Cautions When Facing Car Brake Discs You Should Know

Notes When Polishing Car Brake Discs You Should Know The Quality Of Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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In a car, every component is important, especially the brakes. If the brake motor fails, the movement will inevitably be problematic. When the brake motor malfunctions, you will not have the opportunity to correct your rumble while driving. Car braking and maintenance is very important. There are many factors related to braking need to be overcome, not just replace the cheeks and change the brake fluid. One of the most interesting parts of car brakes is the disc surface.

So what to note when Smoothing the surface of automobile brake discs? We invite you to learn about this issue through the article below.

Car Brake Disc Surface is Very Important
Car Brake Disc Surface is Very Important  

Cautions When Facing Car Brake Discs You Should Know

Surfacing disc brake - for what?

The surface of the brake discs is not only useful for optimizing the efficiency of the brakes by regenerating the contact surface. The smoothing of the surface of the brake discs helps to reduce the noise and vibration caused by braking. Smoothing of the brake discs also helps to extend the service life of the entire brake system.

When uneven surface of brake disc will cause such phenomenon as:

  • When the brake pads and face are unevenly exposed, some components will lose their balance. Not only that, this is also the reason why the disc brake has an uneven wear on the edges leading to the brake pads not eating completely.
  • There is rust on the surface of the brake disc due to salt stick, long use or the influence of surrounding corrosive substances.
  • The part between the cheek and the disc is susceptible to high hardness impurities, which damage, which in turn creates a groove, a wave.
There are many phenomena that occur when two brake pads are uneven
There are many phenomena that occur when two brake pads are uneven

In fact, unequal contact of brake pads and disc brakes will cause problems that are difficult to explain. Such as:

+ Create a feeling of braking is not true foot

+ There are strange noises very uncomfortable when braking.

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Rinse directly or disassemble?

Many car owners wonder if it is better to choose a solution of directly or disassembling the disc brakes.

If you are paying attention, you will find that the market now offers two types of popular brake disc surface services.

The direct brake disc model is more advanced and requires more professionalism. Especially, this method always requires support from specialized equipment.

Because at this time, the brakes will simulate the movement of the wheels when operating daily. Therefore, when smoothing the surface of the brake discs, they will be able to be flattened with high precision.

The system of disk surface smoothing also has the full range of electronic monitoring features, so the mechanic will make fewer mistakes when performing the operation.

Direct Brake Disc Disk on Cars with High Precision
Direct Brake Disc Disk on Cars with High Precision

On the contrary, in the second type of brake disc surface will be simpler, after removing the brake disc completely, the mechanic will use the lathe to smooth. This is the most popular model of brake disc surface in Vietnamese car garages. This method will create a flat braking surface but do not apply the setting elements as the first way. The independent surface brake disc hill asked the mechanic to be skilled and skillful. Because if you just need to overcharge, the car brake will be worn and there is no other way to recover.

Not only that, because the surface of the brake discs is independent by grinding, so it can only surface one by one. The mechanic will be very difficult to ensure the uniform thickness of the two disc brakes.

Important note when calibrating automobile brake disc

At present, some car owners still think that it is not really necessary to apply car brakes. Because they think that just replace the brake pads completely, the brake discs are smooth.

However, only if you replace the entire brake disc and brake pads at the same time, the system will quickly become severely corroded and degraded.

If you only consider fixing the brake discs to solve the uneven problem, not really. Because the car brake discs also help to balance the thickness of all the points on the surface of the brake discs.

Brake disc surface polishing is more important than we think
Brake disc surface polishing is more important than we think

+ Note: 2 noted when repairing an accident car

As advice from technicians with years of experience. New replacement pads until they reach the end of their service life can be applied up to a maximum of 3 times, each with a few years apart.

Therefore, you can safely use the brakes after smoothing without spending time to bring the car to the garage to smooth again too many times. Only when you see the brake often appear problems like we mentioned in the previous article. You need to find the cause to have a thorough remedy for the source of the trouble, limit the abuse of smoothing the brake disc.

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