Causes and How to Repair Car Brakes Stuck

Car brakes are locked: Causes and solutions
Latest update date: February 10, 07

While traveling on the road, if the car suddenly stops suddenly causing the tires to roll on the road, it is likely that the car's brakes have been locked. This makes it inconvenient to move in, creating many potential dangers while driving. Today's post, Auto Thanh Phong Help you learn the causes and how to repair car brakes effectively. Let's explore together!

Causes And Direction To Fix The Car Brakes Are Locked Up

Brake pads are excessively worn

Excessive wear of the brake pads results in wear and tear on the brake discs, causing the disc to be thinner than the standard thickness. This causes the piston to be pushed beyond the limit, unable to be retracted and causing the brake to be locked.

The reason why the car brake is locked
Excessive wear and tear of brake pads causes the phenomenon of locking brakes

Cause: excessive wear of brake pads due to drivers not regularly maintaining and replacing parts on cars. So if you encounter the above situation, proceed to remove the wheel and brake assembly, use a screwdriver to push the plunger back to its original position and bring the car to the nearest auto repair center.

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Brake roller is rusted

When braking, the piston exerts force on the brake drum so that the brake can operate more efficiently. However, if the brake drum battery is rusty, it can get stuck - not returning to the old position, leading to brake lock.

How to fix a car brake that is locked?
Brake roller is rusted

Remedy: proceed to remove the battery throughout the brake, clean, grease. Better yet, check the brake discs, brake pads, and brake pistons at the same time. If the rubber seal, the bobbin battery is damaged, you should replace these parts.

Deformed brake disc

The impact of external forces also causes the car's brakes to be locked because the brake discs are deformed, rotated unevenly, reversed ... making the brake pads tight. In this case, it is best to go to a car maintenance center to check because it is quite dangerous.

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Small brake pedal

The brake pedal amplitude is too small, the brake pads are constantly pressed against the brake disc or drum, causing the car's brakes to be locked.

Small brake pedal causes locking
Small brake pedal causes locking

The cause usually comes from an inexperienced repairman when adjusting the brake amplitude. Therefore, you need to pay attention to choose a professional car repair address to handle the above problem.

Brake pads expand due to water leakage

When driving a car in the rain or washing the car, water can enter the brake system and cause the brakes to lock, the brake pedal is small, and the brake pads are swollen.

To overcome the above situation, you need to prevent water leakage, dry the brake pads and engine compartment after washing the car.

At the same time, pay attention not to pull the brake right when going through a flooded road. In this situation, change reverse gear with the vehicle using manual transmission and then forward gear again, wait slowly until the brake automatically releases.

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Thanh Phong Auto – HCM Car Repair and Maintenance Center

After temporarily dealing with car brakes that are immediately stiff, you should also bring them to a professional repair center to have them checked. And we - Auto Thanh Phong is a brilliant proposal that should not be ignored.

Possessing many years of experience in the profession, Auto Thanh Phong has gradually gained a foothold in the hearts of customers. We take care of everything from the smallest problems (brake lock, oil change, engine failure...) to complex system errors. All are carried out meticulously and professionally by a team of highly qualified staff - technicians.

Before carrying out maintenance and repair, Thanh Phong Auto will discuss specifically with customers about the plan and detailed quotation.

Thanh Phong Auto is trusted by many customers
Thanh Phong Auto is trusted by many customers

At Thanh Phong, you not only get good service quality but also extremely competitive prices. Replacement parts (if any) are all genuine grade 1 products, warranted according to the company's policy.

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More specifically, if you are not near the center of Thanh Phong, we have on-site mobile vehicle maintenance and repair services. Just contact, staff will be there in 30-40 minutes to handle the problem for you. In case the vehicle is badly damaged and needs machinery to repair, we support towing the car for free to the center.

The article summarizes the Causes and ways to fix car brakes are locked immediately, hope it will be useful to you. Call the hotline 0934 79 71 79 - 0913 11 93 93- 0931 79 67 90- 0931 79 77 90 when there is a need to maintain and repair cars in Ho Chi Minh City.

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