2 Notes When Car Covering Helps Car Works Smarter

2 Notes When Coating the Undercarriage of a Car Helps the Vehicle Operate Smoother Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Covering under the car is a must for any car owner. Especially with hot and humid climate like our country, it will cause the car chassis to rust. From there, it affects the safety of people sitting in cars. So when covered under the car carWhat issues should you keep in mind? Let me read the article below to get more experience when wishing to cover cars.

Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Covering the Undercarriage of a Car
Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Covering the Undercarriage of a Car

Introduce a few words about car undercarriage

Car undercarriage is a very important part that most people often ignore them in car care. Usually when the chassis appears signs of serious rust will greatly affect their life expectancy by bringing the car to the garage.

Car chassis is often vulnerable to impact and affect objects on the road. Therefore, the fact that we cover the roar will help cars against the wear and tear as well as agents from dust, sun, rain, dust ...

Benefits of covering cars

  • Noise reduction for cars: Most cars after a long time of use will lead to the phenomenon of the undercarriage emitting a very ringing sound. The fact that we cover the undercarriage of this car will help reduce noise from the engine and outside the car effectively.
  • Preventing car wear from the impact of road objects such as gravel, sand ... Besides, the cars in Asian countries often have thin frames so when Covering under the car will help the car somewhat to prevent wear and tear.
  • Cover cracks, small holes in the chassis of cars. From there, water from the outside will not crept inwards leading to metal corrosion.
Covering the underbody of a car will help reduce noise and prevent wear and tear
Covering the underbody of a car will help reduce noise and prevent wear and tear

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The note when effective under car cover

Follow the process of covering a professional car's chassis

  • Before covering the underbody of cars, then the staff will first check the outside of the vehicle. Then take them to the dedicated lift bridge with just enough height to ensure easy operation.
  • Remove the shielding and car cleaning details with a special solution. Depending on the level of rust, the cleaning time of the car is also fast or slow. The cleaning of this chassis is essential because it affects the adhesion of the coating.
  • Prepare a suitable amount of car coating solution, usually 5 bottles of 150ml capacity for spot 5 cars.
  • After the chassis has dried, spraying of undercarriage will be conducted. During the process of painting, shake the container of the solution evenly and after spraying, allow it to dry for more hours before installing the removed parts.
Staff will cover the undercarriage of the car after cleaning the undercarriage and removing the shielding details
Staff will cover the undercarriage of the car after cleaning the undercarriage and removing the shielding details

Choose a prestigious and professional garage when covering car underbody

In order to effectively cover the underbody of cars, you need to find reputable garages. These are garages that often meet criteria such as:

  • Extensive experience in car repair and maintenance
  • Garage received many comments and good reviews from customers
  • Garage fully equipped with machinery and equipment in covering the underbody of cars such as lifting bridges, specialized solution containers ...
  • Garage owns a team of experienced technical staff, good professional knowledge, so it will quickly detect the cause of undercarriage damage. From there proceed to repair, cleaning and undercarriage to help the car operate more smoothly.

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Above have shared the note when covered roar car Help the car work smoothly. Thereby, to ensure the safety of all members of your family, you should periodically covered after 6 months to cover the underbody of cars.

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