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Full convergence of criteria of an ideal car (convenient - durable - luxurious - beautiful), Mini Cooper - The luxury car line from the UK has conquered a lot of customers in the world, including Vietnam.

However, with its relatively complex structure - the maintenance and repair of Mini Cooper cars is not easy at all. In this article, learn the same Note when maintaining and repairing Mini Cooper cars and Thanh Phong Autoo ok

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Mini Cooper Car

Note: Repairing and Maintenance of Mini Cooper Car In Ho Chi Minh City Car Garage

1. The necessity of the maintenance and repair of Mini Cooper cars

During use, your Mini Cooper car certainly cannot avoid wear and tear. Therefore, the importance of Mini Cooper car maintenance and repair is undeniable.

Protect people sitting in the car when moving

Maintenance and repair will help Mini Cooper cars work well, and the safety features on the car will also be maintained. As a result, the risk of dangers while sitting in the car is reduced.

Make Mini Cooper cars more durable

The maintenance and repair will help the details and systems on Mini Cooper's car be checked and fixed in time. From there, damage will be minimized, vehicle life will be maintained.

Helping the Mini Cooper car to achieve the best performance

If you use the Mini Cooper for a long time without timely maintenance or repair - the oils necessary for the vehicle's operation will be exhausted, with a lot of dirt. This prevents the car engine from working smoothly. Vehicle performance will also not be guaranteed.

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Maintenance helps the car to operate at better capacity

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2. Note the periodic maintenance of Mini Cooper cars

Maintenance of Mini Cooper car - 5000km (level 1)

- Change the oil for the car.
- Cooling water system, glass washing water should be checked and added.
- General inspection of the undercarriage.

Note Repairing Car Mini Cooper 4 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Change oil for car engine

Maintenance of Mini Cooper car - 10000km (level 2)

- Cleaning the air conditioning system and engine compartment of Mini Cooper car.
- Need to change engine oil, replace the engine oil filter, clean the air filter for the engine.
- Check and add glass cleaner - coolant - power oil.
Check brakes, tires.

Note Repairing Car Mini Cooper 5 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Cleaning car engine compartment

Maintenance for Mini Cooper cars - 20000km to 30000km (level 3)

- Replace engine oil, clean air-conditioner filter and engine air filter.
- Check the source of cooling water, glass cleaner, brake fluid, ...
- Check the rubber dampers, suspension systems, ...
- Maintain the brake system, turn the tires, wheels, ...

Note Repairing Car Mini Cooper 6 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Check and change car coolant

Maintenance of Mini Cooper car - 40000km (level 4)

- Replace fuel filter - engine air filter - spark plug.
Check the radiator and rinse if necessary.
- Maintenance of suction throat, injector.
- Tire rotation, wheel dynamic balance.
- Check air conditioner, add cold gas if lack.

Note Repairing Car Mini Cooper 7 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Check and replace air filter for cars

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3. Select a reputable Mini Cooper car repair and maintenance center

Job Mini Cooper auto maintenance and repair always demanding quite high requirements. Hence, you need to find one Reputable maintenance and repair address. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many units providing car repair and maintenance services in general and Mini Cooper cars in particular. And if your car loves Mini Cooper need a suggested address for the best maintenance and repair - come to the service of Thanh Phong Auto.

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Thanh Phong Auto - Prestigious and professional car repair and maintenance garage in Ho Chi Minh City

Why should I maintain and repair Mini Cooper cars in Thanh Phong Auto?

The professionalism and thoughtfulness in the maintenance and repair of Mini Cooper cars of Thanh Phong Auto has been verified by the satisfaction of all customers in Ho Chi Minh City.

- Thanh Phong Auto always ensures the maintenance and repair process for Mini Cooper cars: accurate - fast - effective.

- Service prices are always commensurate with the quality received by the customers.

- Technician team is well trained, experienced and knowledgeable about repairing and maintaining Mini Cooper cars.

- Modern and complete system of machines and equipment used in the repair and maintenance of Mini Cooper cars.

- Components used for Mini Cooper cars are genuine when they need to be replaced.

Above are the Note when repairing and maintaining Mini Cooper cars that Thanh Phong Auto has introduced to you. Hope this information will help you apply it usefully in the process of taking care of your beloved driver.

Also, don't forget to come up with Thanh Phong Auto For advice, arranging the best route for repair and maintenance of Mini Cooper cars.

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