Cost of Truck Registration Procedures: Deadlines and Latest Regulations

truck registration process
Latest update date: February 07, 06

Truck registration is a necessary process to ensure traffic safety and compliance with legal regulations. In Vietnam, truck registration is carried out according to the provisions of the Road Traffic Law and its guiding documents.

Before carrying out registration, the vehicle owner needs to prepare all relevant documents such as: vehicle registration certificate, technical safety and environmental protection inspection certificate, documents proving the vehicle owners, etc. Vehicles must be inspected and evaluated for safety factors such as brakes, tires, lights, rearview mirrors, emissions and other specifications.

After meeting the requirements, the vehicle owner will be issued a registration certificate valid for a certain period of time. This certificate is a necessary condition for the vehicle to be legally circulated on the road. If you do not register regularly, the vehicle owner may be subject to administrative sanctions.

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Cost of Vehicle Registration Procedures in HCM
Vehicle Registration Procedure Fees

Truck Registration Records

When bringing a truck for registration, the vehicle owner needs to prepare documents including:

  • 3 copies of CCCD photo (bring the original).
  • 3 copies of the car owner's household registration (bring the original).
  • Police declaration on vehicle registration (2 originals according to the prescribed form).
  • Original vehicle papers (factory certificate, inspection, VAT invoice, environmental certification).
  • Set the frame number, engine number, registration tax declaration (according to the prescribed form).
  • Original civil liability insurance.
  • Original vehicle registration or vehicle registration appointment letter - copy of vehicle registration certified by the holding bank - copy of vehicle registration certified by the financial leasing organization (valid).
  • The original certificate of quality, technical safety and environmental protection of the renovated vehicle (for newly renovated vehicles).
  • The original valid certificate of civil liability insurance of the vehicle owner. Username, access password and website address of the tracking device management website for vehicles subject to the installation of cruise monitoring devices.
  • Papers proving the vehicle's origin (for means of inspection and preparation of vehicle records) - prepare one of the following documents:
    • Certified copy of the decision to sell the national reserve vehicle.
    • A certified copy of the decision on confiscation of the auctioned vehicle by the competent authority for the vehicle confiscated for auction.
    • A copy of the ex-factory quality inspection sheet for domestically manufactured and assembled vehicles.
    • A certified copy of the decision on liquidation of the vehicle of the national defense force or the police.

Truck Registration Procedure

QThe truck registration process will go through the following steps:

  • Submit application, pay inspection fee and certification fee.
  • Waiting for car inspection: general inspection; the upper and lower parts of the vehicle; horizontal sliding of the guide wheel, the brake of the vehicle; exhaust parameters. If the car does not meet the requirements, the registration staff will read the number plate for the car owner to take it to repair and then come back later.
  • Paying the road maintenance fee: If the truck meets the registration standards, the staff will read the license plate for the vehicle owner to pay the road maintenance fee.
  • New registration stamp: After completing the above procedures, the driver waits for the new registration stamp to be affixed, receives the documents and leaves.
Truck Registration Procedure
Truck Registration Procedure

Truck Registration Deadline

The time limit for vehicle registration is clearly defined as follows:

  • Trucks have been manufactured for up to 7 years: the first registration cycle is 24 months, the periodic registration cycle is 12 months.
  • Trucks have been manufactured for more than 7 years: the periodic registration cycle is 12 months.
  • Renovated trucks: the first registration cycle is 12 months, the periodical registration cycle is 6 months.

Latest Truck Registration Fee Schedule

The truck registration fee is still applicable Circular 238 / 2016 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance. Specifically:

- Cost of Truck Registration Procedures: Deadlines and Latest Regulations

Penalty for Trucks Overdue for Registration

Decree 100/ND-CP (Amended and supplemented by Decree 123/ND-CP) regulations, truck drivers with expired registration will be penalized as follows:

  • Trucks with certificates or stamps of technical safety and environmental protection but expired for less than 1 month: fine 3 – 4 million VND.
  • Trucks without certificates or stamps of technical safety and environmental protection or with expired use of 1 month or more: a fine of 4-6 million VND.
  • Trucks that are overdue for registration for less than 1 month in traffic: vehicle owners will be deprived of the right to use driving licenses for 1-3 months; fined 4-6 million dong if it is an individual, fined 8-12 million dong if it is an organization.
  • Trucks that are overdue for registration for more than 1 month in traffic: vehicle owners will be deprived of the right to use driving licenses for 1-3 months; fined 6 - 8 million dong if it is an individual, 12-16 million dong if it is an organization.

To ensure traffic conditions, trucks are required to undergo a registration process. Therefore, car owners need to master, comply with the registration standards and bring the car for inspection - maintenance - troubleshooting in time to make this process go smoothly.

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  • Professional inspection - maintenance - repair, ensuring cars meet standards.
  • Services are performed efficiently and quickly by a team of skilled technicians and modern machines and equipment.
  • Replace with original spare parts.
  • Clear, professional warranty for each item.
  • Clear, competitive service quotes compared to the market.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Registration

1. Does a newly purchased truck need to be registered immediately?

No, newly released trucks are exempt from initial registration for a period of 36 months from the month recorded on the factory quality inspection form. After that, the vehicle owner must periodically register it in accordance with regulations.

2. Can trucks be registered at any registration center?

Yes, the vehicle owner can register the vehicle at any registration center nationwide, it is not required to register the vehicle at the center where the vehicle is registered. You can refer to these Prestigious car registration address in HCM appreciated today.

3. If a truck does not meet emission standards, how will it be handled?

If the vehicle does not meet emission standards, the vehicle owner needs to take the vehicle for maintenance, repair and readjust the engine to meet the standards. Then bring the car back to the registration center to check again.

4. Can trucks be registered online?

Currently, there are no regulations on online truck registration. Vehicle owners still have to bring their vehicles directly to registration centers to complete procedures and have their vehicles inspected.

5. Does a truck that has an accident need to be re-registered?

Depending on the level of damage and repairs, the accident truck may have to be re-registered. If there is only a small repair, it is not necessary, but if important safety-related parts such as the chassis, brake system, lights, etc. must be replaced, then after the repair is completed, the car owner needs to take the car to register. recheck.

6. How long does it take to register a truck?

Normally, the truck registration process will take about 1-2 hours if the vehicle meets standards in the first inspection. In case the vehicle fails and must be repaired or supplemented with documents, it may take more time.

7. If the vehicle owner does not register on time, will he or she be fined?

Yes, if the registration is overdue by less than 1 month, individual vehicle owners will be fined 4-6 million VND, organizations will be fined 8-12 million VND. If overdue for more than 1 month, the fine will increase to 6-8 million VND for individuals, 12-16 million VND for organizations.

8. Can I authorize someone else to register the truck?

Yes, the car owner can authorize someone else to take the car for registration. However, it is necessary to have a power of attorney confirmed by the local government and the ID card/CCCD of the authorized person.

9. What should a converted truck pay attention to when going for inspection?

Renovated trucks need an additional certificate of quality, technical safety and environmental protection for renovated motor vehicles. In addition, the registration cycle of renovated vehicles is shorter than that of conventional vehicles, every 6 months after the first registration.

10. What should I do if I lose my registration certificate?

The vehicle owner needs to carry out procedures to re-issue the registration certificate at the registration center where the lost certificate was issued. The application requires identification documents, vehicle registration and reissue fees according to regulations.

11. What does the truck registration fee include?

Truck registration costs include:

  • Inspection fee: 100.000 - 240.000 VND depending on tonnage
  • Certification fee: 50.000 - 100.000 VND
  • Road maintenance fee (if vehicle meets standards): 1.040.000 - 1.570.000 VND/year depending on tonnage.

12. Can trucks that have expired be registered?

No, when the truck expires according to the manufacturer's regulations, it is not allowed to be registered and participate in traffic. The vehicle owner is forced to stop operating the vehicle or carry out procedures to liquidate the vehicle.

13. How long is a truck registration certificate valid?

Depending on the production time and vehicle condition, truck registration certificates have different validity periods:

  • New vehicle registration for the first time: 24 months
  • Used vehicles under 7 years: 12 months
  • Used vehicles over 7 years: 12 months
  • Renovated vehicle: 6 months

14. Can trucks that are fined be registered?

Trucks that are fined coldly can still be registered normally, as long as the vehicle owner has paid the fine and has a receipt to prove it. However, if the fine has not been paid, the vehicle owner will have difficulty completing registration procedures.

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