Automatic Transmission Repair Course (Mechanical & Hydraulic)

Automatic Transmission Repair Course (Mechanical & Hydraulic) Hcm

Module: Automatic Transmission Repair Course (Mechanical & Hydraulic)

(Course code: TPA02)

During the career, the auto repair technician will often encounter problems related to automatic transmission repair. Especially in cases related to mechanics and hydraulics.

Automatic transmission With a sophisticated structure and complex control system, error handling becomes a challenge for many auto repair technicians. If you do not have a solid knowledge of this field (construction, principles, how to use tools, how to check the condition, clean, replace ...) then auto repair apprentice it will be hard to be auto repair technician Professional, independent.

Learn to Repair Hydraulic Automatic Transmissions
Learn to Repair Hydraulic Automatic Transmissions

With the course Electrical System Repair (Mechanical & Hydraulic) - Automotive Technical Practice Training Center – Thanh Phong Auto will provide students with important knowledge about car automatic transmission, helping students understand issues from overview to details of automatic transmission repair array

Contents of Core Repair Course (Mechanical & Hydraulic)

– Classification of automatic transmissions

  • Traditional automatic transmission – AT.
  • Automatic manual transmission – AMT.
  • CVT automatic transmission.
  • Dual clutch transmission – DCT.
  • Direct shift gearbox – DSG.
  • Tiptronic gearbox.

– Structure & working principle of automatic transmission

  • Hydraulic torque converter.
  • Planetary gear set.
  • Oil clutch & brake.
  • Hydraulic system.
  • Sensors (speed, temperature, pressure).

– Process of disassembling & assembling, aligning automatic transmission.

- Basic check & diagnosis of automatic transmission condition.

– Basic maintenance & repair of problems related to automatic transmission.

Learn the profession of Hydraulic Automatic Transmission Repair in HCM
Thanh Phong's motto is to train auto workers to be both good at their job and passionate about their job

Course Output Standards

  • Describe the structure and working principle of automatic transmission car.
  • Understand and use specialized automatic transmission disassembly tools.
  • Disassembling and assembling parts and details of automatic transmission.
  • Check the installation status of parts and details (wear, leak, crack, open, stuck...).
  • Clean, maintain, replace parts and details of automatic transmission.

Reasons to Learn Auto Repair (Mechanical & Hydraulic) at Thanh phong

Professional Instructor

Directly trained instructors automatic transmission repair course All have high expertise in the field of gearboxes. With easy-to-understand, deep-rooted communication - students participating in the course will absorb knowledge quickly and apply it effectively.

Hydraulic Automatic Transmission Repair Course
Theoretical Lesson at the Automotive Technical Practical Training Center - Thanh Phong Auto

A full and modern automatic transmission repair learning environment

Well-invested, environment Thanh Phong Auto's automatic transmission repair training has a full range of gearboxes, repair tools and the latest manuals for students to follow.

Continuous practice automatic transmission repair learning route

Understanding the importance of hands-on learning, Thanh Phong Auto commits that the learning route to repair car transmissions will be prioritized in this section. Only with a lot of practice, continuously, will students be sharp in disassembling, diagnosing and fixing gearbox errors.

Practical contact during training

During the training course on automatic transmission repair, Thanh Phong Auto is always flexible so that students have the opportunity to relate the problem to reality. Students are encouraged to ask questions they have seen or heard about automatic transmissions. Instructors will answer students' questions, improve the applicability of the knowledge imparted.

Learn Car Repair In HCM
Students will practice at Thanh Phong's garage

Committed to meeting the output standards of the course

When learning to repair automatic transmissions or any other course, output quality is always what students care about. At Thanh Phong Auto, students are committed to the quality of the output by the center, helping them to solidify their knowledge and skills after finishing the course.

Address to learn to repair automatic transmission (Mechanical & Hydraulic) cars HCM

Core System Repair Course (Mechanical & Hydraulic) of Thanh Phong Auto will help you become auto transmission (Mechanical & Hydraulic) repair technician professional. For any questions related to this module, or about the car repair and maintenance training program, you can contact Thanh Phong Auto via hotline 0845 27 31 86 (training room) for specific support.

Photos at the automotive vocational course at Thanh Phong Auto

Theoretical class pictures

Practical Class Pictures

Video of Graduates Completing Car Maintenance Course at Thanh Phong Auto

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