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Car Blowing Gas: Causes, Signs and Effective Repairs
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The phenomenon of throttle in a car is a condition where the preset value is less than the engine rpm or the car is still running excessively when the accelerator is not pressed. Excessive throttle compensation or idle throttle occurring during vehicle control will cause many difficulties for the driver, if too much occurs, it will cause unsafety while driving.

For a manual transmission, when you fill up the throttle, it will make the engine revs higher than necessary while the clutch is disconnected while the vehicle is running, this will often be called throttle phenomenon.

Phenomenon of Cars Blowing Gas
Phenomenon of Cars Blowing Gas

Gas leakage phenomenon can be divided into two categories for easy identification as follows:

- Station automobile static: Disconnect the clutch when the car is running, also throttle over 1500 rpm and exhaust when the car is standing still and exploded in moderation.

- Automobile automobile station: The rpm is stable at 850 rpm when the car explodes moderately, but when the clutch is disconnected while the car is running, the revs soar to more than 1500 rpm, fluctuating at or even not down. Sometimes climb above 2000 rpm.

When the mixture of fuel gas (air and gasoline) provides too much for the engine that you can not control it, then the phenomenon of throttle in the car will occur. From there, we can easily analyze the phenomenon of throttle in cars occurs for one of the following 3 reasons:

- Do not load valve

- Due to the throttle

- Due to the throttle position sensor

1. Due to the idling valve (Idle Air Control)

Car Is Bloating Due to a Broken Idle Valve - Causes of Cars Bloating
The car is leaking gas due to a broken idle valve

The mission of this valve is to help automatically adjust the cross section according to the engine mode of the secondary wind. In case, when the idle valve is dead, stuck or dirty, the idle mode of the engine will no longer be guaranteed, leading to the car crashing or stalling.

If the idle valve is opened too large, the air will pass through the throttle along the secondary wind. From there will lead to a lot of fuel can go into the engine and the result will occur throttle on cars due to increased engine speed.

2. Throttle

Worn Throttle Throttle Causes Throttle Blowing
Worn Throttle Throttle Causes Throttle Blowing

Before the fuel is put into the engine, the throttle is the fuel mixing device and the fuel control mechanism. This ensures that the fuel mixture will conform to the specifications that the manufacturer has given.

Due to the intervention of the repair plus the long use time leading to throttle wear, there is a phenomenon of increasing the gap when fully closed. At this time, both the secondary and main wind paths are passing by the air, increasing the supply of gasoline and increasing the rpm. There are also some cases such as: jamming of the throttle cable, the return spring of the accelerator pedal is weak or due to dirt leading to the throttle is not closed properly.

3. Throttle position sensor

The car is stalling due to a faulty throttle position sensor
The car is stalling due to a faulty throttle position sensor

The throttle position sensor is a device mounted on the wind throat. The throttle sensor converts the throttle opening angle to voltage, while sending the ECU signals to the engine just like the throttle opening (VTA).

The transmission of the idle mode to the ECU may be incorrect due to the death throttle position sensor or malfunction of the specifications set by the manufacturers.

For throttle control cars using throttle cable, throttle phenomenon will be easier to adjust and handle because the throttle sensor is separate from the no-load valve.

Explanation of the phenomenon of stalling that is common in cars, guaranteed Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

In contrast, for the cars using electronic accelerator system, when the phenomenon of throttle phenomenon can only be intervened by using a diagnostic device to reset the initial parameters. This is because the throttle position sensor and the no-load valve are integrated together.

On the other hand, the old cars such as Kia Pride, Mitsubishi Jolie, ... or other cars still use carburetors when gas is often due to: maintenance and repair process of workers. Wrongly installed auxiliary pipes.

Posts above Thanh Phong Auto introduces you to the phenomenon of throttle in cars and the causes of this phenomenon. Thanh Phong Auto hopes that through the above article, you will gain more knowledge to be able to preserve your "driver" better!


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