Causes of Vehicle Not Counting And How To Fix It

Reasons Why Cars Can't Get Into Gear
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Cars are not countless is one of the common problems of drivers when participating in traffic. Failure of the vehicle to enter gears can stem from many different factors such as damage to the gearbox, technical problems with the transmission, etc. To overcome this situation quickly and effectively, it is necessary to determine the correct cause. go out.

The following article presents the causes of the car not being able to enter the gear and how to fix it in the most detailed way for your reference.

Reasons Why Cars Aren't Countless

The gear lever is not in the correct position

The car won't start and the dashboard lights flicker or don't come on. The cause of the car not going into gear at this time may come from the wrong gear lever.

Reasons Why Cars Can't Get Into Gear
Reasons Why Cars Can't Get Into Gear

Instructions for adjusting the position of the car start gear lever:

  • Vehicles with automatic transmission: the gear lever is in position P.
  • Manual transmission cars: need to set gears and do not step on the clutch.
  • Modern cars start with stop/start: check if the brakes are on.

Damage or wear of the gearbox

This is one of the main reasons why the car is not in gear. When the gearbox is damaged or worn, it is not possible to change the gears and transmission shafts, leading to the car not being able to enter the gear.

Fuel tank leak

When the car's fuel tank is not fully pumped or has a leak, the pressure of the gasoline is not enough to push the piston. This results in the car not going into gear.

Technical error in the transmission

A vehicle's transmission is designed to drive movement from the engine to the wheels. If there is a technical fault such as a worn clutch disc, malfunctioning transmission gears or a stretched belt, the vehicle will not engage.

Car Transmission (Illustration)
Car Transmission (Illustration)

Damaged automatic transmission

If your car has an automatic transmission and it's damaged, it won't be able to switch between gears.

Dirty or depleted gear oil

Oil is the fluid that protects and cools the transmission. If the transmission oil is dirty or depleted, it will lead to the condition that the gears and transmission shafts do not operate smoothly, causing the car not to enter the gear.

Electrical system problem

The electrical system if there is a problem with the speed sensor or other controls, it can lead to the car not going into gear.

Battery is dead or weak

The car battery is a part that is easily damaged if not regularly maintained and cleaned. Some reasons why the battery cannot function properly include:

  • The battery is cold because the car is left outside at low temperature for too long, so it cannot generate electricity.
  • The battery is evaporating water, causing the weak charge to not start.
  • The weld on the battery is rusty and broken due to being placed in the sun for a long time.
  • The above problems can cause the car to not enter the gear.

How to Fix Car Not Into Gear

Cars have an extremely complicated structure, so it needs someone with expertise in auto repair and modern machinery to check - detect errors - fix the situation that the car does not enter the correct gear. Therefore, instead of trying to fix your car at home, which is unsafe, easy to damage related parts, you should find a reputable car repair garage to fix countless car errors.

Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be one of the leading large car garages in Ho Chi Minh. Here, we provide a full range of repair, maintenance, maintenance and painting services for cars from popular to high-end: Toyota, Kia, Ford, Mazda...

Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious Auto Repair, Maintenance, and Car Care Garage in Hcm
Thanh Phong Auto – Prestigious Auto Repair, Maintenance, and Car Care Garage in Hcm

Advantages of Thanh Phong Auto car repair garage:

  • The staff is highly qualified, experienced in auto repair, enthusiastic and friendly.
  • Having a system of modern and high-tech machinery and equipment helps the process of car diagnosis, repair and maintenance take place effectively and quickly.
  • Replace genuine car parts, car parts, high quality goods, with tags and packaging intact.
  • Clearly present vehicle status, optimal maintenance and repair solutions for customers to capture information.
  • Careful warranty, warranty period depends on the service provided.
  • Prices are transparent and reasonable.

The last article presented The reason why the car cannot enter the gear and how to fix it effectively for your reference. If you have any questions that need to be answered, please contact Thanh Phong Auto for the best service support.

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