4 Reasons For Confirming The Automatic Transmission Oil Washing Is Very Important

4 Reasons Affirming That Washing Automatic Transmission Oil Is Very Important Prestige Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

You may not know, to be able to extend the life of a car, rinsing the gearbox oil is extremely important. Especially for cars using automatic transmission, this rinsing is even more important. 

Regular washing of the gearbox not only ensures a better and more stable transmission, but also improves fuel economy. And Thanh Phong Auto Learn 4 reasons to rinse automatic gearbox oil regularly as soon as possible!

Most car users only know to clean the tank, adjust the brakes and change the engine oil and neglect the important thing to do regularly which is rinsing the gearbox. It is recommended to rinse the gearbox and change the gearbox oil from about 40.000 km or more for gear oils with water such as: SP4 or SP3. However, if oil loss or oil leakage is excessive, you should proceed to change gear oil immediately.

4 Reasons Affirming That Washing Automatic Transmission Oil Is Very Important Prestige Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

However, not all types of gearbox must be replaced with a gearbox oil. You should use the vehicle manufacturer's manual to find out which gearbox oil you're using. On the other hand, as recommended by many garage, you should only add gearbox oil, not replace it. Therefore, to protect your "driver love" to work best, you need to consult information about gearbox oils before using them.

How automatic transmission oil works

You should distinguish the difference between engine oil and automatic transmission oil. During vehicle operation, in order to help the vehicle reduce the expansion when the fluid heats up, the gearbox oil will combine with additives. This combination helps gearboxes flow more efficiently through each hydraulic line within the transmission. At the same time it also helps to keep the gearbox oil of the car more homogeneous and more stable. If you find that your "driver" is lacking in oil, you need to replenish the oil immediately, and especially, the right type of oil.

4 Reasons Affirming That Washing Automatic Transmission Oil Is Very Important Prestige Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Replacing the right type of oil at the right time will help:

  • Increase the life of gearbox.
  • Cars reduce fuel consumption.
  • Cars are more efficient.

During gear shifting, gearbox oils have a number of important uses, such as:

  • Helping mechanical transmission improve performance.
  • Wear resistant motor equipment.
  • Help lubricate.
  • Help the automatic gearing process be made smoother and smoother thanks to the transmission and support.
  • Friction reduction.

However, the additives will begin to wear away, become dirty, gradually losing their effect, making the oil more dilable by the temperature and diluting over time. Therefore, it is necessary to replace it with new oil if the gear oil gets dirty.

Signs Warning Gearbox Need Maintenance

4 reasons to confirm the washing of automatic transmission is very important

First: To be able to extend the life of gearboxes

4 Reasons Affirming That Washing Automatic Transmission Oil Is Very Important Prestige Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

If unfortunately the hydraulic transmission line is inside the gearbox, then:

  • Will create internal leakage phenomenon.
  • Making the gasket inside the gearbox break.
  • The whole gearbox is broken.

Therefore, in order to prolong the life of the gearbox and contribute to significantly reducing the possibility of damage, you need to rinse and replace the filter every 40.000 km.

Second: Improving the smooth & smooth shifting process

Once the old oil is removed and the new gearbox oil is replaced or replaced, the entire oil flow system will be improved. From there the gear shift process will be smoother than before ..

Tuesday: Meet the full conditions of vehicle maintenance

Almost all new cars, the powertrain will be maintained by the transmission components, engine components and steering system. 

However, it will cost you a considerable amount of money and at the same time invalidate the extended maintenance package if these systems are not serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 

Automatic Gearbox Repair For Cars

Wednesday: Help "driver love" more fuel savings

4 Reasons Affirming That Washing Automatic Transmission Oil Is Very Important Prestige Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Your car engine can burn more fuel than necessary if the gearbox is shifted to a higher gear than the original set or the gearbox slips. This leads to intermittent oil circulation in the gearbox due to the deposits that obstruct it. 

At this point, the gearbox will start to run more stagnant and the amount of oil circulating in the hydraulic pipes is uneven due to engine heating. Therefore, to contribute to help your "driver" to save the most optimal fuel, you should add, replace and rinse the gearbox oil more often.

Above Thanh Phong Auto has introduced to you the importance of washing oil automatic transmission frequently. Hopefully with the information we share will help you protect your "driver love" the best. If you are not confident to check, please bring the car to our Thanh Phong Auto garage so that your "driver" will always be "healthy".

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