2 Notes When Buying Compulsory Car Insurance

2 Notes When Buying Compulsory Car Insurance Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 13, 12

In recent years, as the economy of our people is increasingly abundant, the demand for cars to serve travel is increasing. One of the most popular issues when buying a car is compulsory insurance. So what is this insurance and what do you need to keep in mind when buying compulsory car insurance? Join us to answer this question in the article below.

Experience Buying Compulsory Car Insurance
Experience Buying Compulsory Car Insurance 

What is compulsory car insurance?

This is compulsory insurance for car owners to buy them according to state regulations. This means that when the owner of the car causes an accident to any person, the insurance company will pay a fee to the victim at the rate of compensation depending on the company regulations.

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Things you should know about car compulsory insurance

Principles of compulsory insurance for cars

  • Vehicle owners participate in driving in our country strictly according to regulations
  • Vehicle owners may participate in voluntary insurance contracts through agreement with insurance companies

Compulsory insurance period for cars

The term is 1 years from the time on the insurance certificate.

Compulsory insurance premiums for cars

This is the fee set by the Ministry of Finance and is the amount paid by the car owner to the insurance company. And the level of insurance liability is due to the maximum amount that the company will compensate for damage to the body and property of the accident party.

Compulsory Car Insurance is Insurance that requires car owners to purchase according to the provisions of law.
Compulsory Car Insurance is Insurance that requires car owners to purchase according to the provisions of law.

Principle of compensation of compulsory car insurance

In the event of an accident, the insurance company will compensate the vehicle owner according to the amount that the owner of the car compensates for the damaged person. In the event the car owner dies, the insurance company will pay compensation directly to the person in the accident.

Some note when buying mandatory car insurance

Learn about compulsory car insurance premiums as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance

It is necessary for you to thoroughly research about this compulsory insurance premium when buying a car. By helping you adjust your family budget to make buying this compulsory insurance easier. Besides, understand the basic information about this insurance to avoid disputes when an incident occurs.

Find reputable and famous car insurance companies on the market

Currently, the reality of traffic in our country is very complicated. When traveling on the road, your car will be difficult to avoid bumps or accidents due to the weather. Therefore, the purchase of compulsory car insurance is something that every car owner needs to do when they need to buy a new car.

Many Car Insurance Companies Have Been Established
Many Car Insurance Companies Have Been Established

In parallel with the demand are many car insurance companies car was born and is growing strongly. You should choose reputable insurance companies and have many years of experience. Because these are companies with clear information and detailed car insurance policies, it will guarantee your rights more.

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Above have shared some notes when buying Compulsory car insurance. Thereby hope you have equipped a lot of good knowledge about this insurance. Wish you always have a safe and comfortable ride on your beloved driver!

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