Differentiating 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available in the Market

Distinguishing 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available on the Market 1
Latest update date: February 18, 05

Each part on the car has a certain role in the operation of the car. Gear with its own features is also an extremely important detail. 

There are many types of gearboxes with different characteristics, how to distinguish each type of window box? In this article, Thanh Phong Auto will help you distinguish 4 types of popular car gearboxes on the market.

Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available in the Market

1. Gearbox / manual transmission 

Table gear is known as the latest type today with no complicated structure, moderate price and high reliability.

This is a type of gearbox that works according to the mechanism of articulation between gear pairs - using a disc-shaped friction clutch to perform the process of disconnecting or connecting the movement of the engine to the gearbox. You will control the clutch thanks to the clutch pedal.

Manual / manual transmission in cars
Manual/manual transmission in cars (Artwork)

In the gear box, there are axes:

  • Primary shaft.
  • Secondary shaft.
  • Intermediate shaft.

Above these shafts are arranged gears that mesh with it in a fixed position to ensure that the gear ratio is suitable for the gears. If you want to change gears, all you need to do is depress the clutch pedal with the action of the shift lever to bring the gears to the gear position corresponding to the corresponding gear.


  • Energy saving.
  • The price is lower than other gearboxes.
  • Maintenance, maintenance is easy, low cost.
  • Gives the driver better control of the vehicle.
  • The implementation of reasonable clutch and gear control ensures the driver is more focused when driving.
  • The feeling of driving a car is more "real", more interesting.


  • Cars with manual transmission will be more difficult to control and handle situations than automatic transmission cars. Those with weak steering wheel are easily stressed when they have to focus on observing the road and have to perform many operations of the gearbox.
  • When traffic jams, the driver has to manipulate the gearbox often, especially "scrolling" so that the car does not turn off: causing inconvenience and discomfort.

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2. Automatic transmission 

The automatic transmission was introduced in 1940 and so far has maintained a stable position in the automotive industry – most vehicles in Vietnam use this gearbox.

This is a type of gearbox that uses a hydraulic torque converter to disconnect and transmit rotation from the engine to the gearbox. Inside the gearbox is the presence and coordination of complex planetary gears.

The impressive point of the automatic transmission is that the computer calculates and automatically controls the gearshift selection process and the appropriate transmission ratio. This is calculated based on the vehicle's operating conditions.

Automatic transmission in car
Automatic transmission in cars (Artwork)


  • Thanks to its "automatic" nature, automatic transmissions provide a more pleasant experience for the driver, especially with weak steering wheels.
  • When driving on busy streets, an automatic transmission has many advantages: the driver does not need to steer to keep the car from shutting down at low speeds.


  • The system has a complex structure, so the cost of maintenance and repair is quite high.
  • Due to the loss of power at the hydraulic torque converter, the fuel consumption is higher than that of a traditional manual transmission. However, in recent years, the fuel consumption of many automatic transmissions has improved significantly thanks to the development of control algorithms and manufacturing technology. The solution chosen by many automakers is to increase the number of gears (Mercedes GLC, E-class, S-class; new Ranger, Everest, Expedition).

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3. CVT automatic transmission

The CVT automatic transmission uses a belt to change the gear ratio by moving between two pulleys of variable diameter. That means that this type of transmission will no longer have the same gears as the traditional automatic transmission.
However, when applied in practice, some units producing CVT gearboxes will use hydraulic torque converters similar to automatic transmissions for the purpose of transmitting kinetic energy from the engine to the transmission. Other units will use the same clutch as the manual transmission and operate automatically.

The CVT automatic transmission can change the gear ratio quite smoothly by how to transform pulley diameter. Of course, the above changes will all be accurately controlled by the computer based on the actual operating conditions of the car.

Distinguishing 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available on the Market 1
Refer to how to be able to distinguish the most common types of automotive gearboxes on the market today (Artwork).


  • Smooth, comfortable controls.
  • More fuel efficient than a manual transmission.
  • Small size, light weight, simpler structure than automatic transmission with gear.
  • Smooth operation.


  • When accelerating or when running at high revs, it will make a loud noise.
  • Not suitable for sports cars.
  • High maintenance and repair costs.

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4. Dual clutch gearbox 

This gearbox is called a dual clutch because it has two clutches:
  • A clutch used for odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7.
  • A clutch used for even numbers: 2, 4, 6.

When the car is about to depart, it will choose 1st gear and the engine will be geared by an odd clutch. At the same time the gears are also ready to engage 2 thanks to the function of the processor. When shifting gears, the odd clutch is disengaged and the even clutch will engage 2 immediately. 

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Distinguishing 4 Types of Automotive Gearboxes Available on the Market 2
There are many types of gearboxes with different characteristics and features (Artwork)

The same procedure is repeated in the following gears after the vehicle is driven at a higher speed. It is thanks to these two clutches that the car has a faster gear shifting process. Since then, the interruption in the two gears is also eliminated to the maximum, the vehicle operation also becomes smoother.


  • It can be roughly understood that this type of gearbox is combined from two conventional manual gearboxes. Thereby ensuring traction in accordance with the operating conditions of the vehicle - optimizing transmission performance, saving fuel.
  • Faster and more precise gearshifts.
  • Simple and compact structure.


  • High price, suitable for expensive cars.
  • Maintenance and repair costs are also quite high.

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Each type of gearbox will have its own characteristics to give the driver certain experiences. However, it can be affirmed that the operation purpose of these gearboxes is towards saving fuel as well as bringing smoothness to the vehicle when operating.

With the information that Thanh Phong Auto has provided just now, hopefully you can better understand the type of gearbox you are using as well as choose a car with a satisfactory transmission.

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