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Car stalled in the middle of the road
Latest update date: February 20, 05

Status Car stalls while driving is the worry of every driver, especially on long distances with few people. There are many causes of this error for cars, below are the main causes and solutions that you can refer to.

Causes & How to Deal with Sudden Stopping Cars

No-load valve error

Valve no load If it is dusty, it is not cleaned, it causes blockage, affects the idle mode of the engine, causing cars running in the middle of the road can be turned off.

  • Signal: the car explodes unevenly, there is a phenomenon of gas.
  • How to fix: clean the idle valve, need to replace if the valve deteriorates.

Fuel injector clogged

Fuel entering the combustion chamber must pass through automotive injectors then carry out the combustion of the fuel and gas mixture. Long-term operation makes the injector dirty, if not cleaned, it will cause blockage and blockage. At that time, the fuel cannot enter the combustion chamber / inlet is not enough; Spray particle size, injection time, incorrect injection flow rate affect the combustion process, the vehicle is running naturally shutting down.

  • Signal: the car jerks when on the gas, the engine is weak, when it is running, it turns off the engine.
  • How to fix: clean the injector, if the injector has expired, it needs to be replaced.
Why do cars stall while driving? How to Highly Effective Treatment of Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Fuel Injector Clogged

Engine oil problem

Cars that have oil leaks, lack of oil or use poor quality oil ... can affect the engine lubrication process and cause the engine to overheat, and the car is running dead.

In other cases, when the car runs out of oil or the old oil is deposited, burned, thickened, etc., the cooling effect of the engine's details is poor, affecting the ability to lubricate the oil. This situation can cause increased friction, increase engine temperature, causing the car to stall.

  • Signal: The engine oil pressure warning light comes on.
  • The car is leaking oil under the car, the oil is abnormally fast.
  • How to fix: check oil quantity and oil quality; Add more oil if the oil is lacking – the oil is too old and degraded, you should change the new oil.

Pressure regulator error

If the pressure regulator valve is faulty, the fuel pressure is less stable - too high or too low, affecting engine power, causing the car to stall while running.

  • Signal: the engine is reduced in power, weak acceleration, black smoke, more fuel consumption ...
  • How to fix: check to replace the pressure regulator valve as soon as possible.
Why do cars stall while driving? How to Highly Effective Treatment of Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Pressure Regulating Valve Fault

Damaged fuel pump/oil high pressure pump

Pump/high pressure oil pump helps to pump fuel through the injector to enter the combustion chamber, performing the combustion process. If this part fails, combustion is not possible/inefficient; causing the vehicle to stall.

  • Signal: hot pump, weak pump makes the engine noisier than usual.
  • How to fix: check and repair the fuel pump / high pressure pump as soon as possible, if it is badly damaged, it should be replaced.

Car spark plug/igniter malfunction

Car igniter , and car spark plugs are the two main parts of the ignition system (responsible for creating sparks). If one of these components is damaged, it will weaken the spark, not spark or ignite at the wrong time. This affects the combustion of the gas and fuel mixture, causing the car to be stopped.

  • Signal: Check Engine light is on, fuel consumption is higher than usual, engine is weak/vibration/jerky, difficult to start/do not start engine...
  • How to fix: check – clean spark plugs and ignition system; Replace with new if the spark plugs are worn or severely degraded.
Why do cars stall while driving? How to Highly Effective Treatment of Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Car Ignition Spark Plug/Ignition Spark Plug Malfunction

Broken car cooling system

Engine cooling ability will be affected if Car cooling system encountered problems such as: lack of cooling water, leaking cooling water pipes, broken water pumps, leaking water tanks / clogged / broken welds, broken fans ....

  • Signal: The engine temperature rises, the coolant temperature meter jumps to an alarming level.
  • The engine is sluggish with strange knocking noises.
  • How to fix: take the car to the garage to check the cooling system as soon as possible.

Fuel filter clogged

The fuel filter element removes all impurities, dirt, etc. to ensure that the fuel entering the engine is clean. Therefore, after a period of use, the fuel filter is prone to dirt, if it is not cleaned regularly and replaced periodically, it will become clogged, the fuel will not reach the fuel pump to enter the engine, leading to poor fuel efficiency. to a running car that suddenly shuts down.

  • Signal: the engine is hot, the car runs sluggishly, consumes more fuel...
  • Treatment: check and change the fuel filter as soon as possible.
Why do cars stall while driving? How to Highly Effective Treatment of Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Fuel Filter Clogged

Above are the The cause and how to fix the car stalling in the middle of the roadThanh Phong Auto want to share with readers. If you haven't found it yet address for car maintenance and repair Prestigious, professional in Ho Chi Minh City - let's contact Contact us immediately for attentive service.

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