5 Major Causes That Shakes Cars On The Move

5 Main Cause The Car Shakes When Moving 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Vibration when moving is a common phenomenon in cars that have been used for a while. Although this phenomenon is not dangerous but it makes people sitting in cars feel uncomfortable.

Especially for those who are motion sick, this phenomenon is an obsession. To find out what causes that phenomenon, let's go together Thanh Phong Auto Refer to the article belowy offline.

5 Main Cause The Car Shakes When Moving 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

It is very difficult to pinpoint immediately the exact cause. Because car engines are made up of thousands of different machine parts. However, the technician can make some predictions of the following underlying causes:

1. Tire

Over time using car tires will wear unevenly, there will be shallow and deep wear points. The vibration will be generated mainly by deep wear points.

5 Main Cause The Car Shakes When Moving 3 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

If the deep worn point is in the middle of the tire, the car will bounce up. But the deep worn point on the side leads to dynamic imbalance that makes the tires sway back and forth as the vehicle runs.

Technicians can easily improve this phenomenon by attaching different weight lead pencils to the corrosion points accordingly. The modern suspension system now helps the driver feel good about the road surface but at the same time it also makes the vibration transmitted into the vehicle more easily.

When the car runs at 50km / h you begin to feel the dynamic imbalance and when running up to 80km / h is the most obvious feeling. If the vibration is felt from the front of the steering wheel, it is necessary to balance the front tires, and if the vibration from the rear seat is balanced the rear tires.

2. Car rim

5 Main Cause The Car Shakes When Moving 4 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

If the rim is hit and the car appears to shake, then the rim has been sold. At this time, the wheel no longer rotates in its orbit leading to dynamic imbalance.

Technicians can use the gauge to check the semi-axle radius of the rim. The allowable parameter is no more than 1 / 32inch deviation. If the rim is steel, the technician can make it straight, but if it is aluminum, you have to replace it.

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3. Brake system

When the brake pedal is vibrated, the drum and the disc are bent, buckled, or unevenly worn. Or maybe the brake drum and disc get dusty too much for a long time without cleaning.

5 Main Cause The Car Shakes When Moving 5 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

This phenomenon is most evident when the car moves at high speed leading to the rotating parts that she unevenly impacted from the brake pads causing great impact. To solve the problem of dust drum and dust disc, technicians must remove the brake drum and brake disc to produce, clean, straighten if warping.

If the cause is the drum drum and the disc wears irregularly, then the technician will use the lathe to cut off the outer layer to make the surface more smooth and smooth. This helps to prevent shakes and helps the brakes eat more. However, this method reduces the shelf life of the drum drum and disc brakes, so if not necessary, it should not be done.

4. Power transmission system

5 Main Cause The Car Shakes When Moving 6 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Clusters of components in the powertrain after continuous use will be damaged or abraded. It is also one of the causes of vibration for cars.

When the wheel rotates, the shaft - plate rotates 3 - 4 times the speed of rotation of the wheel. Therefore, if the shaft is worn out or the cross-joint is loose, the vehicle will shake and make unpleasant noise. If the shaft is loose, it must be replaced.

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5. Engine

Everyone must understand that a car engine is made up of thousands of parts that work together. Although every detail is designed and assembled optimally, when operating, it still causes certain vibrations.

5 Main Cause The Car Shakes When Moving 7 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

To hide the vibrations, the manufacturer usually places the engine on the rubber caps (forks). However, after using the forks will gradually reduce the elasticity and vibration phenomenon appear clearly.

Shaking can also occur when a cylinder does not explode. At this point, the technician can draw out each high voltage line from the spark plug on the machine to check.

If it is withdrawn but the engine does not stop shaking, then the machine does not work and vice versa. Then depending on the cause we have a solution.

Above Thanh Phong Auto has listed some causes of vibration in cars for you to catch. If your car is also experiencing this phenomenon, come to Thanh Phong Auto's maintenance and repair service. Thanh Phong Auto will definitely bring you the most satisfaction and satisfaction.

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