The Special Letters On Cars In Vietnam 'Show off' What

Special Letters On Cars In Vietnam 'Show off' What's Premium Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
NewsThe Special Letters On Cars In Vietnam 'Show off' What

The Special Letters On Cars In Vietnam 'Show off' What

Behind the letters are the rules on the engine, the technology, the number of equipment and facilities and the price level.

  1. Toyota: J, E, G, Q, V

In some Asian markets, Toyota uses the lettering behind each version, for example Camry 2.5G, 2.5Q to distinguish the quality of each product. Accordingly, the interpretation of versions from low to high is as follows:

J: Junior - juniors, the beginning. Version with the simplest equipment.

E: Exemplar - samples, standard samples. Reasonable price and well-equipped version for the majority. E is sometimes referred to as Economic, the economical, economical version.

G: Grandeur - noble, powerful. The version is higher than the majority, balanced in price and equipment.

V: Vip or Vanguard - pioneer. Equipped with high features, more facilities G. In Vietnam, Innova and Fortuner have V version.

Q: Quintessence - quintessence, quintessence. Highest version, leading with the highest, most complete equipment and the most expensive price.

Special Letters On Cars In Vietnam 'Show off' What's Premium Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

  1. 4Matic, VVT-i, Quattro, SkyActiv

A lot of cars usually have a series of signature symbols on the side of the front door or at the rear of the car, but not in the car's name such as 4Matic, VVT-i, Quattro or SkyActiv, which is the name of a technology. on the car.

For example, 4Matic and Quattro, respectively, are Mercedes and Audi's full-time all-wheel drive system, VVT-i is often seen on Toyota vehicles with variable valve control technology and SkyActiv is the name of the engine generation. Mazda's current.

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  1. Nissan XL, XV, SL, VL, SV

Similar to other brands, Nissan's way of defining names is gradually used for many products, each with a different translation.

Basically, can understand S is Sport, L is Luxury, V is Value, X is extra. Just take out the 2 text to put together a version. Usually a model car will have the same version designation. For example, Sunny has XL, XV. Navara has SL, VL. X-Trail has SL, SV.

The order of equipment level and price is as follows: XL - XV, SL-VL, SL - SV. The X-Trail SL for example is cheaper than the SV.

  1. Chevrolet LS, LT, LTZ

When it was born a number of products in history, the company has not thought of applying a series of similar symbols for the following vehicles. Therefore, gradually the abbreviations were translated into many different meanings, but they all shared the hierarchy.

For example LS is Luxury Sport, LT is Luxury Touring, LTZ is LT with Z equipment package, ie the highest equipment package. The letter Z is the last word in the alphabet, which means that this version is the best.

The order from low to high in terms of equipment and price is as follows: LS - LT - LTZ.

Special Letters On Cars In Vietnam 'Show off' What's Premium Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

  1. Ford Trend, Titanium, Ranger XL, XLS, XLT, Wildtrak

For Ford in Vietnam, the most common versions for each model are Trend and Titanium. Trend (trend) is the version for the majority with standard equipment. Titanium (titanium) is the premium version with the most complete equipment.

In addition, the Ranger pickup also names under the symbols such as XL, XLS, XLT, Wilktrak. There are many explanations for these symbols. Initially, XL was often used by carriers with the meaning of eXtra Luxury, which is the highest version. But later on, the cars have more and more versions, so the symbol is also expanded. XLS can be XL + Sport or Standard, XLT is XL + Touring.

In Vietnam, if the Ford Ranger versions are equipped, if they are equipped with engines, amenities and technology from low to high, then XL - XLS - XLT - Wildtrak.

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In Vietnam, Kia has a way of naming products by equipment. Inside:

G: Gas - gasoline.

D: diesel - oil.

AT: Automatic Transmission - automatic number.

MT: Manual Transmission - floor number.

H: stands for the premium version, possibly High.

Accordingly, for example, the RATH version of the GATH version is the gasoline version, the automatic number and the highest gear. DMT is a manual diesel engine. - According to VnExpress

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