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Note for Quality Hongqi Car Repair and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024 Garage
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Hongqi is an electric car company, with environmental protection criteria along with a design inspired by the famous Rolls-Royce brand, which is gradually gaining sympathy from users. Hongqi cars are capable of running a maximum speed of 600 km per charge. Like any car line, Hongqi cars also need to be repaired and maintained to ensure operation. So maintenance and repair of Hongqi cars How effective? Please read some notes below Thanh Phong Auto Synthesized to answer the above question!

Note for Quality Hongqi Car Repair and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024 Garage

Hongqi Car

Car Maintenance Notes Hongqi At Gara HCM

1. Change oil, check oil filter

For the car engine to always keep its durability and run smoothly, the oil change at the right time and the right process is very necessary. Depending on the model, there will be a compatible oil replacement. Or when you come to the garage, you will be instructed and shared specifically about the type of lubricant that is suitable for your "baby car".

Check the Hongqi automobile brake system

The brake system is related to the safety of Hongqi cars, so this is the part that needs to be checked and maintained periodically. This will help you detect and promptly correct brake problems to ensure safety.

Note for Quality Hongqi Car Repair and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024 Garage

Check the vehicle's brakes

Thanh Phong Auto would like to share with you the signs that it is time for you to repair the brake:

- The brake pedal becomes soft.
- The brake pedal is hard and difficult to use.
- There is an unpleasant noise coming from the brake system.

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3. Check your tires regularly

Tires are one of the parts in direct contact with the road surface so it is the most sensitive and prone to wear. It is very dangerous if you are traveling long distances with a tire problem, because there are many situations that are practically unforeseen when a car has a tire burst while in traffic. So check the tires of Hongqi cars weekly and measure the pressure to know when the replacement is needed.

Note for Quality Hongqi Car Repair and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024 Garage

Pay attention to check the tires

4. Choosing a reputable Hongqi car repair and maintenance address

The Hongqi line of cars is quite new, so it is very important to choose where to repair and maintain the car. Here are some criteria to help you choose a quality Hongqi auto repair site.

  • Repair center. Hongqi car maintenance has many years of experience

To maintain and repair Hongqi cars well, it requires employees to have in-depth knowledge and experience in the profession. Since then, it is possible to repair the car in the right place, catch the "right disease" to help limit incurring costs.

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  • Hongqi Auto Repair Center has a good warranty

You should choose the centers with good warranty. Because that's what helps you realize whether the address you go to is really reputable or not. A good warranty will help you get legitimate rights as well as demonstrate the responsibility of the vehicle repair and maintenance unit.

Note for Quality Hongqi Car Repair and Maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024 Garage

Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious car repair and maintenance garage in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City there are many operating garages, and Thanh phong Is one Professional car repair - maintenance - care unit Trusted by many consumers, find out the benefits of car repair in Thanh Phong:

  • Staff are eager to learn and skillful to be able to repair and maintain Hongqi models.
  • Thanh Phong Auto ensures publicity - transparency - reasonable price, suitable with customers' pocket.
  • Make sure to provide service equipment 100% genuine Hongqi auto maintenance and repair. Customers can verify in person. If the equipment is found to be poor quality, Thanh Phong will refund the full repair cost.
  • Thanh Phong's garage was built with a spacious area with a closed and professional model in each service.
  • Coming to Thanh Phong, customers will feel the dedication of the consultant and the repair staff. Any questions and dissatisfaction about the attitude of employees, customers can respond directly or via the company's hotline.
  • With many years of operation in the profession, Thanh Phong auto always upholds the motto "Honesty - Dedication - Responsibility - Sharing", always promotes the development and competition to become the leading repair unit in the city. HCM City.

Hope the above article will help readers have more knowledge to Hongqi car maintenance and repair mine. And if you are looking for a reputable garage to maintain for "baby car" - don't forget to drop by Thanh Phong Auto to experience the great services that we give to you.

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