4 Cautions When Repairing and Serving Porsche Cars

4 Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Prestigious Porsche Cars Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Currently in Vietnam, imported car manufacturers are very popular. One of them must be mentioned PorscheThis is a high-end luxury car company that is being highly appreciated for its luxurious design and engine durability. However, no matter how good, over a period of time your beloved driver will be damaged, experiencing some problems.

Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Porsche Cars

Porsche cars

To fix this, take the car away repair, periodic maintenance is considered the best solution. Let's Thanh Phong Auto go learn some Note car maintenance and repair Porsche be the best.

Notes When Repairing and Serving Porsche Cars

1. Pay attention to car hygiene

This is a fairly simple step so many car owners often do not pay attention. The right car hygiene, right time will help the car become beautiful, clean, the parts of the car work better, increasing the life of the car. Especially on rainy days or after finishing a long trip, you should clean the car thoroughly.

Notes When Maintaining and Repairing Porsche Cars

Clean the whole car clean

In fact, there are a lot of engine and machinery failures on the car stemming from too much dirt and mold. Some car owners need to pay attention to the problem cleaning the car's exterior and the interior of a Porsche is under the hood, glass doors and interior. Don't forget to clean and dry after cleaning to avoid mold.

2. Regular tire testing is important

Mostly, people own the car Porsche cars are passionate about the terrain, or often travel long distances. Because the luxurious design and durable engine will be very suitable for this purpose. As a result, the tire becomes one of the most sensitive and most prone to wear.

Notes When Maintaining and Repairing Porsche Cars

Check your tire pressure often

Should check the tire weekly and measure the pressure to know when to intervene to replace promptly. Since the tire is a very important part, if the tire is worn out or fails to fail, it can cause noise while operating the vehicle, even more dangerous than accident due to slip or sudden tire explosion. . Another note that before long trips, do not forget to check carefully tire.

3. Replace engine oil periodically

Changing the oil at the right time and process will help you preserve the engine's endurance and energy saving than when operating the vehicle. During the buying process and after the purchase is completed, the service center will remind you to take the car for periodic inspection. So when you take the car for maintenance, the job the employees will do is usually Check and change engine oil, coolant when needed.

Notes When Maintaining and Repairing Porsche Cars

Change lubricant for cars periodically

Test milestones given by the manufacturer Porsche car after going 5000 km, after going 15000 km, 30000 km, 40000 km and 10000 km. If not, the service center staff reminds the owner of the vehicle to check the kilometer to take the car for maintenance in time.

So the issues just shared can be considered as the most basic care for Porsche car maintenance in periodic oil problem? So is it like that with Kia cars? If you are in a car and have a Kia then read more Note when maintaining and repairing Kia cars ok

4. Select a quality car maintenance center

Porsche is a luxury car, with a very specificity. The parts, the construction, the assembly process will not be like a conventional car. Therefore, the selection car maintenance center Professional, highly skilled, knowledgeable technical experts will help ensure car maintenance process will also correct more standards and ensure quality parts.

Notes When Maintaining and Repairing Porsche Cars

Choose garage repair, professional maintenance

With such a luxury car PorscheBecause of saving a few small costs, it will adversely affect the durability of the car.

Items that require genuine Porsche car maintenance

Maintain the prestige genuine Porsche brake system

Brakes are extremely important parts of the car, it affects the safety during your travel. Therefore, the brakes should be used Genuine Porsche to ensure absolute safety when using. For Porsche drivers, you need to change brake fluid after 40.000 km.

Maintain the prestige genuine Porsche engine

The engine is the most important district of a car, it determines whether or not the car works well. If the engine is damaged, it will greatly affect the safety and operation of the vehicle. A number of reasons for engine failure are: loss of coolant, hydraulic shock, loss of engine oil. Please bring your driver box for regular maintenance so the engine is always stable.

Maintain a reputable genuine Porsche electrical system

Power system On the vehicle will include lighting, air conditioning, sound, ... you also need to take them for maintenance after 40.000 km.

Maintain a genuine Porsche gearbox

Gear is a system that car owners need to check and maintain regularly to help ensure vehicle durability. Especially the transmission oil change, you The transmission oil should be replaced and the transmission oil is rinsed (4 Reasons You Should Rinse Automatic Transmission Oil) after traveling 50.000 km.

A number of maintenance periods for Porsche engine owners should be kept in mind:

- Replace ignition spark plug after about 40,000 - 80,000 km.

- Porsche car air conditioning maintenance, changing air-conditioning filter, engine air filter after 40,000 km.

- Porsche transmission maintenance, transmission oil change, rear axle oil change 50,000 km.

- Maintain Porsche driving system and change power steering oil every 40,000 km.

- Maintain Porsche brake system and change brake fluid every 40,000 km.

- Maintenance and cleaning Porsche battery about 40,000 - 80,000 km or 2 years, you should replace the battery.

- Maintenance of Porsche tires, wheel bearings, every 40,000 km.

Notes When Maintaining and Repairing Porsche Cars

Maintenance of items for porsche cars

Refer and take advantage of these immediately Experience in repairing and maintaining Porsche cars Useful that Thanh Phong Auto Just shared the above to take good care of your beloved car. If you are in need of repair, maintenance or replacement Porsche car parts in HCM City then you can contact for advice and detailed instructions offline.

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