Wuling Truck Review: Origin, Quality, Price?

Wuling Sunshine 1.2 truck
Latest update date: February 14, 06

The appearance of Wuling branded trucks is receiving the attention of many people working in the freight transport industry. Choosing a quality truck that operates well and saves fuel will make transporting goods easier, saving costs and effort.

So which country is the Wuling truck from? Is it good? How much? The following article Thanh Phong Auto will provide detailed information about the origin, quality, and latest price list of Wuling trucks for your reference.

Some Features About Wuling Truck Line

Wuling is a Chinese truck company distributed in Vietnam under the cooperation between TC Vietnam Automobile Company Limited (TCMV) and SGMW (China). In which SGMW is the abbreviation of:

  • SAIC Motor: belongs to the Top 10 largest manufacturers in China.
  • General Motors (GM): one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers.
  • Wuling Motors: a veteran Chinese truck manufacturer.

Currently, Wuling has 3 main truck lines:

  • Wuling Brilliance 1.5.
  • Wuling Sunshine 1.2.
  • Wuling Brilliance Van.

Detailed Review of Wuling Truck Lines: Quality, Price List

Below are detailed reviews of the characteristics, quality and price of each Wuling truck line:

1. Wuling Brilliance 1.5 truck

The Wuling Brilliance 1.5 truck stands out with its wheelbase length and cargo capacity larger than many vehicles in the same segment. The vehicle operates strongly and can be used for various business purposes.

Evaluate whether the Wuling Brilliance 1.5 Truck is good or not
Wuling Brilliance 1.5 truck

Other advantages:

  • ABS braking system and electric power steering ensure safety when operating.
  • The seat can be adjusted up to 13cm for convenient driving.
  • Powerful GM technology engine.
  • The cockpit is spacious, ensuring comfort and convenience.
  • Strong box walls help transport goods safely.
  • There is a warning to lock the door when getting out of the car.

Reference price: 262.700.000 VND.

2. Wuling Sunshine 1.2 truck

In 2006, the Wuling Sunshine 1.2 truck was called "The most important truck on Earth" by Forbes magazine. The product is equipped with a durable Euro 5 engine of GM technology, providing strong performance and low fuel consumption.

Wuling Sunshine 1.2 truck
Wuling Sunshine 1.2 truck

In addition, Wuling Sunshine 1.2 also owns:

  • The rear suspension system can bear dual loads, effectively supporting transport work.
  • Outstanding cargo capacity thanks to large cargo box.
  • ABS system ensures safe trips.
  • The structure of the cargo box, cockpit, and wheels is modern, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Reference price: 226.400.000 VND.

3. Wuling Brilliance Van truck

The Wuling Brilliance Van truck line is designed with a large cargo compartment (more than 5200L) combined with a durable, powerful Euro 5 engine with lower fuel consumption than other vehicles in the same segment.

Wuling Brilliance Van Truck
Wuling Brilliance Van Truck

Besides, Wuling Brilliance Van trucks also have many outstanding advantages:

  • ABS braking system and electric power steering help drive safely.
  • Remote control key, remote car lock warning.
  • The bridge system effectively supports the transmission from the engine, ensuring smooth operation of the vehicle.
  • There is a cargo compartment partition design, convenient for dividing goods.

Reference price: 299.100.000 VND.

It can be seen that, Wuling truck Meets many user requirements such as: durable operation, modern design, high safety features, low operating costs, reasonable quotes. From there, hopefully you will have a clearer view of the quality and price of this truck company.

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- Wuling Truck Review: Origin, Quality, Price?

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