Note When Repairing and Maintaining Kia Cars

Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Genuine Kia Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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To keep your Kia car fresh, durable and beautiful, the owner must maintain the driver at the right time. Job maintenance, Car repair Kia The periodic schedule helps the car to operate better, the owners are also much safer in using the car. With today's article, Thanh Phong Auto Please share to readers some car repair and maintenance note Kia. Please refer to offline.

Note When Repairing and Maintaining Kia Cars

Periodic maintenance of cars Kia cars

Phase 1: 1.500 km or after 1 month of use

Check oil, supplement if missing

This job guarantees the engine of the car always in smooth state and in good working order. 

Check the cooling water level

If the car often has to run long distances and operate continuously, pay attention to check the cooling water level. Otherwise, you will encounter operating vehicles but often stalling in the middle of the road. Job Add enough cooling water This will prevent the engine from overheating, leading to stalling, and even affecting the engine's life.

Check for leaks on water pipes

The inspection should be carried out on a flat and dry, clean place, and the inspectors should also wear protective gear and gloves. Moreover, it is recommended to wait until the engine has cooled down to start removing parts for inspection. 

Check the performance of the radiator cap

If you do not want to happen leaks in the tank system, you should check the capacity of the tank cover regularly.

Check oil level

In the main cylinder of the hydraulic clutch and brake master cylinder to ensure the cylinder is in good working order.

Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Kia Cars

Check your car's oil level

Phase 2: 5.000km or after 3 month of use

  • Replace oil, replace oil filter to limit deposits and engine performance.
  • Check the wires, jacks.
  • Check / adjust the drive belts, fan drive belts (if any).
  • Rinse and clean the tank
  • Checking / adjusting belt tension: A simple way to generate loose belt power is when suddenly accelerating, Kia Morning cars will emit a squeak.

Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Kia Cars

Adding oil to cars when oil is lacking or oil is damaged

In case the belt is skewed, broken, damaged, cracks appear, the surface is frayed or torn, the new belt should be treated or replaced to ensure safety.

  • Cleaning the indoor unit: This job helps to improve the working quality of the car air-conditioning system.
  • Check for leaks at joints

The above is to share the notes on phase 2 when maintaining and repairing the other vehicle, so the second stage of the maintenance and Repair Mazda cars How will?

Phase 3: 10.000 km or after 6 month of use

  • At this stage, the car user needs to check oil level in gearbox: This is not an easy task and expertise is required to ensure accuracy. 

To determine train oil Good or not, you can tell by looking at their colors: If the transmission oil is red, or light brown, there are no bubbles or smells, the oil is good. On the contrary, if the oil is black or has a burnt smell, check the active device and add oil if necessary.

Phase 4: 20.000 km or after 12 month of use

  • Check for high voltage wire and xupap opening.
  • Replace the divider cap.
  • Check / adjust ignition timing, ignition system: Signs when the ignition system is broken that the car often does not start or often stops. If you encounter the above situation, please take the car to maintenance immediately to avoid engine damage.
  • Clean cranks, vent boxes, and vents.
  • Replace fuel filter, air filter.

Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Kia Cars

Replace air filter, fuel filter for cars

Phase 5: 30.000 km - 50.000 km or after 1 to 3 years of use

  • Replacing spark plugs: When replacing, check spark plug to let engine cool down to perform cleaning and removing spark plugs.
  • Replace high pressure, fan drive belts, compressors, power steering.
  • Replace total brake fluid.

Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Kia Cars

Check the entire system of machines, electricity ... of the car

So you've finished sharing the main ideas, the main stages that Kia car Attention should be paid to maintenance and milk yet. If you have more interest about Fortuner car then read the article Note car repair Fortuner.

2. Other considerations when maintaining Kia cars 

  • Next to put Kia cars Going to regular maintenance by the number of kilometers, the owners should also pay attention to check the car every day to make sure all parts are working best.
  • A number of simple self-checking parts that drivers should pay attention to such as: lights, tires, brake lights, road lights and hazard warning flashes; wipers, brakes, tires, mirrors and exterior accessories.
  • When washing the car should use specialized cleaning solutions, suitable for the car, avoiding the situation of using regular soap, dishwashing liquid to wash the car will make car paint affected.
  • In the process of using the vehicle, vehicle owners can pay attention to noises, exhaust odors, ... to know if the operating status of the vehicle is stable.

Notes When Repairing and Maintaining Kia Cars

Always interested in the maintenance and repair of KIA cars

The ancients have the saying "Durable in people" if know how maintenance and curing Kia cars properly, will save you more costs (Quotation of Kia Car Repair and Maintenance). At the same time, to help your beloved driver perform at its best and increase the longevity of the car. If you have any questions, please contact us Thanh Phong Auto to be consulted enthusiastically by our experienced technician team.

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