Regulations on Penalties for Arbitrary Auto tuning

Regulations on Penalties for Arbitrarily Customizing Genuine Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Customizing cars has become a trend and a hobby of many car owners. However, arbitrarily customizing the car It will cost a car owner a lot of fines, the fine can be up to 16 million VND if the car is not valid. To learn more about the fines given for arbitrarily customizing cars, please join us Thanh Phong Auto Follow the next post.

1. What is Car Tuning? 

Customizing a car is understood as a move that makes a car different from the original. It can be a change in the external appearance or an upgrade or change in the equipment and machinery inside the car.

Arbitrarily modifying cars that do not comply with technical standards and regulations can be dangerous and unsafe for drivers as well as vehicles participating in traffic. Therefore, the government has introduced fine frameworks for this behavior.

Regulations on Penalties for Car Drifting
Car customization is understood as moves that make the car different from the original

2. Penalty Framework for Auto-Tuning Acts

According to Decree 100/2019/ND-CP, arbitrarily changing the structure and current status of the vehicle will be sanctioned for administrative violations in the field of road and railway traffic. This fine will depend on the actions that the owner has made on the car.

 – Penalty from 6.000.000 - 8.000.000 co (for individuals) and 8.000.000 - 16.000.000 co (for organizations) when committing one of the following acts:

   + Arbitrarily changing the total into the frame, the total body of the machine (engine), the brake system, the transmission system (transmission), the motion system.

   + Arbitrarily renovating the structure, shape and size of the vehicle not in accordance with the manufacturer's design; Design registered with the vehicle registry or renovation design approved by the competent authority.

– Penalty from 2.000.000 - 4.000.000 co (for individuals) and 4.000.000 - 8.000.000 co (for organizations) in case:

   + Arbitrarily cutting, welding, chiseling the frame number, machine number.

   + Bringing vehicles that have been cut, welded, or re-punched with frame numbers and engine numbers contrary to regulations in traffic

– Penalty from 300.000 - 400.000 co (for individuals) and 400.000 - 800.000 co (for organizations) when arbitrarily changing the paint color of the vehicle, not matching the paint color registered on the previous vehicle registration certificate.

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3. Notes When Customizing Cars To Avoid Penalties

To customize the car to your liking without being penalized. Owners should be aware of the following:

Do not change the vehicle size

One way to customize the car to make the car more personal, different and outstanding that many drivers often use is to install a few accessories on the car such as front bumper, rear bumper, etc. change the overall size of the vehicle compared to the standard size that the manufacturer has given. Thus, it will be difficult to register and the owner will be fined by the traffic police for violating the vehicle design.

How much is the fine for modifying a car?
Does Not Change Vehicle Size

Do not change the car design

If you are intending to change the exterior of an ordinary car according to luxury models such as Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, .., you may have to pay a fine. Each model offered has been carefully calculated by the manufacturer in terms of exterior design, adding, removing or changing may affect the quality and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, you will be denied registration and fined if you arbitrarily change the car design, not ensuring safety.

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Do not change the color of the car, stick the decal to cover the car

Penalty for Car Driving
Do not change the color of the car, apply the decal to completely cover the car

Many car manufacturers only have a few basic colors, so customers do not have too many choices of colors according to their preferences or feng shui. Therefore, car owners often choose to repaint the car or apply decals to cover the car.

This also violates registration regulations and government regulations in the field of road traffic. Therefore, if the vehicle is registered, it will not be accepted and may be administratively sanctioned when participating in traffic on the road.

Here are the rules about the level of penalties for arbitrarily customizing cars the latest Thanh Phong Auto want to send to you. Car owners need to be careful not to lose money!

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