Review of BIDV Car Insurance (BIC) Is It Good? Look Up, Latest Price

Review of Bidv Car Insurance (Bic) Is It Good? Look Up, Price 2023
Latest update date: February 13, 12

BIDV auto insurance (BIC) is among the top insurance brands with high market share and growth rate in Vietnam. Therefore, the information about BIDV auto insurance is good, how to look up, the price ... receive the attention of the majority of car owners.

In this article, Thanh Phong Auto will provide important information related to BIDV auto insurance. Let's refer to know more about this car insurance company!

BIDV Auto Insurance (BIC) Overview

BIC auto insurance is provided by a financial company bearing the brand name of Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam BIDV. When buying BIC auto insurance, the car owner is paid the risk fee if the car is stolen, accident, burned, vandalized... The basis of payment is clearly and fully shown in the insurance contract. risk of BIC.

Overview of Bidv Auto Insurance (Bic)
Overview of Bidv Auto Insurance (Bic)

Currently, BIC's auto insurance includes 6 types:

  • Comprehensive insurance.
  • Material covered.
  • Body insurance.
  • Accident insurance with driver, occupants.
  • Car owner's civil liability insurance for the goods on the vehicle.
  • Compulsory insurance for vehicle owners' civil liability.

Review BIDV Auto Insurance (BIC) Is It Good?

Whether or not BIC car insurance is good is the most important issue in the research process of car owners. The following are the outstanding advantages of BIC auto insurance for your reference, from which it is easy to consider and choose:

  • Belonging to BIDV insurance company - the insurance unit of the State Bank, it should ensure high quality and reliability.
  • Provide many different packages for customers to easily choose the most suitable type of auto insurance (each package provides services, terms targeting each specific object).
  • The fee schedule is not too high, suitable for the financial level of the majority of Vietnamese people.
  • Guarantee good benefits, quick processing of procedures.

See BIDV Auto Insurance Price (BIC)

Compulsory premium

According to Circular No. 22/2016 /TT-BTC dated February 16, 02 (Ministry of Finance), the price of this insurance package is as follows:

Compulsory Insurance Fee Table
Compulsory Insurance Fee Table

Material insurance fee

This is the model:

Review of Bidv Car Insurance (Bic) Is It Good? Look Up, Latest Price Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

In which:

  • Amount of insurance: the value of the vehicle at the time of purchase of insurance.
  • Rate of charge: depending on vehicle type and insurance coverage

Car owner's civil liability insurance premium for goods transported on the vehicle

This is the model: Premium = Liability level x Premium rate/year (Premium rate depends on liability level and insurance company).

Car occupant insurance fee

Formula: Insurance fee = Number of people sitting in the car x fee/person.

BIDV Auto Insurance Lookup Guide (BIC)

To look up BIC auto insurance easily and accurately; Car owners can refer to the following ways:

  • Method 1: Visit the official website of BIC insurance to look up information about auto insurance packages; policies, terms and commitments of the company.
  • Method 2: Contact hotline 24/7 of the firm (1900 9456) for advice and support.
  • Method 3: Contact BIC auto insurance agent to get information about insurance packages.
How to Look Up Bic Auto Insurance
How to Look Up Bic Auto Insurance

Notes When Buying BIC Auto Insurance

To ensure benefits, avoid confusion when buying BIC auto insurance – you need to note a few issues as follows:

  • Buy insurance at reputable agents to ensure genuine, or you can order online on BIC's website.
  • Provide complete and accurate information about the type of car you own so that the insurance agent can advise the appropriate insurance package.
  • The cost of the car owner will be proportional to the value of BIC insurance – the more expensive the insurance, the more benefits it will bring.
  • In case the car has an accident (specified in the insurance package), immediately contact the insurance provider for the fastest compensation contract instructions.

Here are the details information about auto insurance BIC for your reference. For advice on the best and most suitable insurance company/insurance package – quickly contact Thanh Phong Auto.

Review of Bidv Car Insurance (Bic) Is It Good? Look Up, Latest Price Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Thanh Phong Auto is an affiliated garage providing car insurance and get professional car repair insurance. Our partners are all reputable insurance companies in the market, ensuring the best benefits for car owners.

Thanh Phong Auto thoroughly understands the advantages and disadvantages of each company, each auto insurance package to advise the best solution for customers - not forcing customers to buy insurance from any company. Call Thanh Phong Auto immediately when in need!

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