How to Distinguish Real - Fake Insulation Film

How to Distinguish between Real and Fake Heat Insulation Film Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The need to equip car insulation films to reduce the temperature in the car, prevent ultraviolet rays, or infrared rays or to protect the car's interior is increasingly popular. However, on the market today, there are many kinds of fake, poor quality films that can harm human health, and create dangers during use.

Understand that importance, Thanh Phong Auto have synthesized and shared how to distinguish real - fake insulation film in the following article for your reference. Stay tuned.

What is Insulation Film?

Advantages of Heat Insulation Film
Heat Insulation Film Helps Reduce Temperature In The Car, Protects Against Ultraviolet Rays, Infrared

Insulation film is a polyester film made up of many layers of material to create a filter of spectral bands. In addition to reducing the temperature in the car, preventing ultraviolet, infrared or protecting the interior as the first article, the insulation film also works as:

  • Prevent radiation, sun damage skin, eye damage for users in the vehicle.
  • Reduce glare, support safe driving.
  • Save fuel, save money.
  • Ensure privacy and safety.
  • Increase aesthetics and personality more for the driver.

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Several types of good insulation films on the market today

How to distinguish between real and fake heat-insulating films

To distinguish and own yourself a quality insulation film, bring comfort during use, you can through the following factors:

Good Quality Heat Insulation Film
How to Distinguish Real - Fake Insulation Film

Check movie quality

Before choosing to buy insulation film, you can use the infrared light shining on the film and then observe.

If the quality insulation film will absorb heat more slowly, it can resist ultraviolet rays up to 99,9%. Real insulating film has good fatigue resistance, after half an hour, the temperature increases slightly.

If the product is poor quality, we can easily see that the heat absorption time is very fast in about 5-10 minutes and almost does not prevent ultraviolet rays.

In addition, good insulation will help occupants see outside, especially at night or when it rains. When it is sunny, the insulating film does not create blinding light, does not affect visibility. In contrast, counterfeit insulation films appear more dull when viewed from the inside to the outside and can cause visual impairment.

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Identify real and fake insulation films through smell by peeling the plastic film out, we can easily see:

Real insulation film will have a slight odor or no smell. However, if the film is fake, it will have an unpleasant odor, causing dizziness and vomiting. The cause of this situation is that the film is shone by the sun for a long time, being oxidized to create a poison that greatly affects the health of users.

Address for Reputable Car Heat Insulation Film Sticker in HCM
Paste for automotive window films

Check warranty

For real and good quality insulation films, the warranty is also higher, when there is a problem with the product, the supplier will be responsible for solving it quickly. On the contrary, for poor quality products, unclear origin, low warranty is not even available. When the product has problems, users do not know who to find to solve and suffer from pre-loss and disability.

Reputation of brand reputation

When buying insulation films, you should choose reputable brands in the market, avoid the case of cheap and cheap to buy poor quality goods, affecting health and safety when used.

In addition, you can identify the brand through hidden logos on the insulation film. With real insulation film, the logo will disappear after peeling off the insulation film. The fake goods will still show a logo on it, to delete it, workers often use alcohol to remove, disguise as real insulation film.

Insulation film has a great impact on the health and safety of users, so when buying insulation film, you should choose to buy a genuine type with the identification signs above. Wishing readers to choose quality products that meet their own needs.

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