Cost of Registration Procedures for Used Cars: Latest Regulations and Deadlines

Cost of Registration Procedures for Used Cars: Latest Regulations and Deadlines
Latest update date: February 20, 12

Car registration is a mandatory procedure regardless of whether the vehicle is new or old in order to be able to check and evaluate the technical safety status of the vehicle by standards and regulations. So car owners need to know the latest information about Dossiers, procedures, costs for registration of old cars To have the best preparation, avoid being penalized for late registration.

In this article, let's Thanh Phong Auto Learn more about The latest regulations on registration of used cars.

Buying Used Cars Do You Need Registration Procedures

Old car Whether it needs to be registered or not depends on the time limit on the latest registration certificate of that vehicle.

  • If the old car is still registered, the owner does not need to re-register. However, it is also important to note the time of registration expiration to avoid overdue and possible penalties.
  • If the old car has expired registration, the car owner needs to bring the car to the nearest registration center.
Old Car Registration
What should you keep in mind when registering a used car?

Dossier for Registration of Used Cars

Records of registration of old cars specified in Clause 1, Article 6 of Circular 16/2021/TT-BGTVT as follows:

  • CCCD/ID card of the vehicle owner (3 copies, bring the original for comparison).
  • Family registration book of the car owner (3 copies, bring the original for comparison)
  • Police declaration on vehicle registration (2 originals according to the prescribed form).
  • Related vehicle papers: Factory certificate, VAT invoice, environmental certification, inspection (original).
  • Original vehicle papers (VAT invoice, factory certificate, inspection, environmental certification).
  • Set the chassis number, engine number and registration tax declaration (according to the available form).
  • Civil liability insurance (original).
  • Other additional documents:
  • Proof of vehicle's origin (a copy of the certificate of purchase and sale of used cars certified by the police force, a copy of the national reserve car sales and purchase paper).
  • The original car registration certificate or a copy of the car registration certificate certified by the financial leasing organization.
  • Copy of car registration certificate certified by the bank.
  • Original certificate of civil liability insurance of the vehicle owner.

Used Car Registration Process

Process Registration for old cars includes the following stages:

  • Step 1: Submit.
  • Step 2: Write the declaration, pay the inspection fee, the fee for granting the registration certificate.
  • Step 3: Inspection staff check the car (if the car has not passed, the car owner needs to bring the car to be repaired to re-register).
  • Step 4: Pay the cost of road maintenance.
  • Step 5: New registration stamp for the vehicle.
  • Step 6: The owner brought the car back.
Old Car Registration Process
Used Car Registration Process

How Much Is Old Car Registration Fee?

Circular 55/2022/TT-BGTVT (effective from October 8, 10) stipulates the fee for old car registration as follows:

STT Type of car Registration fee (VND)
1 Trucks with a weight of over 20 tons of goods allowed to enter traffic, tractors with a towing weight of over 20 tons, and special-purpose vehicles. 570.000
2 Trucks with a volume of goods that can be transported in traffic from 7 tons to 20 tons, tractors with a towing volume of up to 20 tons, and tractors 360.000
3 Trucks with a volume of goods allowed to be transported in traffic from 2 tons to 7 tons 330.000
4 Trucks with a volume of goods allowed to participate in traffic up to 2 tons 290.000
5 Tractors, motorized four-wheelers, motorized four-wheelers and similar vehicles 190.000
6 Trailers, semi-trailers 190.000
7 Cars carrying people with more than 40 seats (including drivers), buses 360.000
8 Passenger cars with 25 to 40 seats (including driver) 330.000
9 Passenger cars from 10 seats to 24 seats (including driver) 290.000
10 Passenger cars with less than 10 seats, ambulance cars 250.000

In order to easily pass the registration, owners of old cars should conduct vehicle inspection and maintenance at reputable and experienced garages. In Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Phong Auto is the garage car repair and maintenance for many years with a commitment that cars meet inspection standards.

Old Car Registration Procedures
Old Car Registration Period

Choosing Thanh Phong Auto, you can rest assured with:

  • Efficient, fast service, competitive cost.
  • Skilled, agile and honest technical team; Knowledge of the standards and regulations of old car registration for effective vehicle maintenance and repair.
  • Consult the most optimal treatment direction, clear quotation; Customer agrees to proceed.
  • Use genuine spare parts, say "no" to poor quality products.
  • Clear, thoughtful warranty for each item.

Above is information for old car owners when they want to register for registration. Hopefully through this article, car owners can know the exact details Regulations on registration of old cars, saving time as well as limiting registration violations.

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