3 Notes When Painting, Mending Cars You May Not Know

3 Notes When Painting, Mile And Caring You May Not Know 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

In the process of using cars, it is very difficult to avoid incidents, impacts from the external environment on the car paint. From there, the paint can be scratched, making the aesthetic value of the car no longer the same. If the scratches are not painted on, they will get worse. In your opinion, when painting miles for cars to pay attention to what? To find out more about this, we invite you to follow 3 note when painted miles patch cars through the article below.

After using time, cars are hard to avoid scratches
After using time, cars are hard to avoid scratches 

3 Notes When Painting, Mending Cars You May Not Know

1. Car paint is mixed like?

The paintwork of a car will usually be based on the color code of the technician to find the original paint color of the manufacturer. Then, paint miles and cars for you will be mixed in proportion to the original color specified. The process of painting tinting is not done by hand, it is done entirely by technology. Therefore, the result of paint color will be absolutely accurate.

2. The equipment needed when painting miles cars

Coating miles for cars requires a high technology so not only need skilled technicians but also need the support of modern equipment. The equipment that is indispensable are: scale paint, color mixing machines.

When starting to paint miles, it is necessary to use paint spray gun, spray booth, paint dryer to avoid dust and dirt sticking to the car with paint

3. How many layers of car paint cover?

In your opinion, how many layers will they paint for their car when they bring cars to the painted miles? A standard paint layer usually includes 4 - 5 paint layer:

  • 1 anti-rust paint in the same.
  • The next layer is primer.
  • Color paint
  • Glossy paint.
  • For high-end cars, the paintwork can also add many other paint layers to create a certain gloss and durability for the car.
You need to look for prestige car miles
You need to look for prestige car miles

Notes to keep new paint durable

  • When sending or parking, do not leave your car in the sun.
  • Car should be washed with clean tap water to avoid car paint stains.
  • You can also choose Decal stickers for the car to protect the paint inside.

Above is the information about 3 note when painting miles and cars that we want to share with you. Hopefully, with the information we provide, you will have more interesting things and need your attention when repainting the car.

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