Baic Car Maintenance Note

Note for Professional Baic Car Repair and Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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No car is ever going to last forever and fail, and Baic is no exception. Therefore, after a certain period of use, Baic cars must be checked, repaired and maintained periodically. So, when repair and maintenance of Baic cars What issues should be noted? Let's find out now Thanh Phong Auto .

Baic Car Maintenance Note

Latest Baic car model

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1. Common damages of Baic cars

Heavy steering: When your car has heavy steering signs, it's time to check the power steering pump and oil. Some of the reasons that make the steering wheel heavy include: the power steering oil is low, the power steering pump is worn out, the power steering pump is damaged, the steering pump surface is scratched or the oil pipe is open to the power. drive.

Abnormal noise in the steering system: The cause may be due to the power pump's ineffectiveness, the power oil level is too low, the steering wheel is worn or worn, the drive belt is coincident, ...

Note for Professional Baic Car Repair and Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Spillage on the rudder: The cause of this phenomenon may be due to a leaking oil leak on the steering wheel seal.

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2. The process of repairing and maintaining Baic cars

+ Tire test: When the tires are worn, not stretched or cracked enough, the vehicle will consume more material, or even endanger the vehicle's life. Therefore, the tire must be checked regularly, changed at the right time and especially the pressure pump in accordance with regulations. Normally, the car has traveled about 50.000km, you should replace the new tire.

+ Check the oil: Lubricant is like "blood" to help the car operate better, smoother and not make noise. To test the oil, you can test it using a dipstick to measure the oil level.

Baic Car Maintenance Note

Regularly check the engine oil

+ Cooling water: Proceed to open the engine compartment cover to check cooling water. Usually, you should clean your radiator and replenish your water cooler at least every 2 years. In case, when you dump the car underneath, there are small puddles of water, you need to bring the car to the garage to check the cooling water system immediately.

+ Doors, windshield, wipers: These are very important parts of the car. Therefore, you must check and periodically maintain all the windows of the car, so that you can detect any damage as soon as possible. In particular, the wipers need to be replaced at least once a year.

+ Seat belt: This is a non-serviceable part, so if you find that the seat belt is torn, worn, or otherwise damaged, replace it immediately.

+ Check battery and brake system: You need to periodically check whether the battery is working properly or not and the electrodes are safe. In addition, the brake system of the car needs to be maintained stably and periodically replaced to ensure the braking works at its optimum level.

Note for Professional Baic Car Repair and Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Pay attention to check the battery and electrical system on the vehicle

+ Light system: You need to check the brightness of your headlights, brake lights, tail lights and other signal lights.

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3. Comply with the regular repair and maintenance schedule of Baic cars

Car maintenance when used for 3 months or has traveled 5.000km

During this first maintenance, your “love driver” needs to be checked with some parts such as: the sound system in the car, the brake, the lights, the gear lever, the warning light, the gas pedal, trunk, door, gas tank, brake pedal, ... This check to make sure your "lover" is not having errors from the manufacturer.

Vehicle maintenance after at 5.000km

After completing your first car maintenance, you should take your car to the garage for routine maintenance every next 5000km. This service is the same as the first, however, with regular inspection it will help you spot damage sooner.

Vehicle maintenance after every 15.000km

This time, the technician will help check if your car engine is working properly or not. Also, the tire rotation will be carried out during this inspection, in order to avoid uneven tire wear.

Vehicle maintenance after every 30.000km

Not only check the engine operating condition, turn the tires and change the oil. Besides, technicians will expand the range of maintenance for the car.

Baic Car Maintenance Note

The car maintenance procedures are standard

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4. Should find the address of the reputable and professional Baic car repair and maintenance garage

The fact that you bring your "love driver" to repair and maintenance at reputable garage addresses, quality assurance is extremely necessary. Because the garage address is reputable, experienced and professional, they will help you check, repair and maintain the car most effectively.

Skilled, experienced and well-trained technical staff will help you find out the damage in time. From there, find the solution and fix the damage in the best way. In particular, a reputable garage will perform the most professional maintenance process. Ensure that after checking, repairing and maintenance, your "love car" will operate at the highest productivity.

Note for Professional Baic Car Repair and Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious car repair and maintenance garage in Ho Chi Minh City

So, in order for your "love car" to always operate in the best condition, you should look for reputable, professional and quality garage addresses.

Posts above Thanh Phong Auto Have shared to you important notes in the work repair and maintenance of Baic cars periodic. Hopefully this will be useful information to help you understand the importance of regular maintenance. And if you are wondering in finding and selecting a reputable repair garage address with quality assurance, come immediately to Thanh Phong Auto. We guarantee to bring you the most professional car maintenance services.

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