5 "Health" Warning Signals Automotive Engine

5 Warning Signals "Health" Best Car Engine Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Over time use, the car engine gradually "down" for many reasons, if not timely repair, you will have to spend a large amount of money to "restore" the entire engine.

In older cars, the carburetor and fuel pump are 2 mechanical parts that are extremely important during engine operation. If the petrol path is blocked or the air inlet is blocked, the engine will be weakened and not as strong as the original.

Today, these systems are extremely sophisticated and electronically controlled, which partly addresses the risks that often occur in older cars. However, you need to pay special attention to the engine when the vehicle appears the following phenomena:

Automotive Engine “Health” Warning Signals

1. Accelerate difficulties

This is the most recognizable sign, one day you press the accelerator and the engine does not respond as quickly as you just bought, you have to press the accelerator deeper than usual to surpass other cars. At this point, you need to immediately check for congestion in the nozzle, air filter or fuel line leak.

5 Warning Signals "Health" Best Car Engine Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The nozzle will push the fuel into the cylinder in combination with the clean air that has been previously filtered, in the combustion chamber, the ignition system will burn the mixture of gasoline and wind to rotate the piston. Through the use process, leaky fuel lines, weak pumps and clogged filters will distort this air-conditioning ratio, resulting in vehicles operating below designed capacity.

2. Signs from exhaust

If your vehicle is not a supercar and you see fire coming out of the vehicle's exhaust pipe, then the fuel injection system is pumping excessively into the explosion chamber or ignition spark plugs do not burn all the fuel. . In addition, failures in the electrical system and exhaust sensors, engine sensors also cause deviations in the air-to-air ratio.

Another reason is that spark plugs are covered with coal dust during ignition or from engine oil entering the combustion chamber. In addition, the black smoke appearing from the exhaust system is a sign that the engine is in serious trouble, you should quickly check them as soon as possible.

+ Note: The engine consumes a lot for some reason

3. The steering wheel shakes

When the engine is operating at rest, the vehicle is shaken more than usual, the severity of this phenomenon is easily felt from the vibration transmitted on the steering wheel or on the whole vehicle. If the vibration of the car lasts, it will lead to many other consequences such as the car consumes more fuel, the engine is more difficult to start, the engine jerks when idling, especially when you turn on the air conditioner, heater or light system.

5 Warning Signals "Health" Best Car Engine Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

When the steering wheel in the car is often shaken, it is likely that the engine on your car is losing power. This originates from 3 the main cause: one or more spark plugs do not work, loss of engine pressure and the rate of biogas wind are skewed.

Specifically, if the spark plug does not work, you should check the high voltage line. Meanwhile, if the engine loses pressure, there is too much gasoline and wind coming into the combustion chamber, either because the valve is leaking or the lid is cracked.

4. Difficult climbing

Similar to difficult acceleration, your car must be very hard to climb a slope while before, you can conquer it easily. This is usually caused by the fuel department. Specifically, the filter will trap dirt 1/1000 inch in size, if it is clogged, the gas pump will have to work harder to compensate for the lack of fuel. When the vehicle goes uphill, the fuel shortage will be aggravated, causing the engine to stall and lack power to allow the vehicle to overtake.

However, just checking the fuel filter is not enough, you need to consider other causes of congestion such as fuel tanks with too much residue or fuel you dump on the car is not clean.

+ Note: Top 9 Causes of Gasoline Engines "Fuel Consumption"

5. The Check Engine light is on

On today's vehicles, there are many sensors around the engine, so when these details go wrong, the computer system will recognize and notify the car owner through lights on the dashboard. Of course, errors related to the engine will most likely cause the car to not work properly and weak. When you see this light on, first you need to check the parts with sensors such as exhaust filter (catalytic converter), oxygen sensor, intake sensor and spark plug wire. Crankcase ventilation pipes, if it is cracked or open, too much wind entering the combustion chamber will cause the engine to "suffocate".

5 Warning Signals "Health" Best Car Engine Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

This part is a very important part of the emissions control system, it is quite small and easy to replace with the price is not too high. After understanding the signs that the vehicle is "weakening" gradually, you can easily catch the "disease" of the car and carry out repairs quickly with the most reasonable cost.

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