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On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Before the car is put into operation, you should pay attention to the angle of the wheel. This helps ensure driving safety, extending tire life. In the case of misaligned tires, the driver is prone to flossing and the tire is likely to wear irregular parts. The following, Thanh Phong Auto Introduce to you the 4 basic steps in the process of checking and repairing cars damaged corner set wheels. Along track posts offline!

Step 1: Preparation stage

  • Check tire pressure

On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

To check the tire pressure correctly, you need to pump enough air for it. Because tire parts are important, checking tire pressure is the first step. It has a direct impact on making the measurement results in other areas more accurate.

  • Proceed to the specifications notes

You need to use the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to the vehicle owner. We can easily find the parameters of the wheel angle including: camber angle, caster angle, toe pin angle and record those values. Remember to look up and take notes very accurately and full with accompanying characters!

  • Steps to check the suspension

On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Select the flat ground nearby and park on the area. Then proceed, using the hydraulic team on the front wheels and the dead team under the car in a state that the steering wheel is not locked.

Use your hands to shake the front wheels in front of you in two directions. If there is a problem, the system now has problems or it can be used.

When encountering a problem in the suspension system, you should check the details such as: Rotuyn steering, standing cylinders, rulers, handlebars, bearings ... for replacement.

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Step 2: Measure the angle of the front wheel tip

  • What are toe-to-toe angles?

A pinch angle is the result obtained after subtracting two leading edge units from the front and rear of the two wheels. With this result we will have two different positive and negative results corresponding to two types and: Toe in and Toe out.

When the difference in the distance of the front edge minus the inner edge is negative, then the angle we get is toe in and toe out is opposite. Some corner cars are set to 0 or equal to toe value to increase vehicle stability. In fact, the pinch angle is very easy to mistake and easy to fix.

  • Create a circle around the circumference of the tire

Using chalk, crayons, colored bricks, learn to place objects between the tire flowers and then turn the wheel in a circle. Proceed with the same tires as above. Choose items that are not too sharp or pointed or affect the quality of the tires.

Proceed to take the hydraulic team die in the chassis first, then lower the hydraulic unit to the vehicle horizontally.

  • Proceed to push the car a part of the road

You push the car in a state without locking the steering wheel, to go straight about 3m and then stop.

  • Measure the distance between the front wheels

On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Following the white line on the wheel area previously drawn, you measure the distance between them on the front and rear wheel systems.

  • Analyze measured data

+ Toe-in: the distance between the front tire is shorter than the rear tire
+ Toe-out: the distance between the rear tire is shorter than the front two.
+ Toe- equals zero: about the front and back of the tire are equal.

Note: Point of toe precision has an important influence on tire life. Always make sure the wheel angle is up to the standard.

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Step 3: Measure the camber angle

  • What is camber angle?

On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The value angle is created by the wheel plane and the vertical axis. When looking from above, seeing the top of the wheel tilted out, then the value has a positive camber angle.

A negative camber value is when the top of the wheel is tilted inwards. Some models, in order to increase stability when cornering, often put the front wheels in negative camber corners.

  • Create a square ruler with easy-to-find items

Get a piece of cardboard or piece of wood. Conduct manual cutting of them into a similar triangle with sides equal to the height of a wheel.

  • Set the ruler

First, place the ruler next to the front wheel of the car. One side is perpendicular to the floor and another is parallel to the side of the wheel.

  • Measure the camber index

On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

+ You measure the distance at the distance between the ruler and the wheel, so measure between the top of the wheel and the top of the ruler to get the highest value distance.
+ Measure the same with the rest of the wheels. Note: Standard tires are when the front two wheels must have the same camber angle and equal to the manufacturer's value.
+ If the gap is too narrow, move the car in a few steps!
+ If the camber angle is off, you must adjust to its value before recalibrating the pinpoint angle.

Step 4: Adjust the angle of the two front wheels exactly

  • Find the position of steering rotuyn

The steering wheel is the part that connects the ruler with the wheels so it will be near the steering wheel. In addition, you can search the repair manual and on the car exchange forum for the exact location.

  • Proceed to loosen the nut holding rotuyn steering

On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

+ You need to loosen the connecting nut connecting the rotuyn and the ruler with the appropriate wrench.

+ On some cars, the nut holding the rotuyn near the driver is threaded anticlockwise and near the passenger compartment clockwise.

+ You need to use RP7 aerosol, when the nut is stuck to remove the rust at the threads on the rotuyn.

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  • Make adjustments to the steering system

+ When the steering system has an A bar, we need to loosen the nut that holds the steering wheel and turn the ruler to adjust the pinpoint angle of the wheels.

+ When the steering system has two A bars, one should be careful when touching the wheel adjuster because it is very easy to damage.

+ Need to adjust rotuyn to drive evenly on both sides.

  • Check the corner of your toe and test drive

On-Site Repair Process When Cars Have Damaged Wheel Corners Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Perform tightening of nuts that keep driving rotuyn after adjusting. Return to step two to check the toe angle of the front wheels.

If you are experiencing the above problem but after performing self repair but still not stable. You look to a service unit, car repair quality, reputation. In Ho Chi Minh City you can bring your car to Thanh Phong Auto. Thanh Phong Auto is a reputable, quality, and guaranteed automotive repair and maintenance unit that makes you happy.

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