Notes When Maintaining And Repairing Mazda Cars

Notes When Maintaining and Repairing Prestigious Mazda Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Note for Repair - Car MaintenanceNotes When Maintaining And Repairing Mazda Cars

Mazda cars known as one reputable car companyQuality is loved by many interested customers. However, in the process of using, to ensure the best performance of the vehicle, you should periodically maintain the car to help you detect unusual errors to promptly repair and fix it.

Mazda Car Repair Note

Understand that importance Thanh Phong auto gives you some notes about this maintenance, mazda car repair down here. Please read it.

Latest Update Notes When Maintaining And Repairing Mazda Cars
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1. Check the vehicle periodically

In process use the car Candlestick Note car maintenance periodically. Even if your car is running well, you should periodically check that the internal equipment system is working better. Usually, about 4 to 8 months of use is recommended to take the car for inspection. Car maintenance in order to be able to promptly detect any problems with the vehicle.

2. Change the oil periodically

Periodic oil change is considered a necessary job that all vehicles have traveled a great distance, not only Mazda Must perform. The oil change will make the engine cleaner and run quieter.

Normally, from 4000 km - 5000 km, the oil should be changed once. For people knowledgeable about machines, they only need to hear the engine sound to know if it is time to change oil or not, but if you are not knowledgeable, you can ask for the assistance of technicians at the garage. Please.

3. Check and replace some necessary parts

This should apply when Mazda car 150,000 Km has been traveled. This is the most appropriate time because at this point, the car's parts and components have started to degrade. Also note about the engine bay, and you can read the full article car engine compartment maintenance process.

Sharing the Maintenance and Repair Notes for Mazda Cars you need to know
Regular car maintenance helps the car to last for a long time

Some car owner parts should pay attention like

Spark plug

By this point, the spark plug can no longer accommodate these so you need to replace it immediately. Because the spark plug electrodes will wear out each time Spark plugsThese electrodes will increase the distance, more energy is needed to be able to release a spark.

Pulleys generator

You should replace Pulleys generator immediately because if this device is damaged, it may affect other parts such as: generator is not charged, battery is weak, engine consumes a lot of fuel.

Oxygen sensor

If you do not change the oxygen sensor, combustion by-products will accumulate on the sensor for several days, causing it to react more slowly.

Replace fuel filter

The purpose of changing the fuel filter is to protect the fuel pump, provide fuel to clean the engine to prevent the fuel filter from clogging and work more efficiently.

Replace gear oil

According to the experience of most users, the automatic transmission should be replaced to help protect the details in the gearbox, making it work smoother and more efficient.

Clean the combustion chamber

When the engine works for a long time, soot will accumulate and cause disturbances in the combustion chamber, increasing the compression ratio and affecting the engine.

Should choose which address to repair mazda cars in HCMC
Car parts need regular maintenance.

In addition to that you bring your car to the reputable garage For complete inspection and maintenance, you can also take care at home with some basic parts and details. And want to do that, you cannot help prepare yourself to use the necessary tools, right? So what is that? Please see and refer to the article Basic Car Maintenance and Repair Tools Can Make At Home

Timeline parts need replacement guarantee Mazda car maintenance

Mazda car parts Time to replace
Engine oil After every 4000 km or 3 months of use.
Tire Candlestick Tire rotation every 60.000 km
Battery Should be replaced after 160.000 km or 5 years of use.
Oil and gearbox oil Every 80.000 km
Cold system Check and maintain the refrigeration system every 24 months or 40.000 km.
For power steering oil should be replaced every 40.000 km or every 2 years.
Drive system You should test your MAZDA steering system every 20.000km.
Spark plug You should replace spark plugs every 40.000km or every 2 years
Brake system - ABS You should check your brakes once every 20.000 km. The brake fluid should also be replaced every 40.000 km or 2 years.
Engine coolant Should replace water after 40.000 km or after 2 years.
Engine air filter and Air conditioner filter You only need to replace the air filter after 24 months of use or 40.000 km.
Oil filter It is recommended that you replace one oil filter every 2 times. Or change the oil filter from 8.000 to 10.000 km
Fuel Filter Should replace after 2 years or go with a distance of 40.000 km.

* Note: When there is any fault indicator above it Mazda cars Please bring your driver to the car right away reputable car repair address, professional to be examined and processed immediately. Choose sites that have many modern machines so you can use smart diagnostics to read and delete that error code thoroughly for you.

Above are some Note repair, car maintenance MazdaThanh Phong Auto shared. You need to know the above information to help the quality of the driver not decrease.

If you are in need of auto parts replacement and maintenance, you can contact Thanh Phong Auto For careful advice and receive the most suitable price. then you can also answer the question yourself Choose an External Garage or Go to the Maintenance Company "Carries" through the article already.

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