Top Places for Vocational Training in Automotive Electrical and Electronics in Binh Phuoc Prestige

Top Places for Vocational Training in Automotive Electrical and Electronics in Binh Phuoc with High Reputation and High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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With the great development of technology, most of the above parts car are controlled via power system , and electronic clever. So in the field car repair, electrical array – automotive electronics are in need of good human resources, along with good job opportunities, attractive salaries and future development.

Currently, "What is the best school to learn automotive electrical?” is a question that is searched a lot. A good training place will help future auto technicians gain confidence in their skills and facilitate career expansion.

So if you're in Binh Phuoc Which school is reputable? This article will summarize the Professional automotive electrical and electronics training school in Binh Phuoc for you to choose from.

Prestigious - Cheap Automotive Electrical - Electronics Vocational School in Binh Phuoc

1. Binh Phuoc Technical and Economic Intermediate

Sign up learn car electrics in Binh Phuoc Technical and Economic High School, students are professionally trained in automotive electrical engineering (basic to advanced).

A team of good lecturers provide vocational training according to the most modern and practical methods, and the practical learning time is up to more than 60%. After the course, you will confidently diagnose and fix damage caused by the electrical and electronic systems of your car.

The Best Electrical Vocational School in Binh Phuoc
Binh Phuoc Technical and Economics Intermediate School
  • Address:: No. 825 National Highway 14, Tan Binh Ward, City. Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc.

2. Binh Phuoc College

Binh Phuoc College is one of those places car electrician training reputation. Through the vocational course, the school provides students with a formal training program with in-depth knowledge and a real-world experience environment. Vocational teachers are all senior with easy-to-understand teaching methods. Thanks to that, you have the opportunity to become a good automotive electrical and electronics technician, diagnose and repair existing vehicles.

Prestigious Electrical and Electronics Vocational Training Address in Binh Phuoc
Binh Phuoc College
  • Address:: No. 899 National Highway 14, Tan Binh Ward, City. Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc.

3. College of Rubber Industry

Participation at learn electrical - automotive electronics in College of Rubber IndustryStudents are trained by experienced instructors with a dynamic and practical learning environment.

Here, you will gain important knowledge about the profession such as: what is a new car diagnostic electric? How does the electrical system in the car work? detailed structure, important systems... From there, understanding and repairing electrical and electronic problems on the cell is proactive and logical.

The school also regularly upgrades facilities to create the most effective learning conditions for students.

Prestigious Electrical Vocational Training Place in Binh Phuoc
College of Rubber Industry
  • Address:: 1428 Phu Rieng Do, City. Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc.

4. Vietnamese Education System

In the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese Education System Also Prestigious automotive repair, maintenance and electrical training unit. Coming to Dat Viet, you are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of automotive electrical and electronics and can repair errors on electrical control systems in cars.

In addition, students are also trained to be proficient in the use of common diagnostic machines.

Learn Automotive Electrical and Electronics Repair Vocational Training in Binh Phuoc
Vietnamese Education System
  • Address:: No. 28 An Phu Dong 09, Thanh Loc Ward, District 12, City. HCM.

5. Tuan Nguyen Vocational Training Center

You can also learn a trade in Binh Duong - Binh Phuoc's "neighboring" province. In this province, Tuan Nguyen Vocational Training Center famous for Professional automotive electrical and electronics training course, good output quality.

Prestigious Automotive Electrical Vocational Training Address in Binh Phuoc
Tuan Nguyen Vocational Training Center

Choosing Tuan Nguyen, students can:

  • Training according to a methodical program – ensuring the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Guided by good, experienced and dedicated instructors.
  • Study with modern facilities, fully equipped with diagnostic equipment - fix automotive electrical errors.

Address:: 73/12 An Nhon Street, KP. Tan Phu 1, Tan Binh Ward, City. Di An, Binh Duong.

6. Vocational Training Center 272

Study in Vocational Training Center 272 (Binh Duong), you will be trained in theory and practice in parallel with the entire electrical - electronic system in the car: lighting circuit, horn circuit, signal circuit, electrical system of sensors, injector circuit electronic fuel... The center has a team of good teachers, modern facilities system - creating the best training environment.

At the end of the course, students will be granted a vocational certificate that is nationally valid and can be used for labor export.

Top Places for Vocational Training in Automotive Electrical and Electronics in Binh Phuoc with High Reputation and High Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
Vocational Training Center 272
  • Address:: 272 Le Thi Trung, Quarter 1B, An Phu Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong.

7. Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto

In addition to the training facilities in Binh Phuoc, you may come TP. HCM to learn electrical - automotive electronics at the Automotive training center (Transportation between Binh Phuoc and Ho Chi Minh City is quite easy by private means of transport, technology vehicles, etc.).

Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto a place car repair and maintenance training specialized in the city. HCM. Thanh Phong Auto opens automotive engineering courses from basic, intermediate to advanced.

With highly qualified lecturers, training close to reality, students follow electric lock - car electronics will be fully equipped with professional knowledge and skills; forming equipment; Trained in a professional working style to confidently set up your own workshop or work in companies - garages.

Electrical Diagnostics - Automotive Electronics
Electrical Diagnostics - Automotive Electronics

Advantages of learning electrical and automotive electronics at Thanh Phong Auto:

  • Automotive electrical and electronic training 5 levels according to the standards of the General Department of Vocational Training (under the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs).
  • Provide sufficient knowledge related to electricity - electronics: current, voltage, capacity; resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers; lighting circuit system, horn circuit, signal circuit, electronic fuel injection circuit...
  • Training focuses on practice: students continuously diagnose, check, eliminate and localize automotive electrical - electronic errors.
  • There are many options, flexibly meeting the needs of students.
  • Short-term (a few sessions) or long-term (2-6 months).
  • Full day (part-boarding), shift study or accelerated learning.
  • Facilities, specialized equipment, cars (common to advanced) are fully provided, meeting the standards of practice.
  • There are often discounts for students who register for the course.
  • Have the opportunity to work at Thanh Phong Auto garage and introduce jobs to other technical service centers / auto service workshops.

Automotive Electronics Course
Theory Lesson Helps You Master the Knowledge of Vehicle Brands' Electrical Systems
Learn a Prestigious Automotive Electrical and Electronics Profession
Students practice at 2 large garages, coming into contact with many of the newest cars

With 2 insurance facilities auto repair and maintenance major professional, student of Thanh Phong Auto will practice, practice directly with a variety of new car models. This is an advantage for students to access and gain more experience in diagnosing and fixing electrical and electronic problems on many vehicle models.

Contact information:

  • Head office: 68B Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, City. HCM.
  • Branch 11260 Le Van Luong, Phuoc Kien Commune, Nha Be District, City. HCM.
  • Hotline: 0845.273.186 (Training room).
  • Email:
  • Website:

In addition to good teaching place, to the process Vocational training in electrical and automotive electronics To bring about high efficiency, the self-discipline and hard work spirit of students is very important. Hopefully this list will help you find a reputable apprenticeship, helping you succeed in your chosen career.

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