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Notes When Gasketing Car Doors - Best Soundproofing, Noise-proof, Impact-resistant Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Most of the cars have been designed soundproof systems. However, each model will have different sound insulation. In fact, very few models are equipped with an absolutely good soundproof system. So the noise in the car is still uncomfortable. Especially when traveling on bad roads and sitting in cars with poor sound insulation. Many car owners have come to the solution of installing door gaskets that are selected by many car owners.

Today's article will share to you a note about car door seals - soundproofing against noise and impact. If you are also interested in this product, do not skip the article below.

Noise-proof rubber gaskets are currently the most optimal solution
Noise-proof rubber gaskets are currently the most optimal solution  

Installation of soundproof rubber gaskets automotive use?

Most of the newer car models today have quite thin gaskets. Therefore, the ability of soundproofing and preventing noise into the vehicle is not high. The people inside the car can still clearly hear the noisy, haphazard sound from outside the road coming in causing discomfort.

Anyone who sits inside a car, especially when traveling over long distances. They all want the space inside the car to be very quiet, so that they can listen to music, watch movie entertainment and have time to rest and limit fatigue.

However, the design of the gasket is quite thin, but the car has poor sound insulation. When the car moves at high speed, on bad roads or through crowded streets, the noise level will increase very clearly.

At first, when the gasket was new, it hugged the door and chassis. When the edges of the gaskets show signs of collapse, the ability to fit the door no longer exists. At this time, the door when closed will be very loose, no longer feeling as sure as before. You will feel when closing the car door, there will be creaking sounds.

Car door gaskets that have been used for a while will no longer hug the door tightly
After a period of use, car door gaskets will no longer hug the door tightly

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The use of rubber gaskets for automotive doors is to improve the tightness of the door, thereby increasing the sound insulation of the car. Not only that, the installation of rubber gaskets also help reinforce the tightness of the door, limiting the aging of the original gasket.

In particular, installing gaskets also helps reduce noise when motorbike taxi drivers, running at high speed or moving on squirrel roads.

From the above information, it can be seen that installing noise-proof rubber gaskets brings many benefits. Thanks to noise-canceling rubber gaskets, the car also becomes stronger, protects the car and increases sound insulation. At the same time, gaskets increase the airtightness of the vehicle doors, limiting the air pollution, dirt from getting into the car, affecting health.

The installation of noise protection gaskets for cars is not too expensive, almost every owner can do it. Time to install noise-proof rubber gaskets for cars is quite fast and simple.

Installing Anti-Noise Rubber Gaskets Brings Many Benefits
Installing Anti-Noise Rubber Gaskets Brings Many Benefits

There are several types of noise-proof rubber seals for cars, so which ones should be installed?

Noise-proof rubber washer D

Gasket type D is the fitting on the outer edge of the front door, rear trunk, rear door edge and Capo cover. Typically, gasket D is from 3,5 - 4,5m in length, this type of gasket will depend on the size of the door edge and Capo cap.

Noise-proof rubber washer P

G-type seals are installed at the lower edge of the vehicle doors, including the front and rear doors. Moreover, P rings were also installed in Capo and trunk positions.

Noise-proof rubber washer Z

Z-type gaskets are often used to install on the inside edge of the front door. This type of gasket has a length of about 1,5m - 1,6m.

Each Type of Gasket Will Have a Suitable Installation Location
Each Type of Gasket Will Have a Suitable Installation Location

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Note when installing noise-proof rubber gaskets for cars

Installing noise-proof rubber gaskets for cars is not too difficult. However, for a complete installation, you still have to be a car savvy.

You can go to the address of specialized automobile repair and maintenance to install the best noise-proof rubber gaskets.

If you are installing your own rubber gaskets, pay attention to:

  • You need to clean the rubber gasket installation location.
  • When the washer is installed, you need to keep the door firmly closed for at least 20 minutes to secure it. If possible, you should keep the door tightly closed for 3-5 hours is best.
  • When installing rubber gaskets, the first few days should be limited to wet cars, do not wash the car.

Hopefully the information about noise-proof rubber gaskets that we share will help you have a better view of the noise-proof solution on this car.

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