Impact of Poor Quality Lubricant?

Harmful effects of poor quality lubricants? Thanh Phong Auto Hcm Garage Guarantee 2024
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The effects and harms of poor quality lubricant? Tips on choosing the right quality lubricant?

Harmful effects of poor quality lubricants? Thanh Phong Auto Hcm Garage Guarantee 2024

Internal combustion engine is a mechanical machine made up of many detailed assemblies and systems. The parts inside the engine are always moving relative to each other and are made from metal. Therefore, they need a suitable, standard lubricant to reduce the friction between the surfaces of moving parts, and at the same time create a layer of bamboo to protect parts from oxidation and corrosion. learn. Choosing a standard, good quality engine oil for your vehicle is a very important thing, poor quality lubricants can cause serious damage to undesirable.


Why is it important to use lubricating oil for car engines?

Engine lubrication is an extremely important component that greatly affects the performance, power and life of the engine. Lubricating oil is responsible for creating a fluid film between the surfaces of moving parts to reduce friction and wear between the two metal parts.

In addition, the lubricant must also close the gaps between the caskets (silver piston) and the engine cylinder wall to cover the combustion chamber to increase engine power, and it also has to perform the function of cooling the limbs. secretion inside the engine.

In addition, the lubricant must be able to remove iron filings and sub-dirty generated during engine operation and create a liquid film that separates metal parts and surfaces from contact with air. gas to prevent metal parts and surfaces from being oxidized and chemically corroded to damage components.


Most people who use cars when they change their cars for oil maintenance and routine maintenance only care about the price of the lubricant but ignore the important factor that the quality of the lubricant. Many of them do not know that, in the composition of the viscous substance contains a certain amount of additives, it is these additives that will determine the quality of the lubricant.

What are the consequences of replacing poor quality oil?

The composition of engine lubricants including base oils, also known as base oils and additives, additives will affect the quality of the lubricant. Low quality lubricants have a base oil content of 75% to 95%. The higher the percentage of base oil, the cheaper the viscous, the lower its quality.

Low quality lubricant interferes with the movement of internal components due to its very high viscosity. This also means that the fuel consumption level of the engine will increase, possibly up to 6%, a worrying number for current car users.

Over a long period of poor quality oil use, mechanical damage caused by abrasion can result in unwanted repair and replacement costs. Low-quality oil cuts engine life by up to 30% to 40%, which corresponds to the actual number of 2 years to 3 years of engine life.

Poor quality viscosity makes it difficult to move when the cylinder moves in the cylinder with the piston, so the oil will be trapped in the combustion chamber and start burning. Burned viscous will produce coal dust on the top of the mushroom and the cone causing the gas to leak through the xupap during compression and fire, reducing engine power. Coal dust also clung to the top of the spark plug, which prevents the ignition process burning fuel.

Besides, the black coal on the top of the piston will increase the peak piston temperature, causing the piston to expand due to overheating, causing attachment to the engine cylinder wall, leading to severe abrasion to the cylinder wall, piston and other parts. cement. Coal dust is also the cause of the explosion of gasoline engines, causing engine damage.


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Moreover, poor quality viscosity with high viscosity will increase the time to transport the viscosity to locations away from the viscous crankcase such as camshafts, camshafts, cam lugs, ratchets, ratchets, casters, wheels crankshaft drive tooth with camshaft or camshaft drive chain, etc. Therefore, the lubricant cannot lubricate these parts when the engine starts to start cold, causing severe wear and wear in the long run. will damage those details.


In addition to these consequences, poor quality lubricants used inside the engine increase the accumulation of deposits. The accumulation of these deposits is one of the causes of reduced performance and power of the engine, they obstruct the lubrication lines from the diesel crank to the places where lubrication is needed, causing serious damage. for the engine.


It is possible that many car users misunderstand that the viscosity of lubricant will decrease when used in a long time. But that is only true when the lubricant operates incessantly inside the engine, that is, the engine must run continuously for a long time before the viscosity of the lubricant decreases. But when the engine is not running continuously and the oil is used for too long in the engine without being replaced periodically, its viscosity will increase significantly.

Lubricant will become more and more sticky, making it no longer able to perform the function of cleaning iron filings and dirt generated during engine operation but also increasing the accumulation of such deposits on the details of the engine, causing extreme damage to internal components.


Any problems caused by the use of poor quality lubricants can lead to overhaul of the engine, the cost of this repair process can be up to several tens of millions of dong. This will significantly burn your wallet just because of the subjectivity in the selection of poor quality lubricants instead of choosing good quality lubricants, ensuring that they comply with the manufacturer's specifications. . You should read carefully the specifications and the requirements of the manufacturer to choose a suitable lubricant for your vehicle according to the vehicle's operating conditions and weather conditions of Vietnam.


Synthetic lubricant can be more expensive than the others, but it can work continuously for long periods without denaturation and changes in viscosity too much. Fully synthetic lubricant helps to improve engine performance, fuel economy and engine output power also becomes stronger. It significantly reduces the wear of the internal parts of the engine, and its fluidity is also very good, so the function of removing dirt and metal grit around the parts is carried out thoroughly. for.

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Lubricants for motor vehicles

Viscous mineral

Mineral oil is the cheapest type of oil, its composition is mainly base oil, so it is the worst quality oil. It is not recommended for most modern cars today because it is not capable of cleaning metal chips and deposits generated during operation, and it can only work. in a limited temperature range.

Semi-synthetic viscosity

Semi-synthetic lubricants are a combination of synthetic and mineral oils.

Lubricant synthesis

Synthetic oils are the most expensive oils, and are designed to operate over a very wide range of engine temperatures and operating conditions. It also allows for thorough cleaning of deposits through circulation by the oil pump inside the engine.

Viscosity and viscosity index? The uses & meaning of the index

You may have come across the numbers 5W30, 10W40 or 20W50 ... but do you really understand what these numbers mean? Or you are confused as to which numbers to choose your car? They are numbers that indicate viscosity, or in other words how easy they are to circulate the viscosity of an engine.

Ambient temperature greatly affects the viscosity of the viscosity, the viscosity will increase or the ability to circulate will decrease when it is cold and the viscosity decreases or the ability to circulate increases when it is hot. However, the fluidity of the lubricant is not significantly changed over a wide temperature range to ensure good lubrication for the engine.

Most of the current lubricants are multi-grade oils. The World Association of Automobile Engineers has tested and divided the lubricants into grades based on their ability to circulate and transport. The system starts from 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. Lower numbers indicate a lower viscosity and better suited to areas with low ambient temperatures.

The letter W between 2 numbers means winter (Winter). The number before the letter W means the lowest temperature at which the lubricant can operate normally.

Other tips on choosing the right lubricant for the engine

Don't assume for yourself that the best lubricant is best for your vehicle. It is really safer and better to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to choose the right lubricant for your vehicle.

The choice of viscosity types with a wide operating temperature range such as 0W or 5W is not necessary under certain conditions, it is better to choose the type of lubricant whose operating temperature range is suitable for the ambient temperature. in Vietnam.


If you abandon the use of poor quality lubricants and switch to high quality synthetic oils, you should also replace the engine oil filter to ensure that the dirt caused by poor quality previously produced no longer exists. in new viscosity.

Even if you use good quality synthetic lubricants, that does not mean that the time or periodic lubrication will last longer. The ability to clean and chemical properties of viscosity will be changed over a long period of use.

Never operate your vehicle when the engine warning light lights up, it indicates that the engine lubricant has dropped a lot and can cause serious damage.

And finally, check the engine oil viscosity regularly before long trips to make sure there will not be any damage arising during the journey causing unsafe.


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In short, regular maintenance and replacement of quality lubricants is of utmost importance to increase engine life, increase engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution emissions, and at the same time. remove undue damage.

Come to us, Thanh Phong Auto Garage is an official and Authorized dealer from Castrol standard and quality lubricant supplier. We are committed to using Castrol genuine lubricant products that meet the standards appropriate to the operating conditions in Vietnam.


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