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Innova scored with consumers for its durability, timeliness and wide applicability. It is known that this is the car company located top best selling car in our country. Besides purchase and use of an Innova car tense car repair and maintenance note How to be best is also a matter of many people concern. With the following article, Thanh Phong Auto will share some maintenance note, Innova car repair the best. Please read it.

Innova Car Repair Note

Where to repair Innova cars reputable in HCMC

The life of the machine is not permanent, hence the inspection and vehicle maintenance on a regular basis, it will help ensure a guaranteed vehicle, and at the same time better performance and use. Job repair, Innova car maintenance as follows:

1. Self-maintenance and repair

With self Innova car maintenance There are a number of simple everyday tasks that owners can do to make sure their car is running well such as: Clean the car, fill with gasoline, check the engine oil level, coolant level, add glass cleaner, tire pressure and condition, battery condition ...And want to maintain your car at home, you should see the article Basic Car Maintenance and Repair Tools Can Make At Home

2. Repair and maintenance of vehicles periodically

Besides self-maintenance Periodic maintenance is an important step that any car owner should not ignore. Often this maintenance will be determined in grades corresponding to the mileage, travel time and actual usage conditions (including repair history).

Basically, if your vehicle operates in harsh environment then the maintenance cycle should be shortened and the number of maintenance items also increased. Periodic maintenance should be carried out at service centers or service centers prestigious car garage To ensure quality, the most professionalism.

Update information on Innova Car Repair, low quality, high quality

Innova car maintenance schedule according to the milestones, vehicle kilometers

After 5000km or 6 months

After every 5000 km, equivalent to about 6 months, you should take the car for regular maintenance. Maintenance service Usually not overly complicated include: oil change service, air conditioner cleaning and engine air filter. Oil change is essential because when operating more than 5000 km because the vehicle may contain debris or metal residue.

In addition, the car owner should also ask technicians to help check factors such as: brake fluid, coolant, transmission oil, glass cleaner, ...

After 15.000 km or 18 months

When traveling 15.000 km or 18 months, the car owner should always replace the oil filter during this maintenance. Because the new replacement will help ensure good dirt removal, lubricate the engine, clean oil and keep the machine running smoothly.

Furthermore, at this point the owner should rotate the inner tire vehicle maintenance process if necessary, and immediately thereafter, also reverse the tire every 10.000 km. If you are not knowledgeable, you can ask for advice and support from technicians.

After 30.000 km or 36 months

Every 30.000 km, the air filter for the engine and the air conditioner filter will become dirty and clogged, affecting the engine's performance and the health of the user. So, Note the need to replace the car air filter for engine and air conditioner purifiers.

This will help the engine run smoothly, save fuel and help the air-conditioning system work well and protect your health.

After 40.000 km or 48 months

When the vehicle is 40.000 km, the car owner needs to: Change fuel filter, replace wheel oil, differential oil, fuel oil, clutch oil, coolant, brake fluid, change positioning oil and Periodic divergent oil.

Next, car owners need to replace the brake fluid and hydraulic oil periodically after 40.000 km to ensure the quality of oil, hydraulic pressure in the system, help the brakes and clutch work best.

After 100.000 km

At this point, the car owner needs check the cooling system for engine, replace with tank to ensure the cooling system works well. Besides, it is also necessary to replace some parts such as spark plugs (spark plugs - Signs of car spark plugs are having problems), brake pads ... if necessary.

One of the parts needed inspection and maintenance often it is the brake. Because this is a part of a lot of pressure during the movement of a car, it should check, detect and have a timely remedy. In case of wear and tear, it is advisable to replace the correct tire of the vehicle to ensure compliance with technical standards.

Review of Innova Car Repair in thanh phong auto

Some tips to "save" costs and avoid being "hacked" when bringing the car for maintenance

  • First, each car owner needs to equip themselves with the basic knowledge about the car they own to ensure that they will not be led by the staff when maintaining and repairing the car. Besides, please check the car periodically to know the status of the vehicle.
  • You can refer to the cost of the components related to your beloved car, to avoid being charged by service facilities.
  • You should call the garage to consult and compare maintenance procedures and price list.
  • During the process of maintenance and repair of the car, ask the technician to state clearly the problems that your car is facing, the cost of repairs, replacement and remedies. If appropriate, you can let them perform repairs, otherwise you should take the car to another garage more reputable.
  • Select reputable and professional centers with many modern machines and equipment and a team of professional and skilled technicians.
  • Through friends, relatives or reviews and comments on the internet.

With all the above information, you can answer the question yourself Choosing an Exterior Garage Or Going To A Car Maintenance Company

The above are things to pay attention when repair and maintenance of cars InnovaThanh Phong auto shared. Hope to help owners and help their horses always work well, have the highest life expectancy. Besides, if your driver is having some problems, please contact us for Experienced technician team at Thanh Phong, please advise more.

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