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If used incorrectly, car air conditioners will quickly break down and consume a lot of fuel. Some of the ways below will help you use your car air conditioner for a long time.

Notes When Using Car Air Conditioner

1.1. Avoid turning on the air conditioner before starting the car

When the car is not started, if the air conditioner is turned on immediately at a high level to cool, the battery will have to operate at full capacity to run the air conditioner, causing it to quickly weaken.

In the summer, before boarding the car you should spend about 5-10 minutes, fully open the car door and turn on the fan at the highest level, both pushing the toxic gas on the car out, making the car cool down. Once in the car and start the engine, turning on the air conditioner to cool slowly instead of at low temperatures will cause the air conditioner to operate at its best.

Notes When Using Car Air Conditioner
Avoid turning on the air conditioner without starting the car

1.2. Turn on later, turn off first

Do not turn on the air conditioner at the same time as starting the car. Instead, lower the windows and turn on the blower at level 1, helping the hot air in the car to escape first. After about 5-10 minutes, when the machine runs smoothly, the air conditioner will be turned on. Because if you just got into the car with the air conditioner on, it will cause the car to be started at low revs and have to bear a large load, damaging the battery.

When the air conditioner is turned on, the doors must be closed to avoid wasting cold air outside and consuming fuel. After turning on the air conditioner, adjust the fan at a reasonable level, because to make the fan too big will consume a lot of power.

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1.3. Do not turn on the air conditioner at the same time as starting the car

If driving in normal weather conditions, you should leave the fan to take in the outside air so that the car can have oxygen. Only take the wind while turning on the air conditioner so that the air in the car is quickly cooled and when it rains to avoid moisture entering the cabin, causing water to stagnate in the cabin.

When traveling through high flooded areas, you should turn off the air conditioner including the fan, avoiding the phenomenon of water-based garbage that can clog the fan blades, causing blown fan fuse break. About 10 minutes before the end of the route, you should lower the glass and turn off the air conditioner. Do not turn off the engine and air conditioner suddenly.

1.4. Regular maintenance

Every month, you should clean the filter screen (if the vehicle is constantly running on dusty terrain such as construction sites, dirt roads ..., the filter should be cleaned weekly), to avoid the filter. The air conditioner wind is clogged, causing wind to be trapped in the indoor unit and unable to enter the cabin.

Experience Using Car Air Conditioning
Every Month You Should Clean The Filter Mesh

6 month / time, to the center Professional to clean indoor and outdoor unit of air conditioner. If the indoor unit is dirty, it will generate less heat, which will reduce the cooling effect of the solvent (gas), while the indoor unit will be dirty, cold air will not spread to the surroundings to get into the car compartment and make the air conditioner operate more. , causing fuel consumption.

The addition of gas to the air conditioner needs to ensure compliance with the regulations, because on many cars, if the gas is loaded too much, the safety valve will automatically exhaust the gas to protect the system, causing complete loss of pressure and cyclones. The air conditioner will stop working. On the contrary, if gas is short, the operation of the cooling system will be poor.

1.5. Don't let the air conditioner get too cold

Using the air conditioner at a temperature that is too different from the outside will cause the air conditioner to operate in conditions of overload, fuel consumption and damage.

Moreover, when the temperature in and out of the car is too different, when getting on and off the car you will be susceptible to sore throat, cold due to sudden temperature changes, very dangerous. It is best to air conditioner in the car at a moderate temperature, above 25 degrees C, to ensure your health as well as increase the durability of the vehicle.

1.6. Avoid parking in the sun

Architect car makes it look like a furnace and easily gets very hot if you put it in the sun. Plastic equipment and leather on the car will create toxic gases when at high temperatures, accompanied by an unpleasant smell that is dangerous to health.

Look for parking in the shade so the car does not heat up. If not, please carefully drive the car beam with a special beam, but it is best to find a parking space. The basement of a high rise building is a typical place to park and avoid heat. Leaving the car in the basement also prevents you from having to cool down before you get in during this hot season.

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1.7. Paste insulation film phim

Insulating film should be applied to all windows on the vehicle. The insulating film layer has both the task of preventing heat, increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner when moving in hot weather, and also has the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays, protecting health. See the full benefits of gluing insulation film on cars here.

Car Air Conditioning Instructions
Thermal Insulation Film layer has the task of both preventing heat and protecting health

The front glass should be affixed with a clear, high-transmittance film for good and lawful observation, but this glass is also the least heat-resistant, so parking should give priority to the front glass in a shady place.

Laminated glass films are resistant to heat and glare well, thanks to the use of dark films with good light penetration. It's best to choose a good one because many movies of unknown origin only work to darken and create a shady feel but do not block ultraviolet rays.

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2. Signs Car Needs Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here are some signs that your car needs air conditioning service:

  • Cars after 3 years have not been checked and maintained.
  • The car starts and rolls for more than 10 minutes to get cold air from the air conditioner.
  • The blower makes a loud whirring sound but has no wind, is a bit cool, and can have a very unpleasant smell.
  • Only when the car is moving does the air conditioner turn on, and when stopping or waiting for a red light, there is no cool air.
  • It often happens that the air conditioner turns on to cool immediately but after a while it feels hot again.

3. Steps to Check and Maintain Car Air Conditioner

3.1. Check Car Air Filter Lọc

The first action is to check and clean the air conditioner filter after every 5.000 - 10.000 km of operation. Because after a period of use, dirt will stick to each slot of the air conditioner, causing obstruction to the circulation of the air. Car manufacturers recommend that after 2 years of use, the air filter should be changed to keep the car working efficiently. 

Experience Using Car Air Conditioning
Check Car Air Filter Periodically

3.2. Check Car Cooling System

The steps to check the cooling system are as follows:

  • Step 1: Start the car's engine system, hold the gas and turn on the air conditioner at full capacity for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 2: When the air conditioner is working, you put the thermometer in front of the air conditioner. After a few minutes, if the temperature is lower than 15 degrees Celsius outside, it means that the air conditioner is working properly.
  • Step 3: After 15 minutes of operation, the cooling system occurs when the underside of the car is dry, there is no standing water, it shows that the amount of gas in this cooling system has decreased.
Notes When Maintaining Car Air Conditioning
Check Car Air Conditioning Cooling System

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3.3. Eye Test

The throttle eye is a glass that helps to observe the condition of the refrigerant inside the cooling system.  If the amount of refrigerant is running low, add more refrigerant to the system. If through the throttle, observing the appearance of air bubbles is a sign that the air conditioner is lacking gas. You need to refill to ensure the amount of gas for the cooling system to work properly.

Notes When Maintaining Car Air Conditioning
Check Car Air Conditioning Gas Eye

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