Note When Air Conditioner Runs Without Cooling In Cars

Causes and ways to fix the car air conditioner is not cold
Latest update date: February 01, 07

When you sit in the car on hot days, you will never forget to turn on the air conditioner right away. And it seems that air conditioning is an indispensable equipment for every car. Until one day you feel the air conditioner is no longer cool, no longer cold when it is started. That's when you need to double check them. Come to 5 notes when the air conditioner runs but not cold in the car to know what you should do right away.

Causes and How to Fix Car Air Conditioner Running Without Cold

Need to check the air filter system of the air conditioner

Air conditioning at this time can have many cases, depending on each case that we proceed to solve. If the air conditioner is poorly cooled, turn on at full capacity but still do not feel cool or cold while the car cabin smells, you should immediately check the air filter of the air conditioner. Due to long-term use, not cleaned, so the grid is heavily soiled to form a thick layer of dust. At that time, the wind will not enter the car's cabin and is stopped in the indoor unit.

Causes and ways to fix the car air conditioner is not cold
Need to check the air filter system of the air conditioner

 In this case, it is necessary to clean immediately for the screen to have a cool air filter. You should remember that the air filter needs to be cleaned regularly and replaced with new ones to make sure the air conditioner operates properly. And the best distance is from sixteen thousand kilometers to twenty four thousand kilometers.

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Need to check outdoor and indoor units of air conditioning

Air conditioning works, running normally still creates cool air but not deep. Then you need to conduct an immediate check on the outdoor unit and the indoor unit of the machine. If the outdoor unit and the indoor unit become dirty, it will cause the air conditioner to inefficiently operate. The outdoor unit has the function of radiating heat and increasing the cooling and cooling of the gas. The indoor unit spreads cold air to the outside and around the car compartment to draw cold air into the cabin.

Causes and fixes for car air conditioning not cooling
Need to check outdoor and indoor units of air conditioning

Therefore, we need to regularly clean the indoor and outdoor units of air conditioners to increase efficiency. By spraying with specialized chemicals or gasoline then wipe with clean water. When spraying, be careful with your hands, being careful not to affect the electrical system.

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Check the air conditioner of the machine

If the air conditioner is damaged, dead, and no longer cooling and cooling after being injected with gas, it is caused by excess gas or lack of gas. When there is a shortage of gas, the pressure drops and the electricity system has to automatically switch off the switch. Do not allow the cyclone to run and scratch the cylinder or possibly damage the vortex.

When excess gas causes high pressure, the safety valve proceeds to discharge gas. All the pressure is lost, and the air conditioner won't work. And now you need to take the car to the garage for repairs.


Check Air Conditioner Gas Filter

Air conditioning gas filter has the ability to remove impurities and moisture for refrigerant gas. After a period of use, the filter becomes dirty, reducing the efficiency of the filter, even clogging the refrigerant gas. This is one of the reasons why car air conditioners are not cold or cool.

how to fix car air conditioner not cold
Dirty filter reduces filtration efficiency, even clogging refrigerant gas

If the gas filter is checked, it should be replaced with a new one. In case you replace the cold cup with a new one, you also need to change the filter so that the cold cup can run well. After 12-18 months, the car needs to change the gas filter to help the air conditioner operate smoothly and smoothly.

In addition to the above reason, the blocked gas filter also comes from the filling of poor quality gas, wrong type and fake refrigerant. At this time, it is necessary to remove the old gas, replace the filter and refill the new gas.

Electrical Relay Review

The air conditioner is not cool, it can also be caused by a malfunction of the temperature sensor relay, causing the system to miscalculate. In case the thermal relay has the wrong temperature level, it should be adjusted again. If the relay is damaged, it can be replaced.

Checking the Indoor Unit Blower

A malfunctioning air conditioner fan can also make the car's air conditioner not cold. If the blower is running but still weak or not cool, it could be due to:

  • The contactor coil is damaged.
  • Capacitor has problem.
  • The fan motor is short-circuited or has hit the housing.
  • The electrical circuit is broken.

To find out the reason, it is necessary to check the electrical circuit, check the continuity, check the capacitors and the air conditioner contacts ...

how to fix car air conditioner not cold
A malfunctioning air conditioner fan can also make the car air conditioner not cold

Check Car Compressor 

The compressor works to compress the refrigerant gas and then pump it into the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. And this is also the most easily damaged component of the car air conditioning system. The compressor (compressor block) does not work due to: damaged clutch, cyclone head, compressor overloaded for a long time, poor quality refrigerant...

When the car compressor is broken, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is not maximized. Therefore, if the car compressor does not work, you should bring the car to a service center to be checked and replaced.

Reviewing Power Supply For Car Air Conditioners

The power supply to the device is unstable, weak, interrupted, causing the car air conditioner to not be able to cool deeply and operate intermittently. The cause may be that the wire from the battery to the air conditioner is damaged by an external agent. 

If your car air conditioner has the above situation, you need to see if the power cord connecting the air conditioner to the battery is damaged to replace it.

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Above is the share about The cause and how to fix the car air conditioner is not cold. Wish you have the useful knowledge when using air conditioning in cars offline.                                                                                                      

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