Lack of Transmission Oil: Signs, Consequences & Notes When Replacing

Signs identifying the car lacks transmission oil
Latest update date: February 19, 06

Short train oil Not only affects the operation of the car, but also causes danger to drive. Therefore, if this problem is not detected and handled in time, sitting in a car is no different from "sitting on a tiger's back".

To help car owners "catch sick" cars lack of transmission oil, more peace of mind every time the car moves - Thanh Phong Auto Please send to information about these signs that the car is short of transmission oil, its consequences and some precautions when changing transmission oil.

Gearbox Oil Missing Car Sign

1. Appearance of oil puddles under the car

Oil is leaking is one of the specific signs, "remind" the owner of the job Car gearbox is lacking oil. It is possible that the fluid lines, shaft seals have leaked or the bottom seal of the transmission is damaged, causing oil to be lost and oil puddles forming under the car.

Automotive warning sign lacks transmission oil
There appeared oil spills under the car

2. The car vibrates when running

For cars that have been used for a long time or vehicles that rarely follow maintenance procedures, the vibration when running can be a symptom of lack of transmission oil.

2. The transmission oil is abnormally colored

Gear Oil shortage may occur in the event of an abnormal transmission oil color. Because transmission oil is usually red, if changed to dark brown, cloudy green or any other color, the oil may have burned or deteriorated.

Then that amount of oil is no longer active in the gearbox, even severely affecting gearbox operation.

Transmission oil is abnormally colored
The transmission oil appears abnormally colored

3. Strange sounds under the car

When the transmission of an automobile is lacking in oil, the undercarriage can make a "rattle" sound due to the gears that do not match well with each other.

4. The warning light is on

On many types of modern cars, warning lights train oil is the factor that helps to identify the status of the gearbox. If the Taplo control panel light is on and indicates that the gearbox temperature is high, it is possible that the transmission oil shortage has led to that.

5. Difficulty shifting

The condition of the vehicle having difficulty changing gears is also one of the signs that the car transmission is lacking oil due to the low oil level, the transmission oil level is not suitable. This problem can occur both in the gearbox at the start of the vehicle and during the acceleration and deceleration when the vehicle is moving.

consequences of transmission oil leaks
The shifting process is more difficult

Consequences of Vehicle Oil Lack of Transmission

1. Number lock

For used vehicles gearboxOil in the gearbox plays the role of lubrication, cleaning and cooling. Lack of oil in the transmission will make it difficult to change gears or cause the transmission to jam.

2. Failure of gearbox

The gearbox lacks oil, affecting the operation of the hydraulic pump system, causing friction plates to slip a lot while the engine still increases revs. This increases the risk of completely ruining the transmission and causing unsafe driving.

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Cautions When Replacing Transmission Oil

1. Time to replace transmission oil

Usually, cars need to change transmission oil after each 50.000km. However, each automaker's requirements for the transmission oil change time differ. To ensure the best performance of the vehicle, you should follow the schedule change transmission oil in the manual that came with the car purchase.

care when changing car transmission oil
Choose the right time to change oil & change transmission oil in reputable garages

2. Do not manually change the transmission oil

Do not manually change the gearbox oil, especially for high-end cars that need to use the company's special oil (Mercedes-Benz or Bentley, BMW ...). Because on the market there are many types of transmission oils with different brands and grades. Without experience and expertise, accidentally changing the transmission oil will cause the car to face unnecessary problems.

So when there is a need to change the transmission oil, you should go to the garage specializes in car maintenance for advice on suitable oil replacement.

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With information about signs, consequences of work the car has a transmission oil shortage And note when changing the transmission oil above, hope that you - the wise drivers will know how to protect and use your love car the best. Thank you for taking the time to follow our share Thanh Phong Auto.

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