capacity
Need to choose a suitable cylinder capacity
  • Refrigerating station for car air conditioner low pressure side

You need to lock the high pressure valve and proceed to turn on the low pressure valve. Remember to turn on the A / C switch and turn on the full capacity of the air conditioner. Now you need to use a gas meter to control the intake pressure.

The amount of cold air that is fed into an air-conditioning system will usually use pressure to display.

You should keep in mind to keep the refrigerant upright so that the gas can easily get into the air-conditioning system. It is also to avoid the phenomenon of liquid gas entering the air conditioning system of cars.

In addition, do not exceed the permissible limit to ensure the life of the car air-conditioning system.

4. Remove the accelerator

Once the gas is fully charged, turn off the shut off valves and gently remove the coupling device of the filling device on the tank or meter. You should also take some time to check if there is a leak in the high valve, low valve or not.

You need to disassemble the appliance after you have finished charging
You need to disassemble the appliance after you have finished charging

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5. Last check-in

When you have finished filling up the car, operate the car and try turning on the air conditioner to check the operation of the air conditioner. If you lack gas, the cold air will not be as strong as you want it to be. Or maybe one of the systems was damaged or malfunctioning. If the air conditioner is normal, you have enough gas for the system.

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