3 Notes When Painting Oto Car Trays Help Car More Class, Luxury

3 Things to Note When Painting Oto Car Rims to Make Your Car More Classy, ​​Luxurious and Prestigious Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Wheel cars often after a long time of use will be scratched, peeled off a lot. This will make your car lose its aesthetics and elegance. To help them retain their exquisite beauty, let us share what to keep in mind when painted wheels car.

Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Painting Car Rims
Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Painting Car Rims

3 Notes When Painting Oto Car Trays Help Car More Class, Luxury

1. Paint color

If you want to repaint a car wheel that is similar to the original color, learn about that color. You can usually contact your dealer for a color-coded test.

In case you want to change to another paint color, the staff will give you a palette to choose. However, remember to look carefully in the sunlight to make a wise decision before painting it on the wheels of the car.

2. Compliance with the process of painting wheels of professional cars

  • Before painting the wheels of cars, use the jack to lift the wheel. Then use a special wheel-removing device to get the wheels out.
  • Clean wheel rims carefully, from washing rusty metal surfaces to polishing with sandpaper. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out any dirt on the wheel rims.
  • Using adhesive paper rub evenly on the tire surface, making sure to avoid paint adhering to the wheel. Next spray anti-rust primer on the wheels of the car and then dry and paint around 2 again.
  • Car wheels coating: Similar to liter paint, you also paint and then proceed to paint the wheels of the car until it is smooth.
  • Reassemble the wheel in reverse steps with removal.
Professional Car Wheel Painting Steps You Should Not Skip
Professional Car Wheel Painting Steps You Should Not Skip

+ Note: 3 noted that when repairing or replacing the cracked windshield of a car

3. Go to the prestigious garage to have employees conduct paint wheels

Currently, understanding the value of painting wheel cars, a series of prestigious garages have been born. This has caused many car owners to wonder which garage to choose to send their beloved driver. Don't worry, the only good recipe is to find a garage that has been operating for a long time in the market and is popular with customers.

Because here often have spacious car repair workshops, modern equipment and machinery. Technical staff are experienced in painting wheels. They will proceed to choose the paint color according to your requirements and paint in accordance with professional procedures. Thereby helping your car become more luxurious and class.

Come to a Reputable Garage to Have Your Car Rims Checked and Painted by Technicians
Come to a Reputable Garage to Have Your Car Rims Checked and Painted by Technicians

Above have shared the note when paint the wheels of cars. Thereby, to help the car have a perfect and shiny exterior, you should paint this wheel. However, you must follow the steps of paint wheels to keep the paint color strong and new!

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8 Commentary

  • Vinh kha 23/10/2019

    Let yourself with you paint 4 wheels of cars
    Sedan size
    How much is it?
    Thank you bn

  • Nguyen Son 05/02/2020

    I just bought a car that wants to paint a wheel and wants to ask if it is paint, will it affect the car inspection? And if so, how long? Thanks

    • Miss Hue 08/04/2020

      Hi, Mr. Son
      If you change other wheels, differ in shape and size, you cannot check the car.
      And the case you change the paint color of the wheel won't affect it.
      If you paint all 4 wheels, it takes about 1-2 days.

  • Qinghai 14/05/2020

    let me ask you 4 new cars mazda3 2019 paint, how much you buy, how much is it,

    • Miss Hue 24/06/2020

      Hello! Trays of paint depending on the color of the girl's paint from 500-700 / piece.

      Need beiets details a contact 0934 22 2763 sir


  • Trinh Son 26/06/2020

    I'm using 2016 altis car. 16inch gray wheels. My son paints 4 wheels into black, I want the original color. If you have a car of the same segment that wants to turn black, please contact me at phone number 0984396084. My wheels are still beautiful, not close, zin according to the car.

  • Tran Minh Dang 17/10/2020

    How much does it cost you to paint a whole set of 5 wheels Innova 16in wheels


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