Signs Warning Gearbox Need Maintenance

Signs Notifying Gearbox Needs Best Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2021

After a period of use, your automatic transmission will occur some signs that even the naked eye can recognize. Then you will need to maintain the gearbox, if left for too long can lead to malfunction. Take note of the maintenance signs and Change gearbox oil automatically.

10 Notice of Gearbox Needing Maintenance

1. Can't transfer number

Although the manual transmission is a simpler structure than an automatic transmission, it also has some common problems. One of them is the phenomenon of not being able to transfer numbers, even though the driver has cut the clutch and harvested. It can happen even when changing from "mo" to 1, and moving between different levels.

Signs Notice Gearbox Needs Genuine Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2021

The causes of this phenomenon can be due to the exhaust of gear oil, the use of unconventional gear oils, insufficient consistency and improper adjustment of the clutch.

2. There is a burning smell

A strong odor indicates that the gearbox is overheating, causing the gear oil to burn and work inefficiently. Gearbox oils not only lubricate gears, but also cool by continuously circulating the heat generated when shifting gears. On some models, the gearbox also has a separate oil cooler for easier heat dissipation. You can easily overcome the phenomenon by changing gear oil.

The other cause of a bad smell is because you use the clutch incorrectly, causing the friction pads to become too large and start producing a bad smell. However, this odor will disappear quickly if the driver adjusts his driving style.

3. Vehicle is noisy when opening "mo"

Uncomfortable no-load sounds also indicate that it is time to change the gearbox oil, or it could indicate more serious mechanical damage. However, most of the noise generated due to worn out bearings or gears in gearboxes needs to be replaced.

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4. Slide the numbers

If working properly, the gearbox will continue to operate at the gear level you want, or the computer will automatically change gears when the rpm reaches a certain level to save fuel. However, if the gearbox slips, it can jump to different levels or jump to "mo" with the manual.

Signs Notice Gearbox Needs Genuine Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2021

These are dangerous symptoms that can lead to you losing control of your vehicle in emergency situations. So you need to do is take the car to the factory immediately to repair.

Signs Notice Gearbox Needs Genuine Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2021

5. Taper not cut

This is also a symptom that often haunts those who walk the floor. Even though they pedal all the way down, the clutch still doesn't cut all the way, and the clutches continue to distort some flywheels, causing the gear shift to produce annoying noises.

Signs Notice Gearbox Needs Genuine Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2021

6. Gearbox oil leakage

Gearbox oil leakage is one of the signs that a gearbox is broken. On automatic vehicles, transmission oil plays an important role in vehicle operation. Therefore, if you detect oil droplets under the car, then take the car to check immediately. Unlike machine oil, the gearbox does not consume oil during operation, so if you check that the engine oil level is low, then the oil has leaked out. If Car oil vacuumsYou can handle this situation right away, or take it to your nearest service agent.

7. The engine check light is on

Although this light only lights up when there is any damage to the engine and the vehicle's transmission system, it can also let you know when the transmission has a problem. To find out the exact cause, you can buy fault-reading devices sold on eBay or have your car serviced.

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8. Noise and vibration operation gearbox

Depending on whether your vehicle uses a manual or an automatic transmission, the gearbox may show its failure differently. As mentioned above, manual transmissions often have a deafening creaking sound when changing gears, despite the clutch being cut off. This can happen when the clutch is worn out or the gears are broken. On the automatic transmission, if your vehicle is not shifting smoothly as usual but it shakes or shifts gears, then you need to find a gear. Look up the car now.

9. Strange noises

It is difficult for users to know exactly where the broken gear box is, but at least you can know that it is having problems just by your senses. Each model is produced in different ways. However, the automatic transmission often has a howling sound, even a short, timid sound, while the manual gearbox produces more "mechanical" sound.

Signs Notice Gearbox Needs Genuine Maintenance Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2021

10. Lack of sensitivity

Gearboxes are designed to shift gears correctly, so if you see them performing worse than usual, you can be sure they're having problems. On the manual gearbox, you can recognize this when the gear shift and revs increase but the car remains idle. This is often a sign that the conical leaves are worn.

The automatic transmission also has inertia, but it only shows when shifting to Park or Drive mode. Normally, the transmission shifts quickly to these two modes, but if you find it difficult to do it, you should take the car to the garage to check and fix the problem.

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