Differentiating 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available in the Market

Distinguishing 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available on the Market 1

Each part of a car plays a certain role in the operation of the vehicle. The gearbox with its own features is also an extremely important detail. 

There are many types of gearboxes with different characteristics and features. In this article, Thanh Phong Auto will introduce you way distinguish 4 types of gearboxes that are popular on the market today .

How to Differentiate Types Of Automotive Gearboxes Available in the Market

1. Gearbox / manual transmission 

Table gear is known as the latest type today with no complicated structure, moderate price and high reliability.

This type of gearbox using disc friction friction clutch to perform the process of disconnecting or connecting motion of the engine to the gearbox. You will control the clutch thanks to the clutch.

In the gear box, there are axes:

  • Primary shaft.
  • Secondary shaft.
  • Intermediate shaft.

Above these axes are arranged gears that match it according to the fixed position available to ensure the ratio of gear ratios are suitable. 

If you want to change gears, all you need to do is pedal the clutch with action on the gear lever to bring the shifting gears to the gear position corresponding to the corresponding gear.

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2. Automatic transmission 

The automatic transmission has been around since 1940, so far this type of gearbox remains a stable position in the automotive industry. This is completely proved by the current vehicles in Vietnam, most people use this gearbox.

The rotary motion of the motor into the gearbox is disconnected and transmitted thanks to the hydraulic torque converter. Inside this type of gearbox will be the presence of a combination of complex planetary gears.

The impressive feature of an automatic transmission is that the computer will automatically calculate and control the process of selecting gear and transmission ratio accordingly. This is calculated based on the operating conditions of the vehicle.

3. CVT automatic transmission

CVT automatic gearbox will Use the transmission belt to change the gear ratio by moving between two pulleys of variable diameter. This means that the gearbox type will no longer have the same levels as for traditional automatic transmission.

However, when applied in practice, one of the CVT gearbox units will use a hydraulic tissue variable similar to an automatic gearbox for the purpose of transmitting power from the engine to the gearbox. Other units will use a clutch similar to a manual gearbox and be operated automatically.

The continuously variable automatic transmission CVT can smoothly change the gear ratio by changing the pulley diameter. Of course, the above changes will be computer controlled correctly based on the actual operating conditions of cars.

Distinguishing 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available on the Market 1
Refer to how to be able to distinguish the most common types of automotive gearboxes on the market today (Artwork).

4. Dual clutch gearbox 

It's called a double clutch because this is The gearbox owns two clutches. 

  • A clutch used for odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7.
  • A clutch used for even numbers: 2, 4, 6.

When the car is about to depart, it will choose level 1 and the engine will be shifted by clutch. At the same time, the gears will also be ready for gearing 2 thanks to the function of the processor. At the time of transmission, the clutch will probably be disconnected and the even clutch will set the number 2 immediately. 

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The procedure will be repeated the same at all speeds after driving at a higher speed. Thanks to these two clutches, cars have a faster gearing process. Since the discontinuity at two levels is also suppressed to the maximum, the vehicle operation also becomes smoother.

Distinguishing 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available on the Market 2
There are many types of gearboxes with different characteristics and features (Artwork)

Each type of gearbox will have its own characteristics to give the driver a different interesting experience. However, you can fully confirm that the purpose of these gearboxes is to save fuel as well as provide a smooth ride.

With How to distinguish types of automotive gearboxes Thanh Phong Auto has provided, hopefully you can better understand the type of gearbox you are using and choose the type of gearbox that you like.

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