Cost of Pickup Registration Procedures: Latest Deadlines and Regulations

pickup truck registration
Latest update date: February 13, 05

In recent years, the demand for pickup truck more and more in Vietnam. However, in order for this vehicle to be approved for traffic on the road in accordance with the law, the vehicle owner needs to complete registration procedure.

If you don't know yet pickup truck registration How, the deadline and the cost, don't miss the article below!

Pickup Truck Registration Deadline

The pickup truck registration deadline is clearly noted on the sticker on the windshield (convenient for the competent authority to check when necessary).

pickup truck registration
The latest costs and procedures for vehicle registration

The time limit for truck registration is as follows:

Pickup truck Registration period (months)
First cycle Periodic cycle
Produced for 7 years or less 30 18
Produce from 7 to 12 years   12
Produced over 12 years   6
Produced over 20 years   3

Pickup Truck Registration Fee

According to the law, the cost of registration of pickup trucks will include the following items:

  • Pickup truck registration fee: 280.000 VND.
  • Certificate fee: 50.000 VND.

Therefore, if you want to register a pickup truck, you need to prepare a total cost of VND XNX.

Pickup Truck Registration Procedure

Dossier of registration of pickup trucks

Vehicle owner pickup truck Need to declare information and provide the following documents:

  • Papers on vehicle registration or appointment letter for vehicle registration (original with a copy).
  • Factory quality inspection sheet for domestically manufactured and assembled motor vehicles (photocopy, accompanied by the original for comparison).
  • Certificate of quality, technical safety and environmental protection of renovated motor vehicle (photocopy, attached with the original for comparison) – applicable to the reconditioned pickup truck.
  • Copy of engine number and chassis number – applicable to vehicles exempt from inspection specified in Clause 3, Article 5 of Circular 02/2023/TT-BGTVT.
  • Old registration certificate (for old pickup trucks).
  • Civil liability insurance.
pickup truck registration fee
Pickup truck registration procedures

Pickup truck registration process

  • Step 1: Submit application for truck registration

Submit the prepared application with the declaration and pay the fee (certification fee and registration fee).

  • Step 2: Check the pickup truck

After completing the procedure, the staff of the registry office will conduct a quality inspection of the pickup truck, including: general inspection of the entire truck, inspection of the upper part of the pickup, inspection of the bottom of the truck. loading, check each pickup truck part, test the environment.

  • Step 3: Pay the road maintenance fee

TIn case the pickup has not met the registration requirements, the staff will notify the owner of the truck to take it for repair and then come back later. If the vehicle meets the registration standards, the staff will collect the road maintenance fee from the vehicle owner.

  • Step 4: Stick the registration stamp on the car

After completing the registration procedures and paying the necessary fees, the pickup truck is stamped with a new registration stamp and the vehicle owner receives the registration completion dossier to leave.

Penalties for Overdue Pickup Trucks

The penalty level depends on the registration deadline as follows:

Pickup truck Penalties for overdue vehicle registration
With the driver driving With vehicle owners
Overdue less than 1 month - 2 - 3 million VND.
– Deprivation of the right to use the license for 1-3 months.
– 4-6 million VND/individual.
– 8 – 12 million VND/business organization.
Overdue more than 1 month - 4 - 6 million VND.
– Deprivation of the right to use the license for 1-3 months.
– 6-8 million VND/individual.
– 12 – 18 million VND/business organization.

In order for a pickup to be able to circulate on the road legally, a successful vehicle registration is required. And the registration process can go more smoothly, the car needs to be taken away inspection - maintenance - repair damage according to regulations.

pickup truck registration deadline
Penalties for overdue pickup truck registration

Years of working in the field car maintenance and repair, Thanh Phong Auto commitment:

  • Inspect and repair vehicles that do not meet registration standards.
  • Made by a team of skilled technicians, advanced machines.
  • The installation process of Genuine car parts, high quality goods.
  • Transparency of repair and maintenance costs.
  • Careful warranty, as promised.

Just now Pickup Registration Procedure Fees: Deadline, Latest Regulations, hope it will be useful to you. Wish you pass the registration process quickly and smoothly.

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