Car Use Note during Covid -19 Translation Season

- Notes on Car Use During the Covid -19 Pandemic
Latest update date: February 31, 01

Covid-19 It is an extremely dangerous respiratory disease that can be life-threatening for an infected person. In the face of the spread of corona virus acute pneumonia, self-protection is essential, and keeping cars clean is a way to help prevent the spread.

According to industry experts, the car space is an enclosed space, narrow and many people go in and out ... In addition, this is also a flexible means of moving, so it easily becomes a medium in the accumulation of viruses. to spread from area to area or from person to person.

+ Note: Misconception About Car Care In Hot Season

- Notes on Car Use During the Covid -19 Pandemic

Therefore, in case of living in an epidemic environment or moving into an epidemic area, then the car should be taken to car wash and car care centers for cleaning and disinfection. Also for daily use cars should also be washed and cleaned regularly to prevent germs. In which parts such as the steering wheel, door handles, car floor mats ... are the places we come in the most contact with, so these are the details that we need to disinfect and clean most thoroughly.

- Notes on Car Use During the Covid -19 Pandemic

In addition to the above details, the air conditioning system on the vehicle must be clean and functioning normally. Because it is very important, it ensures the air circulation and regulates the temperature in the car to help the occupants ensure enough oxygen during transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the pipeline system, air inlet with cleaning solutions periodically to ensure the safest environment. And an extremely important detail is that corona virus often weakens when the temperature is above 25C, so to limit the disease, we should keep the temperature of the air-conditioning system above 0C and avoid direct air conditioning.

- Notes on Car Use During the Covid -19 Pandemic

And especially wash your hands both before and after boarding the car for the best prevention. As for the service business driver, they must wear a mask, water to wash their hands ... during this time to protect themselves and passengers. For people traveling on public transports such as taxis, buses ... need to wear a mask and wash their hands thoroughly when getting on and off the bus. However, we also need to limit it because we can get infected at any time, even if we have the safest defense.

- Notes on Car Use During the Covid -19 Pandemic

If you do these things well, you can play a part in fighting corona, as well as ensuring the health of yourself and those around you.

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