4 Notes When Repairing and Upgrading Car Horn

4 Notes When Repairing and Upgrading Genuine Car Horns Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024 Garage
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In motorbikes or cars, the horn always plays an important role. Car horns are like a notification signal when you want to ask for directions, letting other drivers know you are moving... There are currently two types of car horns: air horns and electric horns.

While air horns are used on large trucks, electric horns are used on cars. Many car owners choose to upgrade their car horn to make it more perfect. The article below will be note when repairing and upgrading car horns. Do not rush to skip the interesting information below.

Car horn is also a quite important system in the car
Car horn is also a quite important system in the car

What is an automobile electric horn?

Electric horn circuit includes: Electric horn, horn relay, electric lock, battery and horn button. When you turn on the ignition key and press the horn button. At this time, the horn relay will close the contact (A) of the relay to bring electricity into the horn. This time the buzzer will be active and emit a sound. When you stop pressing the horn button, the contact of the relay that opens the circuit will cause the horn to stop sounding.

The structure of an electric horn includes the main components such as electromagnet, shell, capacitor, contactor, control column, magnetic steel plate, vibrating disk, vibrating diaphragm, sound-adjusting mechanism.

Structure of Car Electric Horn
Structure of Car Electric Horn

Position the details in the electric horn according to the diagram:

1.Electric horn horn;          

  1. Vibration plate;
  2. Steel film;
  3. Whistle shell;
  4. Steel frame,
  5. Standing pillar;
  6. Spring steel plate;
  7. Magnetic steel core;
  8. Coil;

10, 12. Lock nut;                 

  1. Adjustable screw;
  2. Control post;
  3. Need a static contact;
  4. Need a dynamic contact;
  5. Electrolytic capacitors;
  6. Head stand contact;
  7. First catch the whistle;
  8. Whistle;
  9. Auxiliary resistance;
  10. Battery
Car Electric Horn Diagram
Car Electric Horn Diagram

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What should I do when I want to adjust the sound of a car horn?

The sound of a horn will depend on the amplitude and frequency of the horn. So when the gap gap between 2 contacts changes. It also means changing the frequency of opening and closing contacts and amplitude of vibration of the membrane.

In addition, the tension of leaf springs and the gap between the steel core and steel frame are also factors affecting the opening and closing of the contact. So, when you want to adjust the loud or low electric buzzer sound, you can adjust the adjustment screw part. This adjustment helps to change the oscillation frequency of the horn. Or you can adjust the tension of leaf springs and the gap under the steel frame, steel core.

4 experience in adjusting and repairing electric car horns when the horn is not sounding

When the electric car horn doesn't sound, you can try adjusting and repairing it as follows:

  • You will attach a piece of cool cord. At this time, you should shave off the place where the horn is attached so it can come into contact with the cooler.
  • You can use the lamp to test one cool connector to touch the BAT connector. If it does not spark fire, then surely open circuit from battery to. If it is on fire, you use this wire to touch the head of H, if the buzzer sounds, you can identify that the horn relay is broken.
  • If you try the above methods and the buzzer still does not sound, you need to touch the wire to the wire's stake. If the siren is an open circuit from the relay to the horn, while the horn is still unable to sound, the horn is broken.
  • If the case of a car horn sounds constantly but it cannot be turned off, it is caused by a cool touch at the relay line to the horn button.
You can adjust the car horn if it doesn't sound or can't be turned off
You can adjust the car horn if it doesn't sound or can't be turned off

How to fix the electric horn when disassembling

Once the electric buzzer has been removed, you can repair it in the following ways:

  • If the buzzer is burnt, cut, or loops open, you need to rewire or replace a new one.
  • If the contact is burnt and the contact is not good, no electrical contact, it is necessary to clean the contact.
  • The horn also needs to be replaced when the springs are weak, reducing elasticity and breaking.

It can be said that car horn is an indispensable part of the car. It is a device that helps other traffic drivers to recognize their presence on the route. At the same time, car horns also help cars ask for easier roads. Therefore, if the horn is malfunctioning or damaged, you cannot ignore it.

Above is the information we want to share with you about the note when repairing and replacing car horns. Hopefully the information we provide will help you have a more specific view and know how to properly maintain and maintain your horn.

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