Car Maintenance Note Zotye

Note for Car Repair and Maintenance Prestigious Zotye Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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The ancients have a saying "The goods are durable in people" - for your Zotye to always be durable and beautiful, it is very important to maintain the car properly and on schedule.

Properly maintained vehicle will ensure safety in operation, and at the same time help increase vehicle service life. With the following article, Thanh Phong Auto will recommend you to read these Note the repair and maintenance of cars Zotye right way. Please read it together.

Car Maintenance Note Zotye

The latest Zotye car model

Notes When Repairing Zotye Car In HCM Gara

1. Maintain the vehicle periodically

Over a period of use, whether the car is new or an old car, it is affected by many factors such as weather, road surface, terrain, friction, ... causing the vehicle's parts to wear out and if it is quiet Weight can cause malfunction, affecting the vehicle's engine.

Therefore, proper maintenance of the vehicle is very important, it helps to check and detect the vehicle's defects for repair or replacement if necessary. Both ensure the safety of the user and save the repair and replacement costs if the parts are badly damaged. Therefore, take regular maintenance to ensure safety while driving.

Note for Car Repair and Maintenance Prestigious Zotye Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Proper vehicle maintenance cycle

Important milestones that car owners should not miss:

  • From 5.000 - 10.000km / time: Change engine oil, coolant water, glass cleaner, engine air filter cleaning and air conditioner filter.
  • From 15.000 km onwards: Change the oil filter and rotate the tires if necessary.
  • From 30.000 km onwards: The engine air filter should be replaced as well as the air-conditioning filter.
  • From 40.000 km onwards: Replace fuel filter, change transmission oil, differential oil, power assist oil, belt, coolant, brake fluid and clutch oil.
  • From 100.000 km onwards: Gearbox maintenance.

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2. Select a standard maintenance service package

According to many years of experience working as a profession to save costs, car owners should choose package maintenance packages, with both full service and cheaper cost. Choosing this service package will ensure inspection, cleaning and replacement items, to detect potential internal damage and repair promptly. Avoid when the use of individual service will be costly and the vehicle is not fully and thoroughly inspected, errors can be missed.

Car Maintenance Note Zotye

KTV team is highly skilled, many years of experience

3. Regularly inspect important vehicle parts

In addition to periodic vehicle maintenance according to the number of kilometers or over a period of time, the owner should pay attention to regularly check important parts to prevent unusual incidents such as:

+ Chassis, chassis and engine: These are the parts that are often subjected to a great impact and work with high intensity while operating the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the chassis and chassis are well loaded, cracked, broken or not, especially when the vehicle has to move in poor terrain or road surface.

+ Brake fluid, transmission oil, engine oil: The vehicle's operation in extreme conditions will cause the oil to drain faster, causing the vehicle to lumber, causing damage to the gearbox and engine. Therefore, these oils should be checked regularly to add or change oil if necessary.

Note for Car Repair and Maintenance Prestigious Zotye Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Regularly check and change oil for cars

+ Braking system, steering system: These are two quite important parts, ensuring the safety of the user, so it is necessary to regularly check the steering wheel to see if the steering is deflected, tilted, the brake whistles or not, need repair and repair immediately. .

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4. Select a reliable Zotye car maintenance address

One of the Zotye car maintenance experiences that drivers need to care about is choosing a reputable service address. Because only professional repair workshops can meet the conditions of equipment, commit to supply genuine parts and have a team of good technicians, knowledgeable about your vehicle.

Car Maintenance Note Zotye

Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious and professional car repair garage in Ho Chi Minh City

Besides, reputable units will have many quality service packages, affordable prices and above all, good warranty, after-sales.

5. Should Zotye be serviced immediately

Owners do not always have to rely on milestones or the new time to take their car for service. In some cases, if you find that the car shows signs of failure or damage, you need to quickly check and maintain the car as soon as possible to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

  • Vehicle has signs of shaking, creating strange noises.
  • The engine is sluggish, and the capacity of the vehicle is significantly reduced.
  • Vehicles emit a lot of smoke when operating.
  • Visible oil leaking to the outside.
  • The car is difficult to control.
  • Thắng doesn't eat.

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Understand the notes Zotye car maintenance The above will help you reduce unnecessary costs, take care of your car properly and keep your car durable and beautiful in the best operating condition. If you have any questions about the maintenance of your Zotye car, please contact Thanh Phong Auto to be wholeheartedly supported by our technicians.

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