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In the context of the current complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, many people are afraid to use public transport such as trains, coaches, and buses to move around. Therefore, cars are said to be a reasonable option that many families choose to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet.

Therefore, in addition to preparing mentally and physically for the trip, road users also need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make the journey more convenient and safe.

Hopefully, the following notes will help you gain experiences to return home safely by car in the "new normal" state.


  1. Take some time to check and maintain your car

On long journeys, a car is not only a "companion" but also a means of determining comfort and safety for you and your family during the trip. Therefore, before you go on the road, you should take a few minutes to check your "driver". Check the condition of the tires, make sure the tire pressure according to the manufacturer's recommendations is posted inside the driver's door. Besides, check whether the car brake system is working stably or not. Some parts such as wipers, headlights ... should also be carefully checked because this is a contributing factor to ensuring safety in different driving conditions. The best way, before you go home by car, you should bring your car to a service station or dealer for inspection and maintenance.

  1. Obey traffic laws and rules 5K

Absolutely obey traffic laws when participating in traffic: Observe the correct speed, do not use the phone when driving, use the headlights - properly...

Comply with the 5K rule: Mask – Disinfection – Distance – Decentralization – Medical declaration

Carefully check the information on local epidemic regulations, epidemic information where you live (what region), to be proactive in disease prevention and protect the health of yourself and your family.

  1. Fill up the tank with gas, prepare some backup equipment

In addition to filling up the gas tank for your car, you should also prepare some basic car repair tools, spare equipment such as spare headlight bulbs, battery fishing cables or tire checks. backup equipment, dismantling equipment, tire inflating ... in case the car has a problem on the road.

  1. Prepare necessary documents and materials

Required documents must always be carried with you, besides you should have a few quick test strips, antiseptic solution, medicine, mask, etc.

  1. Make a reasonable, scientific schedule

Pay attention to departure and arrival times, avoid going during peak hours

Note more about the road, the weather so that the journey is convenient, not stuck in traffic, lost.

Hopefully with the above notes will help you have more experience so that the way home is convenient and safe – Because the way home is always the most beautiful way!

Thanh Phong Auto We would like to wish our customers and partners a very healthy, happy and happy Tet holiday with family and loved ones.

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