Geely Car Maintenance Note

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Quality Geely Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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In order for a car to always operate stably, can be used for a long time and operate smoothly, the owner must always carry out the routine maintenance of the car. And for the line Geely cars Is no exception. However, when repairing and maintaining cars Geely should note that any problem is a big question mark for many people. Post below Thanh Phong Auto will help you answer this question.

Geely Car Maintenance Note

Geely car

Geely Car Maintenance Note The Most Effective

1. Why do Geely cars have to be repaired and maintained periodically?

Like any other vehicle or machine, Geely cars will wear out over a long period of time in use and work. Therefore, repair and regular maintenance of Geely cars are essential. Some of the benefits that can be attributed to when a Geely car gets a regular maintenance include:

+ Helps prevent major problems that can happen to both vehicles and people: Because in Vietnam, the road conditions are relatively difficult and harsh. So after a while the engine system as well as the details of the car will be affected, causing loss of safety for both people and vehicles while traveling. Therefore, checking, repairing and maintaining your car periodically will help your "lover" be absolutely safe on all roads.

+ Helps prolong the life of the vehicle: Geely cars are composed of many different parts, and each part is assembled in many ways. Therefore, during operation, these joints will inevitably wear out. Periodic vehicle maintenance will help prevent unnecessary damage.

+ Helping the car achieve maximum performance: If your Geely car is always efficient, you need to change the filter and oil periodically. Because when going through a long period of use, the car's oil will run out and dust, metal residue - making the engine not operate smoothly.

+ Helping drivers be safe: The technician will check and fix the errors promptly so that your Geely car will perform better.

+ Increase value for vehicles when there is a need to sell: After each maintenance, your Geely car will be refurbished. Therefore, although the car has been used for a long time, when there is a demand for sale, it will still ensure its value.

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2. The process of repairing and maintaining Geely cars periodically

Depending on the car manufacturer, there will be different regulations for regular repair and maintenance, so you need to follow the manual to know when to bring your car to refurbish and refurbish. refresh back.

Particularly for Geely cars, there is a repair and maintenance process that is carried out in sequence of steps:

Change oil and check oil filter

This process is done relatively simply. The technician will lift the car and proceed to remove all oil drain plugs, followed by removing the filter to check the dirt of the oil filter system.

Geely Car Maintenance Note

Pay attention to change the oil for the car engine

Check and clean automatic air filter

The engine air filter regulates and filters the air, before the air is mixed with fuel to enter the engine. Therefore, if the air filter is damaged, it will significantly affect the operation of the vehicle engine system. This part should be checked, cleaned and, if necessary, replaced. Normally, the engine air filter will be replaced when the car has traveled about 50.000km.

Geely Car Maintenance Note

Regularly check and clean the air filter

Check air conditioner

This part helps to retain impurities from the outside of the air, preventing them from entering the car. However, after a period of use the air filter will accumulate a lot of dirt. Therefore, cleaning and cleaning them is essential. This will both help limit the damage of the air-conditioner and make the air inside the car always safe and clean.

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Quality Geely Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Check the Geely car air conditioner filter

Winning test

Braking is one of the very important parts, helping to protect the safety of both passengers and drivers on the car. So, you must check periodically to always make sure the brake system is always working well, not being worn and especially not losing its effect.

Geely Car Maintenance Note

Check the brakes

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3. Follow the regular maintenance schedule of Geely cars

+ After 5.000km or the first 6 months: This is the first vehicle maintenance milestone, this time the technician will check the car's parts to see if they are working properly or not. Details that need to be checked during the first maintenance include: engine oil, brake fluid level, engine wind filter, transmission oil, air conditioner filter, glass cleaner, coolant, ...

+ After 15.000km or after 18 months: In addition to the oil change, at this level a technician will also change the oil filter. At the same time, check the engine compartment, engine oil, clean the engine air filter, reverse the tire.

+ After 30.000km or after 36 months: After 30.000km, the engine air filter and air-conditioning filter will inevitably be dirty and blocked quite heavily, so you need to replace them. This time of maintenance, your "love driver" will be: Clean the engine compartment dust, change the engine oil, clean the engine air filter, change the air conditioner filter, change the oil filter, turn the tire, maintain the brake.

+ After 40.000km or after 48 months: After 40.000km, your “love driver” needs to be checked, maintained and replaced with parts such as transmission oil, brake fluid, fuel filter, differential oil, car coolant, clutch oil, power assist oil.

+ After 100.000km: After 100.000km, your car will be checked and reviewed to replace components such as: vehicle coolant, spark plugs, brake pads, ... Besides, it is also necessary to periodically check the components including: tires, brakes, brake pads, bamboo system, accumulator, lighting system.

Note on Repair and Maintenance of Quality Geely Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Comply with Geely car maintenance schedule

4. Where is the best place to repair and maintain Geely cars?

It seems, for all people are wondering whether to choose "new car" at car manufacturers or in the garage. However, in fact, car maintenance at car manufacturers or garages has different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, depending on the level of prestige and reliability, you can choose a reputable car maintenance address.

Having a lot of experience in the field of car repair and maintenance - Thanh Phong Auto is always proud to be a professional and prestigious Geely car repair and maintenance unit in HCM. Thanh Phong is always ready to satisfy all customers.

Geely Car Maintenance Note

Thanh Phong Auto - A reputable and professional car repair and maintenance garage in Ho Chi Minh City

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The reason you should choose to repair and maintain Geely cars at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Skilled technician, experienced in repairing and maintaining all car lines including Geely.
  • Modern machinery and equipment system.
  • Accessories are imported genuine, have clear origin, so always ensure absolute safety quality.
  • A team of consultants who are attentive, enthusiastic and professional.
  • Geely car maintenance costs are reasonable.

The article above we have shared to you the most important notes in the work Geely auto repair and maintenance. Hopefully, with the content that we share above, it will help you get more important information in periodic maintenance of "love cars". And if you still have questions about the maintenance of Geely cars, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Thanh Phong Auto for advice! Thank you for taking the time to follow our post.

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