2 Notes When Refurbishing, Repairing Old Cars

2 Things to Note When Renovating and Repairing Genuine Classic Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 26, 12

Classic cars, cars attract people by unique new designs and perfect exterior. However, after a long time of use, this car is also difficult to avoid damage due to the impact of the environment. Therefore, at this time you refurbish, repair old cars is extremely necessary. In order to keep them consistent with time, today we will share the notes you need to consider when refurbishing, Repair antique cars.

Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Renovating and Repairing Classic Cars
Issues You Need to Pay Attention to When Renovating and Repairing Classic Cars 

2 Notes When Refurbishing, Repairing Old Cars

1. Should refurbish, repair cars according to categories

  • Before refurbishing, Repair antique cars, please prepare specialized tools such as towels, solutions, removal tools ...
  • Refurbish interior - exterior: Check the overall exterior of cars, especially the depth of scratches under the car paint. See if they are deep, if not touched, just hit the bass. When the scratch is too deep, it is best to take the car to a reputable garage to be repaired by staff.
  • Handling down plastic parts through the use of 1 rubber aerosol and spraying on the stained parts. Besides, see if there are any rust on the car to give a timely treatment plan and help the tank increase the aesthetics.
  • Regularly clean, wash antique cars, pay attention to clean tires, trunk, rearview mirror ...
  • Clean the interior of antique cars very clean and check for any broken interior equipment to be refurbished. In particular, use a low pH dishwashing liquid to remove stains, then wipe with a soft cloth. In case of ink stains on felt seats, you can remove them with baking soda.
  • Check the headlights, car underbody lights are working well or not. If they are damaged, you should change and clean them to remove dirt.
  • When you feel the car is weak, you should change spark plugs and clean them to save fuel.
You Should Refurbish the Interior and Exterior and Check for Damage in Antique Cars
You Should Refurbish the Interior and Exterior and Check for Damage in Antique Cars

+ Note: 3 noted when changing, maintaining car oil filter

2. Go to a reputable garage to be staffed to renovate and repair antique cars

If you do not have experience repairing and refurbishing old cars, it is best to take the car to a prestigious garage. Here, staff will conduct checks on your classic car. When they detect a malfunction, they will identify the cause and repair the old car.

After that, they will carry out refurbishment, maintenance and cleaning of old cars in accordance with the process. From refurbishing the interior, exterior, handling plastic details or checking the headlights ... Thereby helping your antique car is always more durable and shiny.

The above has been remodeled notes, Repair antique cars. Thereby, you should follow the maintenance schedule of antique cars and go to the prestigious garage to be inspected and repaired by employees.

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