Top 7 Best Car Care Apprenticeships in HCMC

Top Best Car Care Apprenticeships in Ho Chi Minh City
Latest update date: February 08, 06

According to statistics of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), in 2021, automobile sales will reach 304.149 vehicles – an increase of 3% compared to 2020. Trend of personal car ownership increasing day by day, leading to the car repair and care/maintenance industry also becoming "hot", this field needs a large amount of human resources, especially skilled workers.

If you are looking to start a career in this industry, now is the right time. Studying at a university or college with this major or other Course specializing in car repair and care with practical practice at the centers,…. are all good choices.

However, if you choose to go methodically but shorten the time at the courses at the training center, you need to choose a reputable place. Among a series of existing vocational training units, choosing where to study to ensure quality is still a concern of many students? This paragraph, Thanh phong Recommend Top

The Best Car Care Apprenticeship in HCM for your reference.

1. Thanh Phong Auto

Thanh Phong Auto known as the repair center, car maintenance cum training for the most prestigious automotive engineering profession in Ho Chi Minh City. With the mind of an auto worker, auto trainer – Thanh Phong is committed to bringing a car care course (detailing) professional for students:

Team Excellent lecturer at Faculty of Traffic Engineering - Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and skilled, experienced workers of Thanh Phong Auto.

Signing ceremony of cooperation with University of Science and Technology - Faculty of Traffic Engineering
Signing ceremony of cooperation with University of Science and Technology - Faculty of Traffic Engineering

The lesson plan is highly practical – in line with the detailing trend. Provide sufficient professional knowledge such as: soundproofing, anti-noise, polishing, cleaning & engine compartment maintenance... Training in theory and practice, practice time – advantages for students to master their skills (contact with real cars, limit model cars).

specializes in car care training in HCM
Theory lesson at Thanh Phong Auto

Be exposed, instructions to use the Premium car care chemicals, advanced detailing machines. Flexible Center Support studying while working for students. Create conditions for students who wish to reserve/re-study.

- Top 7 Best Car Care Vocational Training Places in HCM

- Top 7 Best Car Care Vocational Training Places in HCM
Students have the opportunity to practice

Quantity Students in each car care class are limited, make sure the teacher follows up with the students. Graduation certificate of Thanh Phong Auto – Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.

Contact information:

2. Nice Car

Nice Car's car care training course is designed according to European standards, with up to 80% practice time, creating opportunities for students to have more practical exposure, to gain in-depth skills and confidence in their skills. graduate.

Other advantages:

  • Students are introduced by Nice Car to work in car care centers with high salary.
  • Trained in the management of detailing models such as setup workshop, staff...
  • Committed to mastering car care skills after the course.

3. Mobile Car Care

If you need to find a place to learn car care to ensure your skills and confidence to work after graduation, Mobile Car Care Center is the ideal suggestion. The unit owns experienced, skilled, hands-on instructors who just help students master basic to advanced skills.

Mobile Car Care - Prestigious car care training address
Mobile Car Care – Prestigious car care training address


  • Learn a lot, have a lot of cars and a variety to learn.
  • The curriculum is designed based on documents of IDA - International Detailing Association (International Detailing Association).
  • Commitment to professional skills after 1 course.
  • Have the opportunity to work at Mobile Car Care facilities/

4. Bro Detailing

Focusing on the output quality of students, Bro Detailing's auto care training course commits to:

  • Training all theoretical knowledge and practice: cleaning painted surfaces, glass; detailing engine compartment, detailing interior…
  • Learn to practice a lot, learn as much as you can, and check and correct as much as you can.
  • Tailor-made training curriculum, following the trend of detailing.

5. Car Care Saigon

To meet the growing demand for car care apprentices in HCM, Car Care Saigon offers 2 courses (basic and advanced) for students to choose from. In addition to the background knowledge, Car Care Saigon's detailing course also teaches students risk control skills, practical experiences...

Car Care Saigon - Professional car care training center
Car Care Saigon – Professional car care training center


  • The center has 2 spacious workshops with modern and fully equipped equipment.
  • Practice 80% of the course (practice learning after finishing each theory). Practice from popular cars to luxury cars.
  • Each course only accepts 4 students to ensure the quality of teaching and learning.

6. Sunshine Detailing

Anh Duong Detailing provides professional car care technician training service in HCM. Training unit detailing from A to Z: interior cleaning, engine compartment; ceramic coating, paint surface correction…

Why should you study at Anh Duong Detailing:

  • Modern and professional design curriculum with complete and accurate knowledge system.
  • Get acquainted, use, and train knowledge about machinery, tools, and car care chemicals.
  • There is an opportunity to study and work at the same time.
  • Course certificate available.

7. Vinawash

Vinawash's auto detailing training course stands out in the form of hands-on work - helping students understand and apply professional car care skills.

Vinawash - Quality car care training address
Vinawash – A quality car care training address


  • More than 10 years of experience in the profession.
  • Training from basic to advanced.
  • Career orientation for students after completing the course.
  • Professional teaching staff, good pedagogical skills.

When deciding to follow the path of a professional car care technician, choosing a reputable apprenticeship is an important first step. Hopefully the units provided in the article will help you have more useful references.

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