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Notes on Repair and Maintenance of Renault Cars to ensure Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
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Along with consumer demand, Renault Sandero - one of the major car manufacturers in France is being chosen by many people because Renault has hit the needs of customers who prefer a car. Soft price, not picky about design. However, damage or fault of the engine cannot be avoided.

So in case of needing repair and maintenance of Renault cars, what should be paid attention and where is reputable? Let's find out right away the following article:

Notes on Repair and Maintenance of Renault Cars to ensure Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

1. Caution when repairing and maintaining Renault cars

The purpose of the repair and maintenance of Renault cars is not only to help reduce damage, manage the quality of the car, and help increase the life of the engine and its parts. Besides, this also helps to ensure the safety of the driver when in traffic.

Change engine oil, oil

To keep the engine running smoothly, you should change the oil every 3 months or 5000km whichever comes first. To make sure the vehicle has been replaced with the correct type of oil, the driver can observe the lubricant color before and after maintenance. When it looks at it, the new oil is clean and lighter in color.

Notes on Repair and Maintenance of Renault Cars to ensure Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

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Check and clean engine air filter

The engine air filter helps to clean the air and dust to help the engine run smoother and better. If the air filter is torn, dust will pass through and enter the engine. Affect the working process of the engine. Over time, it will cause damage to the machine if it is not maintained regularly. So, check and clean the air filter regularly. Moreover, the engine air filter needs to be replaced after 40.000 km.

Check the air conditioner filter

The air filter is the place where dust is the most. If you do not check and clean it regularly, it will cause choking, affecting the air conditioning system in the car. Not only that, the air conditioning system does not work well with a lot of dirt that will affect the driver's health.

Notes on Repair and Maintenance of Renault Cars to ensure Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

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Check the brakes

The car brake is a high-intensity working part. After a period of operation it needs to be cleaned to avoid scratching the disc when it gets dirty and increase friction when braking. If you check that the brake wears to the limit, you must replace it to ensure safety while driving.

Check gasoline filter, coolant level, brake fluid, glass cleaner

In addition to engine oil, other oils such as transmission oil, brake fluid, power steering oil, glass cleaner and cooling water level must also ensure sufficient quantity and quality.

Notes on Repair and Maintenance of Renault Cars to ensure Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

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2. Unit for repair and maintenance of Renault cars with prestige and quality in HCM city

When your Renault car appears unusual, you should seek advice from the most reputable car repair center. During a long time working in the field of auto repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto will surely make you satisfied with your Renault car repair and maintenance services.

Notes on Repair and Maintenance of Renault Cars to ensure Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

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The outstanding advantages of Thanh Phong Auto's Renault car repair and maintenance service:

  • Having a professional process of repairing and maintaining Renault cars. Each car, when taken to the garage, will be repaired and maintained according to the methodical process.
  • Based on each technical error Thanh Phong Auto offers by the most competitive, appropriate and competitive price of repair and maintenance. Therefore, when choosing our services you will save a large part of the cost.
  • Thanh Phong Auto has a very good warranty and after-sales service after you have experienced the service at us.
  • Owning a team of technicians who are skilled, well-trained and have handled the most difficult repair cases of Renault cars.

In order for your Renault car to be extended and ensured to be in good working order, you should pay attention to the repair and maintenance of them regularly. Any questions about your vehicle, please contact Thanh Phong Auto immediately for answers!

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