What is Nano Glass Coating for Cars? Nano Glass Car Coating in Ho Chi Minh City

What is Nano Glass Car Coating? Should You Not?

Nano coating technology on car glass is advertised with good anti-fouling ability such as "lotus leaf water", anti-dust, anti-scratch... So what is nano coating of car glass? Is the effect of this method as desirable as "rumor"? Should you choose nano coating on car glass or not?

Let's Thanh Phong Auto Answer the questions above through this article.

What is Nano Coating Car Glass?

Nano coating (nano paint) is a solution made up of extremely small particles (nanometers). Thanks to this feature, the atoms on the surface of nano-coated glass are firmly bonded to each other and very densely distributed – creating a surface with a different effect compared to large-sized block-coated surfaces.

Instructions on How to Coat Nano on Car Glass
Instructions on How to Coat Nano on Car Glass

Nano coating technology coats the glass surface with a thin film. The transparent, microscopic particles in the solution will adhere and thicken to the glass to protect the surface from the staining of liquids.

Normally, the automotive glass nano coating solution will have 4 main components:

  • Polymer: the connecting role, creating a thin film to cover the surface of the glass.
  • Solvent: water or organic substances.
  • Pigments: color retention, UV protection, hardness.
  • Additives: support to protect the windshield, prevent wear.

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Classification of automotive glass nano coating:

  • Traditional nano coating: uses the properties of the nano-based part to combine with a solution containing microscopic nanoparticles to create a protective layer for the car's glass, making the surface shiny.
  • Ceramic coating: using nano-coating base to combine non-organic components such as SiO2, TiOs, ... to upgrade traditional nano-coating technology. The components in the ceramic will create a strong bonding film to help the car glass limit scratches and degradation.

Should Nano Coating On Car Glass Or Not?


Water-resistant, dust-proof to protect vision

Nano coating for car glass will help smooth surface like "lotus leaf" effect - good anti-adherence, so that water and dirt particles are difficult to stick to the glass. Notably, the water will collect into particles and streams, so it can be blown away by the wind or drifted off the glass. This technology limits up to 60-70% of water and dirt on the car's glass - reducing glare and blur that obstructs vision.

Advantages of Nano Coating Car Glass
Nano coating helps prevent water and dust to protect vision

Protect the surface of car glass

Exposure to wiper blades and glass cleaner for a long time will more or less cause car glass wear. In particular, if the wiper blade is too old, the glass abrasion process will not only be accelerated but also cause scratches to the surface.

When applying nano coating, the glass surface will have a protective film against abrasion and scratches before impacts and scratches. Nano coatings are also resistant to high pressures, such as pressure from a car wash hose.

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Reduce UV rays, reduce glare

For people sitting in cars, being in the sun or bright lights is an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous problem when participating in traffic. Some automotive glass nano coating solutions are also capable of minimizing damage caused by UV rays, reducing glare caused by lights/sunlight. As a result, the driver will have a clearer and more comfortable vision while driving.


  • The cost of auto glass nano coating is quite high.
  • Nano coating products for automotive glass on the market are very diverse. In addition to quality brands and reputable suppliers, there are still products of unknown origin, with uncertain quality.
  • The durability of the nano coating is limited and needs to be checked and reapplied regularly (several months to a year depending on the type of nano paint).
  • Large stains on the windshield can be created if the wipers are dirty.
Technician is applying nano coating to car glass
Technician is applying nano coating to car glass

Note: To ensure the perfect nano coating for auto glass, besides paint quality, coating equipment and nano coating technicians' skills are also very important. So when there is a need to paint nano glass for cars, go to reputable car care centers for professional service. Thanh Phong Auto provided car nano coating serviceProfessional, quality, and affordable car glass nano coating – is a reliable choice for you.

Although there are some disadvantages, but the method must be recognized Nano coating on car glass brings many practical benefits – protects the windshield, helps the driver to drive more comfortably and safely. Hopefully, the information provided by Thanh Phong above will help you have a reference to decide whether to apply nano coating for auto glass or not?

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