2 Notes When Car Repairing Crash

2 Notes When Repairing Cars Having High-class Accidents Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
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Currently, due to the complicated traffic situation in our country, sometimes it is possible that your car will have an accident, especially in big cities. This is an unintended problem and when the car is in an accident, most car owners wonder how to handle it? Do not worry, today we will share those notes when repair cars have an accident so that the car owner can refer.

The issues you need to keep in mind when repairing a car has an accident
The issues you need to keep in mind when repairing a car has an accident

The main causes of car accidents

  • Turn right when the red light distracts the driver. Usually when approaching a red light, people just look to the left to see if anyone is going from that direction to not forget to ignore the pedestrians and lead to accidents. In case of turning, the driver should slow down when turning the steering wheel to ensure safety.
  • Driving drivers dozing off in traffic are also the main cause of car accidents.
  • Lose control of the steering wheel, wriggle and fast corners, especially on unexpected bends. The solution for this case is to always observe and be careful with external factors.
  • Being out of sight, as at the intersection, a bus blocks the view. Therefore, you should observe carefully from all directions to ensure the safety for everyone.
  • Crashing ahead because you want to get to your destination quickly. The solution is to leave a certain space to avoid an accident.
  • Drivers neglect when driving because of billboards or roadside accidents. The fix is ​​to focus on driving to ensure the safety of everyone in the car.
The cause of a car accident is the driver's distraction while driving
The cause of a car accident is the driver's distraction while driving

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The note when repairing an accident car

1. Follow the steps to repair a car in an accident

  • Before repairing car in an accident, you assess the condition of the car is damaged, usually car accidents damage the car paint, tires. This is essential to help you assess whether the damaged vehicle area has any replacement parts?
  • Remove damaged parts to repair the bodywork and hull
  • For deformed chassis, straighten it
  • For difficult-to-fix tires, you should replace the new ones and attach them by welding. As for the tire covers that can be repaired, you should restore their appearance with a hammer.
  • Clean the surface of the damaged rear surface by spraying with gasoline, cleaning and spraying rust.
  • Insert the details into the car and check the quality of surface repair of car body.
  • Putty on the dents and help the car surface flat, smoother.
  • Spray the primer on the surface of the car, but remember to cover the area to spray paint.
  • Tinting paint and spraying rubber paint layer with paint gun
  • Dry and polish your car very carefully to make it shiny.
  • Cleaning and cleaning cars to ensure the car is always in a clean and new state.
You need to follow the car repair process when having an accident
You need to follow the car repair process when having an accident

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2. Should call the rescue service at the prestigious garage

When the car has an accident just outside the road, it is best to call the rescue service at the prestigious garage. Here, the car repair center will send staff to take your car to the garage and conduct inspection and assessment of vehicle condition.

They will then give technical errors, signs of malfunction of cars that need repair and replacement to you. Continue to provide repair quotes and after you have agreed, the staff will carry out the car repair in the fastest time.

After the repair is completed, the technician will conduct car maintenance and clean, check the operation of the car and then hand it over to the customer. Thereby, for those of you who have no experience repairing cars in an accident, the best option is to go to a reputable garage. Believe that your car will be back in good working order soon and take a more meaningful trip.

Go to the prestigious garage for staff to conduct car repair in an accident
Go to the prestigious garage for staff to conduct car repair in an accident

Above have shared the note when repairing car in an accident. Thereby, when your car has an accident on the street, call the rescue service at the prestigious garage. There will be technical staff with many modern tools and machines, so it will help your car quickly operate well again.

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